Vanished: Viewers May Finally Get Answers

VANISHED on FoxLast season, a dramatic series by the name of Vanished started a run on FOX. The series revolves around the search for Senator’s wife Sara Collins after disappearing from a dinner held in her honor. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that this case is anything but simple.

Few people watched Vanished and the series was pulled after nine episodes. FOX posted the rest of the episodes online but few felt satisfied by the series finale. Sara’s fate is revealed but other mysteries go unresolved and the series ends on a big cliffhanger. One of several unresolved serial dramas from the 2006-07 season.

It now looks like this case may not be closed for good. E Online reports that the Vanished storylines may be resolved on a third season episode of the FOX crime series Bones. Since Bones usually focuses on human remains, its unclear how the resolution would work. Perhaps Sara is murdered? In any case, it’s certainly a clever idea and would be a nice way for Vanished fans to get some closure. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carlos Silva says

    Si esto es horrible, la verdad es que está buena la serie ya la vi completa (13 episodios) y me parece que es muy buena o por lo menos esta por encima de otras series que no son tan buenas!!! Ignoro porque la cancelaron pero aqui en Mexico nos hubiera hecho feliz ver el final y la esxplicación de todos los misterios!!!!!!!!!

    P.D. Ya es 2009 y no se si en bones resolvieron por lo menos el misterio principal Does anyone know?


  2. Bri says

    I agree, it was a rubbish ending, you might get a few answers on another show, but it wont be able to clear everything up. Cant they have a tag line when they promote a series “don’t get into this, we will scrap it halfway through and botch it”.

  3. Gina says

    I am very disappointed that Vanished was cancelled. It’s not the first time I was enthralled with a series that has been cancelled. It’s veyr upsetting.

  4. ELAINE K says

    Vanished I believe is one of the best TV dramas shown. I live in the United Kingdom and I waited impatiently to see the each next episode. I am devastated that this will not come to a satisfactory conclusion.Fox please show another series. PLEASe.My friends ask you too.

  5. WolvenSpectre says

    Why do I get the sickly feeling that this will be a disappointing letdown in the milleu of Millenium when it was “completed” in the episode of the X Files.

    As a fan of Vanished (why do I get suckedinto these shows on Fox when I know all Fox is doing is letting an animal loose on a game reserve just to hunt it down) I am sure that there is NO way you could satisfactorily solve it in less than 3 episodes, and that is only if you nailed it perfectly.

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