2006 Cancelled Shows: CBS Cancels a Few Favorites

Tom Cavanagh in Love MonkeyCBS is playing it particularly safe this fall. The Tiffany network is introducing only four new shows, therefore sticking with most of its current schedule and canceling few programs. The few casualties (mostly sitcoms) of the 2005-06 season are:

Courting Alex – The quirky show starring Jenna Elfman and Dabney Coleman started as a mid-season replacement show but never quite caught on. The eighth of the 12 episodes aired in March and the show has been off the schedule since.

Love Monkey – The Tom Cavanagh sitcom was pulled from the CBS schedule after only three episode airings but VH1 started airing the remaining five episodes in April 2006. Viacom owns both VH1 and CBS and no further episodes have been ordered.

Out of Practice – This doctor-family sitcom starred Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing on CBS’ big night of comedy. Unfortunately, it didn’t perform as well as How I Met Your Mother or the more recent The New Adventures of Old Christine. To date, 14 of Practice’s 20 episodes have aired and has been off the air since January 2006.

ThresholdStill Standing – After four seasons and 88 episodes, CBS has pulled the plug on this family sitcom. The last episode aired on March 8, 2006. There was no official closing episode produced but reruns will begin airing on Lifetime in the fall.

Threshold – CBS’ answer to science-fiction programming (ABC had Invasion, NBC had Surface…) didn’t catch on and was pulled from the schedule after nine of its 13 episodes had aired. You can however find all of the episodes here.

Yes, Dear – This family sitcom aired for six seasons and 122 episodes. Though you can find reruns in syndication, it will not return to CBS in the fall. It’s unknown if it was intended to be a series finale but the final scene of the sixth season featured a sentimental scene between Greg and Jimmy. TV Series Finale home page

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  1. cocopuff says

    i just wish they would make the series finale more obvious i have to go on the internet to find out that the episode i have seen 100 times over is the last of its kind that and the series ending on a cliff hanger is my biggest pet peave about these shows i mean the episodes show almost no sign of chronological order you have no way of knowing way of knowing weather your watching first episode or last (unless you check the tv guide and usually your only hint is that the episode is named “pilot”) and because their is no center conflict like in some other shows (usually not sitcoms) their is no center resolution to focus on in the series finale infect more often then not the series finale is like any other episode with only slight hints that this might the last of the episodes the only real other sign of a series finale is that right after the episode the pilot will air but like i said pilots are just as hard to tell from other episodes

  2. GREG says

    Sitcoms like King of Queens, Still Standing and Reba are going the way of the dinosaur! I am sick of the Reality Garbage! why can’t the networks develop more sitcoms or bring back shows like I mentioned

  3. Allen Clark says

    First of all, I think that Leah Remini is too fine. King and Queens is a great show. I wish someone would tell me why the show is being cancelled. I realize that there are always going to be core fans and the network brass are only looking at the big picture, but I wish the show could go at least a few more years. Thank God for reruns and putting seasons on DVD.

  4. MeMe says

    Please don’t cancel King of Queens it’s the only funny show left on t.v. that’s not corny. There’s only three shows my husband and I watch faithfully Rescue Me, NipTuck and King of Queens. It’s the only t.v. series we collect on DVD please keep it on the air. Besides CSI (Las Vegas) it’s all CBS has left!!!!

  5. nancepooh says

    because of all the good shows on local tv being cancelled these days – i have moved to cable tv…..thank goodness i can afford it.
    do have a ? though. would you tell us king of queen fans what happens to all the characters??? thanks!

  6. chris parks says


  7. says

    Anita: The New Adventures of Old Christine hasn’t been cancelled. It’s on hiatus right now. My best guess is that it will be back in a month or so and will be renewed for another season.

  8. says

    Just when Old Christine started catching on and being funny, off you go again, cancelling a very entertaining show. Please stop cancelling the good shows and trying to compete with ABC which you don’t need to do. The majority of the time, CBS is continually my favorite station.


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