Beauty and the Geek: CW Reality Show Likely Ending but May Return

Beauty and the GeekAfter a severe drop in ratings, it looks like the Ashton Kutcher-produced reality series, Beauty and the Geek, has come to the end of the road — at least for now.

Beauty and the Geek debuted on June 1, 2005 on the WB network. The reality show typically teams intelligent but socially-awkward guys with attractive yet dimwitted girls. The pairs compete in a variety of challenges and one team is eliminated each week. The seasons end with the winning pair receiving $250,000. The series began on the old WB network and then made the move to the CW when WB folded.

The first three seasons of Beauty and the Geek averaged over four million viewers, running either during the summer or as a midseason replacement on the WB. The fourth season, the only one to debut in the highly-competitive fall season, dropped to 3.3 million. The show’s fifth round debuted on March 11th and, like most everything on the CW this season, took a hit in the ratings. It’s been averaging only 1.8 million viewers.

While there’s been no official word from the CW, sources have told Variety that Beauty and the Geek won’t be returning next season. Executive producer J.D. Roth said, “You can never be sad about a run like this.” The series may be revived at some point in the future — ideally when enough time has passed for the concept to feel fresh.


If producers can come up with a way to rejuvenate the series in some way, the reality show could be back sooner than later. One possibility that’s been considered is to change the show’s concept to focus on age differences rather than beauty and “geekiness.”

For now, it looks like the series’ final episode will air on May 13, 2008. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. phil says

    being that the last post was in 2008 …now its 2014 I think after finding the show on the interenet a viewing it was a good (up to a point …didn’t like the voting off couples each week though) it didn’t allow the couples 1st removed to actually get what they may have needed.. maybe a secret vote by the viewers (points given to couples each week) then at end of program points totaled …this way the mystery of who would actually win is kept up because all couples still involved in the compition till the end. a tie is viewer broken via calls or internet voting.
    also another possibility would about pairing up couples be like posting those that were chosen to be paired up after viewing their profiles on line by viewers like me.. (i’m in the usa so I know that uk / Australia’s programs (present ones that is) can not be viewed in the usa until after it finishes being aired there.
    finally another approach might be a series of over the age of 40… geeks and beauties …
    there are many out there in and over that age range that still not had girlfriends or even been on dates or had a major relationship… plenty of (widow’s or divorced or career orienated women that are single)

    myself after finding the old series of the usa/uk/and assie beauty and the geek program I enjoyed them and would love to see it revived but with some changes as to how the couples are finally chosen as who are the winners (maybe my suggestion mentioned as above …lol… ) my self i’m one of those over 40 (67 yrs old a widower) that is a geeky nerd shy nice guy with and like many of the younger ones today clueless as to how to keep things going passed the inial “hi” …lol…
    would love to hear from others as to what they think (now) about a revival of the program with some changes … even what any of the programmers of the show might think

  2. Anonymous says

    I abhor most reality shows because who wants to watch people talk trash about one another and back-stab each other? What’s fun or healthy about that? But this this show was about people helping each other out and learning about a new perspective on life. The only thing wrong with it was the elimination thing which the producers think they needed to include to get high ratings, but I hate seeing anybody get eliminated. Anyway yes, I wasn’t surprised that a good show like this got canceled, because it’s not crappy enough.

  3. says

    we just got done watching the series finale from last year where dave and jasmine won the prize. having all the couples come back, having the audience, a look back at the progression of the couples, etc. was awesome. i totally agree with those on here who say it was one of the few if only good reality shows. i’ll take this one over any of the others any day of the week. tweak the show, do what you have to, but don’t bury a good thing just because of ratings numbers. some intelligent tv mind will pick this up.

    san diego

  4. Matthew says

    Oh no! I can’t believe this. It’s the only reality show that is worth watching. I guess not enough people have brains of sufficient intelligence to appreciate the show. :( It’s appeal: everyone can feel smarter than the beauties . . . and many people can identify with the geeks’ ineptitude and yet feel superior. Why why why. It’ll be missed.

  5. Michael says

    I am not surprised. Indeed, I am pleased.

    The current format pertaining to the elimination process left
    much to be desired. Eliminating unsuccessful couples
    in the quiz round is most inappropriate in the reality programme
    of this nature.

    Beauty & The Geek should be more about couples that
    have potential to help one another partner to change and be
    changed in the process. It should be about contestants who
    are able to “gel” together(compatible) as a couple,
    such as “Tony and Amanda” in Season 4.
    Instead, they were eliminated early and fans were unable
    to see how far their compatibility and potentiality for change

  6. K. F. says

    This is REALLY sad news – it is the only reality show that I watch. I like it because it is about people learning from each other and challenging themselves rather than SOLELY focused on winning (and doing anything to win – like Big Brother and shows like that which encourage lying, cheating, etc.). You can tell from so many of the seasons that winning is not what people really take from this show. I will miss it soooo much!

  7. Franko says

    What I hate is when they cancel a show like this one that gets good viewership, a lot of people enjoy, has a good following, and replace it with something that is totally cr@ppy. Seriously, how does this show compare to other shows in the CW lineup? What crummy new show are they going to replace it with? Or maybe they can just run some more George Lopez or Sex and the City reruns.

  8. Amy says

    I agree with Simon one hundred percent. My roommates and I absolutely love this show. It’s the only reality show we watch! I would be so sad to see it go!!

  9. Simon says

    I so ******* can’t believe how stupid people masses keep watching all those really bad reality shows, bad series (CSI etc) and great awesome stuff gets no viewers. What a shame.

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