Lost: Some Series Finale Questions and (We Think) Answers

Lost series finaleWe’ve been getting a whole lot of questions and comments about the Lost finale. So, we’ve put together some answers based on what we saw and can put together. Some it is conjecture since we don’t have absolute answers to some of the questions but they seem to make sense based on what we do know.

Did the characters all die in the plane crash of Oceanic 815?
No. Their story on the island really happened in their lives — from when Jack opened his eyes in the pilot until he closed them in the finale. The part that didn’t happen in the real world was the so-called flash-sideways that we started seeing in season six.

What was the “flash-sideways”?
Christian Shephard tells his son that it was created by the group as a way to find each other once they’d all died and were ready to move on. These people were all connected and experienced the most important time in their lives together. It seems like a purgatory where they could also work out their issues. Jack worked out his daddy issues via his son (who wasn’t real). Christian also tells Jack, “Everyone dies sometime,” and that some of the people died before he did and some died long afterwards.

Who was in the church?
Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Desmond, Penny, Rose, Bernard, Charlie, Claire, Aaron (as a baby), Jin, Sun, Sayid, Shannon, Boone, Libby, and Hurley.

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Why wasn’t Gin and Sun’s child in the church?
Probably because she ultimately didn’t have a big connection to her parents. She never met Jin and Sun left and died when she was very young.

Why wasn’t Walt in the church?
Presumably because the island didn’t play a big impact in his life as a whole. He was only there for a few months as a child.

Why wasn’t Miles in the church?
He seemed to have a good relationship with his dad and perhaps wanted to spend more time with him because he didn’t get to in life.

Why wasn’t Daniel in the church?
Desmond told his mother that it wasn’t time for him yet. She seemed relieved and likely wanted to spend more time with him. Daniel had also just connected with Charlotte.

Why didn’t Ben go into the church?
He said that he wasn’t ready yet and still had some things to work out. He did do some good stuff but had killed a lot of people. We know by his conversation with Hurley that he played his role as #2, the “new Richard,” very well.

What happened to Michael?
As we saw in a previous episode, his spirit is still on the island, whispering with the other bad people. Sad.

Did the plane with Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Claire, Lapidus, and Richard crash?
No reason to think it did. The plane wreckage we saw with the final credits is what was left from the original crash. It’s very rusty and in the same place on the beach. Turns out ABC added the final credits images.

Who survived?
Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Claire, Aaron, Walt, Richard, Lapidus, Hurley, Ben, Desmond, Rose, Bernard, Vincent, and perhaps some of the Others and Whidmore’s crew.

Did Desmond get off the island?
Hurley asks Ben to help him get Desmond get home. One would assume they did, though the exact “how” isn’t clear.

How was Kate able to kill fake Locke?
When Desmond pulled the stone cork, it seemed that the island’s power was turned off. The island was being destroyed and both Jack (as the new Jacob) and fake Locke could hurt one another and be killed. When Jack replaced the stone cork, the island power was restored.

Why did the producers do the afterlife ending?
Only they know for sure. Other than it being an interesting storytelling device, it was perhaps the only possible way to give any kind of happy ending to most of these characters. Without it, we wouldn’t have seen characters like Boone, Jin, Sun, Libby, or Sayid after their deaths. We’d just be left with a handful of survivors who survived the brutal island experience. It seemed like most people were hoping for some kind of happy ending for the characters and that’s what we got.

What do you think? Would you have preferred to have an ending where only a few survived and just ended with Jack’s death?

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  1. Patrick says

    If they lived their life on the Island and that was real. What about after the Bomb? Wouldn’t everybody be dead at theat point. what about the scene where the island is under water? I understand the other reality but was life after Bomb real?

    thanks, Patrick

    • Stu says

      The bomb didnt actually detonate in the way a nuclear device is expected to,(due to the unique properties within the pocket of energy) All that happened was the 14th and final timeflash sending Jack and co back to their correct time. So yes, everything after the Incident was also real.

  2. Robin says

    For Loriamsler, yes. Everything on the island happened. The sideways flashes were years later in a timeless purgatory after everyone had already lived out their lives (on or off the island) and died. They all started to realize they were dead and started to recognize one another from the island and then they could reunite together and ‘move on’ to the big afterlife. We just happened to see it from Jack’s perspective – so we didn’t see the rest of everyone’s life that lived on after Jack died.

    Make sense?

  3. loriamsler says

    Ok understand that lost is over. But why still lingers. Was the whole six seasons a facade did all of theturmoils and adventures really happen? Help

  4. Robin says

    Well, in response to “That Guy”, I have to say that I didn’t miss the point. I loved the brilliant character development and I think I tipped my hat to that in my last comment. I just don’t think that it is myopic to have been just as interested in the island itself, as in the people on the island. I mean, there was a physics professor at Berkeley who was citing Lost episodes in class because people were so interested in how the island worked. I know that there are some blissfully happy and fulfilled folks out there who were very happy with the end story of all the characters and don’t feel any need to know anything else. To those folks, I have this to say: “Not everyone is like you. Island-lovin’ LOSTIES are people, too!” I simply wanted some insight into how the island became the metaphysical center of the universe, or maybe a more in depth conversation between Jacob and Jack, or between Knotty Mommy Hair and Jacob about the job of protector and what it entailed? Something, anything would have been nice. I feel like ….. I didn’t get my fortune cookie!!! I had a great takeout, I looked in the box, and there was no freakin’ fortune cookie.

    And in response to Admin, I just don’t buy it that Jack wasn’t affected by the electromagnetism because it hadn’t fully ‘powered up’ yet. I mean, that light was blarin’ when we last left him in there, and he was fatally wounded, so it would have taken him a while to get out. And if the light was powerful enough to launch him outta there MIB fashion, then why didn’t he go smokey – MIB fashion as well? I mean MIB went smokey before he even hit the bottom of the cavern. It was fast. And Knotty Mommy Hair didn’t even want her stolen sons to go near the cave entrance. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally forgive little glitches like that in a really good story – and this was one. I was simply pointing out the lackadaisical manner in which the island’s story was handled in comparison with the other ‘characters’ in the story. And just because other shows are incompetent in character development doesn’t mean that I have to accept that from this show. The writers – intentionally – drew in an audience with great stories – not only about Kate’s haunted past and Jack’s daddy issues and Sun and Jin’s love story, but ALSO with that freakin’ creepy island and all its weirdness. So, their decision to leave us island-lovin’ LOSTIES out in the cold was a little sad for me. And I don’t feel like I am betraying the show by saying that. AGAIN…. LOVED THE SHOW, I just wanted a little more. I wanted my fortune cookie.

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