Worst Week: Bornheimer Commits to ABC Series, Is Week Cancelled?

Worst WeekComic actor Kyle Bornheimer has found a new job. He’s signed on to a new series for ABC, along with Alyssa Milano and Eric Christian Olsen. What does this mean for Worst Week? Is it cancelled?

Worst Week is a quirky, single-camera sitcom that follows unlucky Sam Briggs (Kyle Bornheimer) as he tries to make a good impression on the family of his pregnant fiance. Though he’s very well-intentioned, things just go from bad to worse when Sam’s around. A remake of a UK sitcom, the regular cast also includes Erinn Hayes, Nancy Lenehan, and Kurtwood Smith, with recurring roles played by Scott Beehner, Nick Kroll, Jessica St. Clair, Hayes MacArthur, Parris Mosteller, RonReaco Lee, and Brooke Nevin.

Bornheimer and company premiered on September 22, 2009 and followed CBS’ most-watched sitcom, Two and a Half Men. The sitcom debuted to 10.87 million viewers and a 3.8/8 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. The following week, it dropped to 8.96 million and a 2.9/7. The season, which finished on February 16th, averaged 9.83 million.

Those numbers look good on their own but aren’t as impressive in light of the size of its lead-in. Week typically loses about 35% of Men’s audience. Last season, both The New Adventures of Old Christine and Rules of Engagement retained a larger percentage and the network seemed barely satisfied with that.

Now that Week has completed its freshman season of 15 episodes, Rules has returned to the post-Men timeslot. A more logical lead-out, Rules’ return attracted 11.82 million and a 3.9/9 in the demo, significantly outperforming all but a single episode of Week.

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CBS hasn’t given any official indication about whether they’ll be renewing Week for another season but most believe it won’t be returning. With a new deal at ABC, it seems Bornheimer and the alphabet network believe so as well. Bornheimer’s still committed to Week if it returns but ABC wouldn’t cast him unless the cancellation was very likely.

In the end, the network’s decision will likely come down to two scenarios. CBS has been only moderately successful with its Wednesday night sitcom experiment. If CBS gives up on the idea, then Christine would likely return to Monday nights, killing Week.

If the network decides to keep two nights of comedy, CBS execs might renew Week or could decide to take a chance on a new sitcom. In the end, Week’s chances for season two are minimal at best. In the end, we’ll likely have to wait until May to find out if Week’s luck has run out.

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  1. Nicole says

    I can’t believe CBS canceled this show, as it was the best comedy I’ve seen in a long time. It was lough out loud funny but with terrible ads around town. No one understood those big billboards that looked like a guy wearing a diaper. Maybe with better marketing, the show could have survived. What a shame, I’ll truly miss that half hour of laughter.

  2. Mento says

    Everyone likes the show here in Spain. I still haven’t met anybody who disliked it after watching a couple of epidsodes.
    If it did not get a good share audience in the US, it MUST be because it was not properly “sold” to the audience, because the show it’s simply great.
    Just like the Spanish TV1 did with ER: also a great show, but they continuosly changed the day, then the time, then made mistakes by repeating some of them without any sort, not announced on Tv…and finally the dare say it has no audience…NO WONDER! if the last time I watched it I had to record it because it was broadcasted at 3 am! This is what I mean when I say a show is not properly “sold”, not because the show itself is not worth it, it’s just because some buttheads destroy a good show by not properly managing it.

  3. Sheldon says

    ok,seriously?worst week is the BEST comedy show on television!!This show is as funny as Three’s Company,which has become legendary!My wife and I DEPEND on the show for out-loud fun and laughter,and we,along with the rest of America,need that escape for sanity in an insane world.Please do your network a favour and keep it on!

  4. Anne says

    I laughed so hard at this comedy that I thought I had woke my husband up. It was the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time. Please don’t cancell it.

  5. Megan Price says

    My husband and I have our fingers crossed still. We love the show and actually laugh out loud! How many sitcomes do you see these days that make you truely laugh out loud???

  6. D. Stacy says

    WORST WEEK is the BEST ‘WEEK’ on TV… I agree with all 9 of the foregoing commentaries… Can’t recall when I’ve ever laughed hysterically throughout one comedic show… If WORST WEEK is CANCELLED it will be the WORST WEEK of my life! PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW… WE ALL NEED A GOOD BELLY LAUGH… ESPECIALLY IN THESE TIMES!

  7. ZZZ says

    I can’t believe worst week didn’t get a better turn out. Most sitcoms are used up ideas that have run over and over again but this show was different. Even though only at its start I could see Worst Week possibly becoming an epic series like Scrubs or Frasier etc. The show is hilarious, had me in fits of laughter and at the same time you could relate to the characters. If Worst Week is not renewed, I will lose all hope for sitcoms. Oh and Christine is a **** sitcom, doesn’t make me laugh and I just find it annoying. I begin to ask myself, is CBS retarded?

  8. eleanor says


  9. TOM says

    Worst Week was the best comedy on TV! I can’t believe Two and 3/4 Men is rated higher. Set it up on Friday night, there is nothing worth watching on Friday.

  10. P. J. Reagan says

    I have never followed a sitcom before but the first viewing I had of Worst Week had me streaming tears of laughter. It moves so quickly from scene to scene with comedic upbeat music. Fathers dead canary in this bumpkins pocket soon to be jettisoned discreetly past the bushes only to be returned happily again and again by the family Shepherd had me beside myself. Share the laughter. Wean back Worst Week.

  11. Donna McComas says

    I love this show. It is great entertainment. I am sure there r other shows that could be cancelled besides this one. great

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