The Chopping Block: NBC Cancels Reality TV Show After Three Episodes

The Chopping BlockTo no surprise, NBC has cancelled its latest foray into reality television. The show that has been on the “chopping block” since it premiered has come to an end. The network series has cancelled The Chopping Block.

Based on an Australian reality series of the same name, The Chopping Block stars celebrated chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White (from the UK’s Hell’s Kitchen). The British Michelin star chef splits eight newbie cooks and restaurateurs up into two teams of four couples each. Each side is given an empty restaurant space in the middle of Manhattan. Working together, they must plan, open, and operate a restaurant in the most competitive city in the world.

In some ways, the series is similar to FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen show — except that it didn’t attract nearly as many viewers. The March 11th premiere attracted an embarrassing number of viewers, just 3.77 million with a 1.4/4 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. The following week, it dropped to 3.46 million and a 1.3/4. This week, Chopping Block fell much further, to just 2.58 million viewers and a 0.9/2 rating/share.

Chopping Block has been cancelled effective immediately. For the time being, NBC will fill the timeslot with repeats of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, installments that first aired on the network last year. Newer episodes of the drama are still scheduled to debut on April 29th.

The remaining five episodes of Chopping Block may air at some point in the future but it doesn’t look very likely.

UPDATE: Beginning April 1st, NBC started releasing a new episode online each Wednesday. While this is good news for those with high-speed Internet connections, this ensures that the network won’t be airing the episodes on broadcast television. To watch, go to

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. babydoll says

    they could have at least let us know. i’m very upset that i had to get online to figure out what the heck was going on. i’m glad that was the only show i watched on nbc. who wants to watch reruns?

  2. says

    Me and my husband were just starting to follow abd then wow no more show. Very unfair and to not even give it a good chance . We enjoyed him not screaming …We were talling people who watch th other cooking shows to watch it. Please bring it back or at least finish showing the episodes……….

  3. john mcghan says

    I hate it when tv networks do this. cbs did the same thing with pirates a while back. they have all the episodes, at least do the courtesy of airing them for those that enjoyed the show. I am boycotting NBC.

  4. Life in the Ozarks says

    I agree with the other posters. NBC finish running the show…it could have been better,
    but don’t start a show when viewers invest time to TRY to follow it. You should of thought
    about your programming and show development before. I don’t think i’ll give NBC another chance. Here’s a CLUE!!! STICK WITH A SHOW THRU THE SEASON>>>
    It was better than Re-runs….I knew of several families that were following the show.
    I think your ratings info is skewed, and you have NO Idea about programing!

  5. shallen says

    That is f-ed up my husband n I were fans being chefs ourselves we wanted to compete n show the ricks-meaning worse than a rookie- on the show how to really cook! That is how we do!

  6. chele says

    Unbelievable!! Start something and don’t finish it!! Even my children know if you start something you need to finish it. My family liked the show. Sure would be nice to see who won.

  7. Lisa says

    I enjoyed watching this show, How wrong is this, to cancell, when apparently, there were a lot of viewers who were watching, I agree, it isn’t fair for NBC to cancell, and then put “a rerun” on in its place. It may be different, if the decided to not do another go around, But at least be fair to the people who were watching, to at least see the outcome.
    Tis does not give me the motivation, to try new shows with NBC, for fear they will pull the plug, Just when you are geared up to see the ending! Just Wrong!

  8. Phil says

    If anyone from NBC reads this then……. pluuuueeease don’t start a show and then take it off to show re-runs, especially as the Chopping Block ( good or average ) deserves to run it’s course.
    The people who decided to air this show in the first place need to step up to the plate
    or find a new line of work.

  9. Dave says

    Even if the show was cancelled, I hope someone still actually won. That would really suck if you went on a show expecting a payoff and didn’t get it because the show didn’t run.

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