Running Wilde: FOX Sitcom Pre-empted; Cancellation Next?

Running WildeThe networks will tell you that a new TV show being pre-empted doesn’t mean anything but, more often than not, it isn’t a good sign.

According to FOX’s upcoming schedule, Running Wilde is being replaced by an additional installment of Raising Hope on October 26th. According to The Futon Critic, two episodes will follow the special “Rocky Horror Glee Show” episode of Glee. One of the Raising Hope episodes will also be Halloween-themed.

A lack of “good signs” isn’t anything new for Running Wilde unfortunately. While both freshman sitcoms are under-performing, Running Wilde has been doing particularly poorly. In its first week on the air, the Will Arnett and Keri Russell series attracted a 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.6 million viewers. It was in fourth place in the timeslot for both categories.

Last week, the numbers dropped to a 1.9 in the demo and 4.47 million viewers. Based on the early numbers, it’s looking like last night’s episode did even worse.

If double episodes of Raising Hope perform any better than the usual Raising Hope/Running Wilde combination, you can be sure that FOX will pull Running Wilde from the schedule for November sweeps. From there, cancellation can’t be far behind.

What do you think? Is this a bad sign for Running Wilde? Do you think it’ll be cancelled?

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  1. anne says

    I like this show! Please don’t cancel it! With all the stupid cop/bad guy dramas–it is so refreshing to have an upbeat show.

  2. Agnes TS says

    Love Will Arnet. Love Keri Russell. Hate the show.

    Bad idea, bad premise….she lives in the tree house….really? he’s constantly trying to win her over? really? ….and that’s about it. Oh…the daughter is cute and funny….

    The producers need to think….why should i spend 30 mins of my life watching this?
    I’m deleting this from my pvr.

  3. graciela. says

    The pilot for Running Wilde was terrible. No doubt about it. But it improved tenfold in the second and third episode. It’s definitely getting better and so I’m hoping Fox sticks with it and let’s it mature. Cos seriously, I probably wouldn’t have given Community a second glance if I just put all my money on the pilot. But now that show is one of the funniest and most clever on TV. I’m sticking with Running Wilde.

  4. Ytrank says

    I love Keri Russell, but seriously this show deserves to be cancelled. It’s just plain dumb! Too bad she couldn’t have found a better vehicle for her acting.

  5. r4in says

    Running Wilde is so far the only freshman of this season that caught my attention. Compared to series like Nikita / Undercovers it at least tries to be something different than re-run of cliche ideas.

  6. says

    I’m not surprised. We watched the pilot of Running Wilde against our better judgment (the promos looked AWFUL), but we were led in by the awesome Raising Hope.

    After that first week, we’ve been watching Glee, Raising Hope, then switching it to TBS for a rerun of The Office. Yes, we’d rather see a rerun of The Office than Running Wilde. At least we know we’ll get a laugh out of the deal.

  7. Mike W. says

    Will Arnett blows. His horrible show “Arrested Development” got no ratings and this new show is even worse. Maybe the TV execs will finally figure out this tool should be working at a car wash.

    • Michael B. says

      Arrested Development? Horrible? It got loads of awards, and was praised as the best series of the decade by some critics?

  8. btl says

    I love Running Wilde. It’s a fantastic show!
    Will Arnett and Keri Russell are great. The girl who plays puddle is a really good actress.
    I will hate FOX if they do anything to mess up this great show.

  9. Jimmy says

    Everytime I see Will Arnett I want to punch him, there is just something about that smirk he has. So I am glad this show is being pulled.

  10. REC says

    I was just saying this a few days ago. Running Wilde is alright, but it’s a pointless show. Raising Hope is an awesome show and the people who do not get it must be the demographic of people who like crime and law shows. I hate the ratings system, since it does not work and is not even 50% accurate. But I do hope that Raising Hope will do better and get a full hour time slot.
    Raising Hope has heart and is a heartwarming coming of age quirky show that resembles Juno and Malcom in the Middle.

  11. Mingua says

    This show and Raising Hope were horrible!! I watched the first episode of both, and never tried again. It was something I would expect from NBC.

  12. Hugh G Rection says

    I like Will Arnett but this show,sorry I tried to watch it but it was really bad.I hope that Mr.Arnett will find a show that works because he is a funny person.

  13. Eric says

    I’m insulted by how bad the premise of this show is! It’s as if too many people with power are creating or allowing shows to be created that at best should have been a storyline for an episode of an existing show and not a stand alone series! This one should have been stopped at the “I got an idea for a show!” pitch. The list of shows that had more of an audience and more potential but were canceled is a rather huge one, this shows much needed cancellation should be thought of in terms of when and not if.

  14. Jeremy Rynek says

    Well what can I say? I told you both would be canceled. One is very close already. For the record anyone that says they hate being right is full of S**T!!!

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