Stargate SG-1: No Season 11 But Its Not the End!

Stargate SG-1 cast says goodbye - not likelyBack in August, the Sci Fi Channel upset fans of Stargate SG-1 by revealing that the venerable science fiction series would not be renewed for an eleventh season. The series, which once starred MacGiver’s Richard Dean Anderson, has been airing on the Sci Fi Channel for the past five seasons (following five seasons on Showtime). A campaign to save SG-1 began almost immediately and the studio publicly announced its support for the series. Well, all those efforts have paid off.

The ratings for Stargate SG-1 admittedly have been slipping. The show has run for 10 seasons so it was really no big surprise that the Sci Fi Channel pulled the plug. Science fiction shows are expensive to produce — especially shows that have been around for 10 years. Cast and staff members receive raises over the years and that all adds up to big production costs. In truth, Stargate SG-1 was not expected to continue this long. When the spin-off series Stargate Atlantis was created three years ago, it was expected that it would be replacing SG-1. But Stargate SG-1was rejuvenated and did so well that it was decided to air both series concurrently.

The Sci Fi Channel made the announcement not to renew the series on August 26, 2006. But Sci Fi does not own the SG-1show. They purchase the rights to air it in the United States from MGM. So, could the show simply be picked up by another cable station or network? Not a chance. Though Sci Fi doesn’t want to buy any new episodes themselves, they don’t want anyone else airing them either.

Mark Stern, Sci Fi Channel’s Executive Vice President of Original Programming, reportedly told Multichannel, “There is not going to be (a season 11 of Stargate SG-1) on U.S. television. Our contract with MGM prohibits it. It’s done a great job, rejuvenated with the additions of Ben (Browder), Claudia (Black) and Beau (Bridges), but we think we’ve come to the end of those stories. We really felt like it was the right time to segue out, for the show not to overstay its welcome.” (Sci Fi will finish airing season 10 in Spring 2007 and will continue to air the 200+ episodes of SG-1 in reruns for the foreseeable future.)

How about movies or DVDs or even downloadable episodes via iTunes? Possibly. MGM studio spokesman Jeff Pryor said “From MGM’s perspective, we don’t view SG-1 as a television series, we view it as a franchise, and one with a lot of vibrant life. The fan base is fiercely loyal.”

How refreshing to see a studio stand so solidly behind a show though it’s been cancelled. The studio even went so far as to create a special section of their devoted to encouraging fans to write, record and campaign to save the show. Fans of the show started their own campaign (, wrote letters and bought full-page ads in the Hollywood trade paper Variety.

Stargate SG-1 on DVDWell, the diligence has paid off.

MGM has now given the go-ahead for the production of two direct-to-DVD Stargate SG-1 movies. Executive producer Brad Wright told TV Guide that the first film will be “the climax of the Ori story line.” The DVD movie will tie up the loose ends from season 10 (expected to conclude its initial U.S. television run in June 2007) and will be written and directed by current SG-1 executive producer and show-runner Robert C. Cooper. Wright himself plans to create the second film script and said it will involve time travel.

In addition, Wright said, “They’re not big-budget (movies) by any definition, but for us it’s pretty good. As we’ve proven over the years, just give us little more money and we can make pretty good television, or DVDs. There’s a sense of an era for us ending, but at the same time, we’re all positive because of the prospect of continuing forward with movies and the introduction next year of Stargate Worlds, a massive multiplayer online game.”

The Stargate SG-1 castmembers haven’t signed on for the movies as yet, but are said to be “very eager” to be part of the new SG-1 stories. The studio is targeting a Fall 2007 release for both projects — just a few months after the airing of Stargate SG-1 season 10. It’s possible that the movies could be aired on TV (perhaps the Sci Fi Channel) prior to their DVD release.

The producers have expressed interest in starting a third series based on the Stargate world. It’s possible that the second DVD movie might help to set that up.

Stargate Atlantis, meanwhile, has been renewed for a fourth season, and the Sci Fi Channel hopes that the spin-off series can stand alone.

So, the future looks very good for the Stargate world. Could it be that Sci Fi’s cancellation made much of this possible? Hard to say but perhaps there’s truth in the old saying, “What does not kill us, makes us stronger…” TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. kamran says

    I’m a late comer to the stargate sg1 series
    I started watching this recently. It has proven to be a great show. I believe season 11 and more should be produced as it reflects upon reality to a certain point!

