Day Break: Petition to Save the Taye Diggs Series

Taye Diggs of Day Break on ABCDid you miss Day Break on ABC last night? If so, you’re certainly not alone. We’ve been innundated with emails and traffic from people looking for details on what’s happened to the Taye Diggs series.

For those who don’t know, Day Break has been pulled from primetime by ABC after just six episodes due to low ratings. The on-going storyline is hardly resolved with seven unaired episodes left in the season. ABC has said they will post episodes (one per week) on their website but many people don’t have a powerful enough computer, can’t access the Internet long enough to watch, don’t have a fast Internet connection or, for many other reasons, simply can’t view the episodes. In short, millions of people who could have seen future episodes on free network television, will never see this excellent series — and we think the decision-makers should know.

So, we’re inviting you to sign a petition that asks the network and the production companies (Gross Entertainment and Touchstone Television) to release the series so that more people can see it — to return the series to network TV or at the least, to release it on DVD. With enough interest, there could even be a second season or a movie.

Let your friends, neighbors and co-workers know — anyone who misses Day Break — where they can find this petition. Naturally, the more names are collected, the better.

Sign the petition!To sign the petition, fill out the “comments” box below. You only need to leave your name, city and state (or country). You may leave comments if you wish but please try to keep them civil. We’ll be monitoring the petition to ensure that it stays clean of spam or inappropriate comments. Let’s save Day Break! TV Series Finale home page

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To ABC, Gross Entertainment & Touchstone Television:
cc: Taye Diggs

We, the undersigned have enjoyed much of your programming, particularly the outstanding Day Break series. We have enjoyed the Taye Diggs series each week and are dismayed that it has been pulled from the primetime schedule.

We believe that the ratings have not accurately shown the show’s popularity for success. After just six episodes, we believe that Day Break was not given enough time to fully establish a potentially huge audience. Please remember that many very popular shows like MASH, 24 and Cheers were not immediate hits.

We understand that ABC is posting the remaining episodes online but, for a variety of reasons, millions of people are not able to see these episodes — resulting in lost viewership for you and disappointment and frustration for them.

We respectfully request that you return Day Break to network television and to consider continuing production of further episodes or even a film. At the very least, we ask that you make the existing episodes available to a wider audience via a DVD release.

Thank you in advance for your attention and consideration.

The Undersigned fans of Day Break

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  1. JAVIER says

    Very good premise. very interesting, was always looking forward to it, never knew what to expect. We need to keep edgy original shows on the air, The audience eventually comes around. Please save.

  2. fishboy says

    we need a proper end to our story
    if you have to keep axeing perfectly good series at least finish them

  3. kezo says

    i enjoyed 1st season please bring it back! storyline was more easy 2 follow and that i like taye diggs so please bring it back!

  4. John says

    My brother told me about this show. We bought the DVD set. It was so compelling that i watched it in one straight sitting. It really would be worth bringing it back, as it seems to have a fairly strong and vocal following. Really was an entertaining tv show.

  5. Trish says

    Finally…something different…a show that’s not the same old same old…and you take it off the air!!!! Is it truly lack of interest …or…is it just that you didn’t give this show a chance to become established with viewers. And Taye Diggs? What can I say? He’s awesome and believeable in that role. Come on ABC…find a way!

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