Two and a Half Men Shutdown = More Rules of Engagement, Possibly Mike & Molly

Two and a Half MenCharlie Sheen’s well-publicized problems are bad news for the cast and crew of Two and a Half Men. Production on the hit sitcom’s been shut down and as a result, they may not be delivering as many episodes this season. Depending on who you believe, that could cost the network and studio millions in revenue. TMZ reports that Sheen may be out of commission for as long as three months.

The shutdown may end up being positive for the folks who work backstage on CBS’ other sitcoms. According to THR, the network has ordered two additional episodes of Rules of Engagement and is working on a deal for two more of freshman Mike & Molly. CBS hasn’t officially announced the orders and the studio hasn’t confirmed them either.

According to EW, this probably won’t mean additional installments for How I Met Your Mother. With lots of cuts and flashbacks, episodes of Mother take awhile to produce and the series is in the midst of a season arc. Executive producer Craig Thomas said that they haven’t been asked about making more episodes thus far. He noted, “We’re set to do 24 this year, which is the same as we did last year and it’s a big season, and that’s a lot to do.” Thomas added that they wouldn’t say “no” to making additional installments and would probably make it work.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear there will be more Rules of Engagement and possibly Mike & Molly?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Mike and Molly is a decent tv show but rules of engagement and two and a half men are the main reasons I watch this channel. Hey Charlie put the coke down and stick to alcohol and hookers until the season is over would you. We’d def appreciate some commitment for all the people who watch and make you richer.

  2. says

    I think a new show centered around Jake Harper might be funny. I think he is a great young actor, and hope he continues when Two and a Half Men is all finished, which probably won’t be much longer with the way Charlie Sheen is taking it down the tubes.

  3. Adam Decker says

    Rules of Engagement and Mike and Molly are decent shows, although they aren’t the best. I’m okay with missing episodes, which normally doesn’t happen with me. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them, but I’d also understand if they got cancelled.

    Can Two and a Half Men be salvaged? I’m not sure about that. They might try to retool the show or at least get some sort of spin-off off of it. It’s already renewed for another season as the decision happened a while before the whole mess with the main actor. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got rid of the show soon. I know a lot of people like it, although I’ve never really have. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  4. says

    I like Mike and Molly and would enjoy seeing more episodes of that show. I cannot understand Charlie Sheen, he has it all yet he chooses to be the way he is. I actually think the show is funny with Alan, Evelyn Jake Berta and Rose, they should just say that Charlie is away for awhile and do the show without him and see what happens. The only thing that would be missing is Charlie chasing some woman around and his drinking. It might be a refreshing break for a change.

  5. Tate123 says

    I think that Mike and Molly is the worst TV show on TV currently. If anyone ever came to my house and spoke the way they do on the show I would show them the door! I guess this show says a lot about our society today. The writers are awful —

  6. Carol says

    Love Mike & Molly… bring on more! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of Two and a Half Men for a long time and love the Monday lineup… so Charlie: get it together and see you again soon!

  7. KAB says

    Two and a half men is a great show. Why not have Charlie be in a horrific car accident after a huge fight with Rose after finding out that her husband Manny is actually a Mannequin. She ends up getting sent away, put deep into a mental hospital never to return because she goes into a catatonic state. Meanwhile upset Charlie leaves a note for Allan saying that he is going out for a couple of hours and to look for him if he isn’t back by then. Allan, Courtney, and Aldridge return home to find Berta cleaning up the mess Charlie made from his tantrum, broken glass and furniture. They help her clean…. To Be Continued!

    • KAB says

      Continued from last reply, They help her clean because Berta is shaken from Charlies temper tantrum all the while keeping an eye on the time. At the 2 hour mark Allan leaves to go look for Charlie. Outside he passes a squad car, mannequin truck, and a relative of Rose. He watches as several men exit the house carrying mannequins and Rose’s relative just shakes her head. He tells the detective about Rose and then about Charlie. The detective says he’ll keep an eye out for him and Rose’s relative says that Rose is staying in the hospital indefinitely. Allan searches the bars and everywhere for Charlie but has no luck. He goes home to find Judith and Jake there. Judith is on the phone talking to Herb and Berta is talking to Chelsea. They both hang up saying that Charlie had an accident and is in the hospital. At the hospital Charlie is in a deep coma and in a full body cast. He wasn’t driving drunk another drunk driver sideswiped him. Chelsea still has feelings for Charlie. The doctors are not sure whether Charlie is going to pull through and ask whether they want to put Charlie on life support. Everyone is stunned and not sure what to do as they stare down at a broken, comatose Charlie.

  8. Travis Weberling says

    2 and a half men is a great show,yes it’s a comedy show but I think as every season has gone on it’s showing that the 3 characters on the show refering to Alan,Charlie & jake have grown as people & have gone thru life lessons.Don’t get me wrong,I think every single guy out there,myself included probably wish we could get as many girls as charlie has,but I wouldn’t be surprised if when the final episode does happen that Charlie does get married.As far as jake & Alan go,jake will probably go off to college & Alan may realise he’s gay or something.Who knows with him?

  9. Craig says

    Rules of Engagement is one of my guilty pleasures. I am always surprised that it gets picked up every season, and I am surprised that it is being used to fill the Two and a Half Men gap, but I am happy about it.

  10. Jeremy Rynek says

    Yes, but still WTF Charlie? Come on. Your an adult try to be responisble will you? I actually heard that Lindsey Lohan is worried about him. I mean her worried about him. Come on man. And why not making more episodes of how i met your mother? It’s really good and I watch reruns on the CW. It’s hard to say if this is overall good news or bad news honestly. And I know the show has been renewed already. Is the next and what I heard was going to be the last season a definete yes? Or is it now up in the air now. I’m really not thinking their gonna do the show without that drunk horny guy. Call me crazy.

    • Tawnia says

      I like both Mike and Molly and Rules of Engagement….really hope Charlie Sheen gets his act together because my husband and I also really like Two and a Half Men. It’s a shame how the people in Hollywood have everything at their fingertips and don’t realize what they have and ruin their lives! We struggle every month to pay our bills because of the economy, and when you hear stories about rich priveledged people blowing their lives for sex and drugs and booze….makes me sick!!

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