  2. Anonymous says

    They cancelled it because it’s based on real life and the real life stargate was destroyed so no more stories

    • says

      If the stargate was based on REAL life and real stargate has been destroyed, the SGC would find new stargate. What you said is total ********

  3. says

    finished watching sg1 on Thursday 18th September 2014

    the ending of this is season is pathetic! after watching all these seasons to come to a complete halt is considerably piss taking, and should have something done about it by now. the return of stargate sg1 would be massive! would much prefer sg1 to atlantis!

  4. Darrell says

    Well I’ve finally caught up with the rest of the SG1 world and on this day, 29/08/14 at 02:30, have watched the very last episode. All I can say is I am thoroughly disappointed with the whole thing! Of course it had to end but why the hell would you end it in such a ridiculous place? If you can’t finish a story then don’t start one in the first place. My only hope is some alternate reality got the better end of the stick as the end you’ve left us is dripping in ****!

  5. Crystal says

    I started watching sg 1 because a lady had them for her grandson and he left them behind. I borrowed both season one and two that she had, the rest I haven’t seen but from the time the StarGate opened on the first show I was hooked 100%. I say to sum it all up. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!!

  6. gerry oconnor says

    keep stargate sg1, atlantas, univ, movies going the **** they got on tv these days i miss the action of stargate miss richard dean anderson

  7. Barrak says

    I Love stargate! i am so sad that there is no stargate more
    not Sg1 not Atlantis and now not even universe!
    why god, whyyyyy :'(

  8. says

    Hello! My name is Derek Hammad, and I live in Huntington Beach California. I have loved watching the Star Trek series, and then I got into watching the Star Gate Series as well. I hope that there will at the least one more season for each if that what it comes to. It would be pretty cool to see a season 11 for the SG-1 , and a season 2 for Universe, and a 6 for Atlantis. I realize that the actors that have been put into these shows have been top picks, and I right at the moment am finishing up season 3 of Atlantis! I would love to thank all that made these shows what they have become……They have been truly entertaining! Thank you very much!

  9. joe says

    oops I forgot to add, that after Sci Fi had canceled SG-1 it was if the entire studio was like wtf? we still had stories to tell and you pull the rug from under us. It was from that point on, things got very rough and obviously from there on in everything went downhill fast..its no surprise that the SG-1 movies out performed all of Atlantis’ seasons put together, because the writing for those movies was superior in every single draw your own conclusions but it’s as if and blatantly obvious to me…when the show got canceled (SG-1) they very quickly ended up out of their known element so to speak..and everything during Atlantis and Later with SGU was just going through the motions, as if they had lost a child. I mean seriously think about..why was the best Stargate writing with SG-1 even when Atlantis sat next to it, and why where the movies far superior in style and writing to Atlantis and a billion times better than SGU?..pretty obvious to me, hence my above statement.

    • José says

      Now i know why sga started going down hill after sunday episode, and sg-1 still had better numbers them sgu season 1, and on my opinion sg-1 had a lot more to give just like sga, becuse in this days we got shows like csi that got so boring that should had be killed a long time ago and still get renwed for 12 or 14 season wtf, while sg-1 season 10 whit vala and mitcheal felt short for does characters.

  10. joe says

    The mistake that MGM made was allowing Sci Fi to renew its rights contract with regards to the Stargate Franchise.
    I was and still am a big fan of both SG-1 and Atlantis..but Atlantis suffered at the hands of Mallozzi with his constant firing of much loved cast members because he couldn’t be bothered writing for them, or digging deeper in to their characters, for example Weir. I was sad to see Torri Higgingson go. But I respected her decision. She had guts to go to Mallozzi and say look, enough of the crap writing for my character. Either give me something to work with or I am out the door. You need to remember too, that at the time Mallozzi had lost direction of Stargate Atlantis and its ensemble cast. It became the McKay and Sheppard show, and while I really liked these characters…it lost all sense of what the show was supposed to be about..and thats why I said above, it was a disaster for MGM to keep Sci Fi as it’s rights holder..another network would have seen through the transparency and have moved the show to another studio so we could get back to more of what we loved about SG-1.
    How ironic the windbag known as Mallozzi came out recently with..the failure of SGU has affected any momentum the movies would have made particularly Stargate Atlantis.

    SGU was the inbred offspring of 90210 in space..calling it a dud and embarrassment to the franchise doesn’t do it justice.

    It’s a shame that MGM did not have the foresight or the acumen to realize that SG-1 still had life left in it, and if the clowns at the Bridge studios had given up and Sci Fi then it was time to move it to someone who wanted it..and back then other networks did you can bet on it.

    It’s heart breaking what the morons at the Bridge Studios did to the franchise and how bad it got under Sci Fi , the writing was well and truly on the wall during season 9..

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