Cancelled & Returning CBS TV Shows from the 2009-10 Season

Cold Case and New Adventures of Old ChristineOf all of the networks, CBS has the most viewers. Unfortunately, their shows also tend to skew older. CBS tends to be the most tight-lipped of the networks so early news of renewals and cancellations doesn’t happen as often.

Here’s a listing of CBS TV shows with their current status. This list encompasses shows that have aired from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

We’ll keep updating the list throughout the May upfronts when decisions are made about most of the shows’ fates. Keep checking back, especially if your favorite is still on the fence.

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Here are listings for the other networks: ABC | The CW | FOX | NBC

48 Hours: It’ll be back for year 24.
60 Minutes: It just keeps ticking.
The Amazing Race: Round 17 coming next season.
The Big Bang Theory: The geeks and Penny come back for year four.
Big Brother: Coming back for season 12 this summer.
Criminal Minds: It’s coming back and a spin-off will join it mid-season.
CSI: Ratings are down but it’ll remain on Thursdays.
CSI: Miami: Moving to Mondays.
CSI: NY: Moving to Fridays.
Flashpoint: Returning June 4th.
The Good Wife: Set to return for year two.
How I Met Your Mother: Will Ted find his wife in season six?
Medium: Back for a second year on CBS.
The Mentalist: Back for season three.
NCIS: Year eight begins this fall.
NCIS: Los Angeles: Coming back for season two.
Rules of Engagement: Coming back for year five.
Survivor: Watch for season 21 this fall.
Two and a Half Men: Renewed with Charlie Sheen returning.
Undercover Boss: Coming back for season two.

Cancelled (or ending)
Accidentally on Purpose: Sadly, we won’t get to see the two as parents.
Cold Case: Gone after seven seasons.
Gary Unmarried: Won’t be back for season three.
Ghost Whisperer: Gone to the TV graveyard after five years.
Miami Medical: Won’t return next season.
The New Adventures of Old Christine: Cut after five seasons and 88 episodes.
Numb3rs: Season six is the end.
There Goes the Neighborhood: The competition is over.
Three Rivers: Cancelled last year after one season.

What do you think? Any news that makes you particularly happy or sad? When compared to other networks, is CBS better or worse about cancelling shows?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. L. King says

    Sure miss the real down to earth “The Unit ” show. Is it picked up by other channels or just old shows being run.

    Also have you noticed that many commercals and regular programs do not have the sound incink with the mouths of those speaking. Realy screws up the pictures. \

    When will someone come up with sound on commercals and programs with the same sound decmels? Most of the time I must put commercals on mute verses being blasted out of the house.

    • joancimasko says

      cannot believe you cancelled medium, ghost whisper and several other good shows. you must have your heads up your butts to make such bad decisions!!!!!

  2. Sylvia Lora says

    Please bring back ghost whisper, it is a family show and right now there is not enough of that of tv, we’er done watching stupid shows that we cant watch as a family. please pick up ghost whisperer, if cbs cant then abc or nbc somebody

  3. Betty says

    I will miss Cold Case, Miami Medical, Numbers and Ghost
    Whisperer. The silly sitcoms do not interest me in the least. The
    ones that were cancelled had great writers and actors. I guess that
    cheap, stupid reality shows or so-so sitcoms meet corporates
    standards. What a shame that the taste of those who make decisions
    seems to sink lower and lower every year.

  4. says

    I just searched for Ghost Whisperer to see if it was coming on in January as a mid-season thing like CBS did a couple years ago with Medium. I can’t even explain how SHOCKED I was to discover this enormous mistake that again CBS has made. You guys, the only reason some of the show on your station are hits is because you gave it time. Examples? Try NCIS. That show totally blowed in the beginning, but you kept it on for some reason, and now look – the other networks blew the time slot and NCIS is the #1 show on TV. Ghost Whisperer has a strong following. Maybe not in the “Jersery Shore” audience age group, but I will bet in more numbers and there were many more story lines to go. Let’s hope maybe SyFy will get wise and pick it up. They have to finish the story!!!

  5. Meka says

    How the h@%l do you throw away GHOST WHISPERER? Even my 4 yr old like this show dang let’s get it together. PLEASE someone pick it up

  6. Cheryl says

    Wow! I’m so surprised they took The New Adventures of Old Christine off the air. I really enjoyed that show. This is why more & more people are turning to cable shows, because as soon as you get hooked on a t.v. show, it gets yanked!

  7. Ana says

    oo mann..I like Gary Unmarried..The New Adventures of Old Christine..Cold Case..Miami Medical..Ghost Whisper…=/ please come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  8. peggy coiro says

    Please, oh please, lower the background music on NCIS-LA. It drowns out 70% of the dialogue. For the most part, “g” cannot be heard over the din. It might work when there is a chase scene, but, NOT DURING IMPORTANT DIALOGUE. Thank you for your attention.

  9. Michelle Henning says

    CBS YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS!!!!!!! Bring back Numb3ers, Cold Case and Ghost Whisperer!!!!!! You should have cancelled Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory, $#*! My Dad Says, The Good Wife, Undercover Boss, or Two and a Half Men, these shows BLOW!!!! TV is really beginning to STINK-maybe it’s time to find a new channel!!!!!
    HEY ABC, NBC if you are monitoring this you should really pick up Numb3ers, Cold Case, and Ghost Whisperer, if you did your ratings would go through the roof and then you would have higher numbers than CBS!!!

    • Charlene Shoultz says

      I can’t agree with you more. Especially The smut that Big Bang Theory, $#*! My Dad Says and the worst one probably is Two and a Half Men. I watch a lot of shows on Dish. I am wondering if you have heard anything about Blue Blood? And I really think that the “Big Networks” are not going to be able to compete unless they start to change their programing.

  10. says


    • mattm says

      Cold Case is being cancelled because of budget from what i read a while back. the actors i guess want to much money now…. easiest solution? kill the show. they have plenty of new ones to try out.

  11. Cheri says

    I cannot believe CBS canceled Ghost Whisperer. That was my fave (I DVR’d them) and I hate the fact CSI: Miami is on Sundays–YUCK! It needs to go back to Monday and maybe NBC or ABC needs to pick up Ghost Whisperer. One thing CBS did well was to pick up Medium.

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