Las Vegas: NBC in Trouble Over Series Finale — Did This Cause the Show’s Cancellation?

Las VegasThough Las Vegas is on its way out, that’s not stopping a conservative watchdog group from taking some final shots at the NBC series.

It seems that the Parents Television Council (PTC) has a problem with the last two episodes of Las Vegas. They’ve filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over an image that was shown on the February 15th installments of the five-year-old drama.

In the opening moments of the first of two episodes, three young women gather together in the center of the Montecito casino floor and disrobe. They then begin to run around the casino, creating a distraction for some bad guys to start a robbery. As you might expect, this was filmed without showing any objectionable nudity.

What the PTC has a problem with is what they claim they can see on small casino security monitors. In a recent press release, they say that the women’s “buttocks are visible, and only shadows obscure their breasts and groins.”

In a statement, PTC President Tim Winter said, “This crossed the line of common sense decency. NBC seems eager to test the FCC’s resolve to fine stations for violating broadcast decency laws. I remind NBC that the broadcast airwaves are public property. The TV networks do not own them. The TV stations do not own them. The industry must be held accountable for the content they air and the FCC must act in the public interest by slapping NBC with a significant indecency fine.”

These fines are serious business. A few weeks ago, the FCC hit 52 ABC affiliate stations with a fine of $1.4 million because of a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue. As you might expect, NBC has had no comment on the complaint as yet.

Though the series won’t be back on NBC next season, the network will still have to pay the fine if the FCC agrees with the PTC. Could this complaint from the conservative watchdog group have had a hand in getting Las Vegas cancelled? Even if the peacock network had already decided the drama’s fate, this issue over the series finale likely ensures the network won’t be changing their mind. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Meredith Burwood says

    Are you serious I did not realize I just saw the finale tonight I watch them on mystery and so it shows delinda with blood on her fingers and something is wrong with the baby and it said to be continued and you are telling me that it is not continued what they can not end a show like that it should have an ending we need to know what happened to the baby is the baby okay I am really angry really nbc you should have at least given it a porper ending

  2. Taj says

    Really? I spent the whole summer watching the entire series only to find out it ends abruptly/? NBC, you know that is bull sh*t!!!!

  3. Jean says

    Stupidest reason for cancelling a show!!!!!
    Boycott NBC!!!!!!

    Las Vegas was an awesome show.We got attached to everyone.The ending was B.S.

  4. Anti-Mary says

    Mary, if you are offended by the programming, then please change the channel. To be able to live in a country that affords you the right to choose such a luxury should not be taken for granted.

  5. Mary says

    I am shocked and disappointed in NBC. To have a series end the way Las Vegas ended is unprofessional and irresponsible. These actions are beneath a power house such as NBC and only makes them appear to be greedy. Their actions appear to the publc that NBC does not care about the people who watch TV. You can’t tell me NBC can’t come up with a solution especially for all the people who bought the entire series on DVD. Come on NBC this can be done if you really care about the people who watch your network.

  6. Miriam says

    So that really was the final episode, the one that ended with Delinda going into premature labor? OMG, what a terrible way to end a great series. I only watch it in “reruns” on TNT, but I had hoped after that episode there would be a “wrap up” one!

  7. jason says

    come on first ed is gone now yall are leaving the whole world with this bull—- ending I know there is a movie producer or network that will play this and let the show at least end with honor

  8. Erinskewl says

    They owe us at least one more episode so we can know what happens. Plus, to give the show closure.

  9. B says

    Las Vegas was a great fantasy show with some realism injected into the story line.
    I would love to see it return. The way it ended was just wrong.

  10. Sam sharp says

    Veagas was the best show ever the resion they took it off was just not right I think they should At least let us fans what happens at the end I’ve been watching the seirds color five years and then it gets taken off for this. I mean the last episode was almost worse than the sopranose.

  11. Sandi says

    Some tv company should pick up the show where it left off. The show should go on cable. The show ends to continue, even if no company picks up the series make a movie so us fans know what happens to the character. Public tv has this thing with cancelling good shows for any reason, that is why I have cable/satelite.

  12. jerry says

    I have watched this show five times straight through(i have no life
    )it is one of the greatest shows ever,but, was that really the last episode?What happened to delinda and the baby? GREATEST SHOW EVER-WORST FINALE EVER…very sad.

  13. Patti Readicker says

    what is wrong with Vegas? There are shows showing men kissing and all the other crap, but you take Vegas off the air for some stupid thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe what is right with one series and wrong with the other. We want Vegas back.

  14. Elena says

    Along with all these others, I have to say this was one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. My boyfriend and I own all 5 seasons and are extremely upset about the final ending. Atleast make one last episode to give this amazing show the ending it deserves or even maybe make a movie out of the show where it left off for all the fans of the show!

  15. picklesdel says

    I am disappointed I enjoy watching vegas it was a really good show and I am going to miss it!

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