Blood Ties: Will It Return for Season Three Or Has It Been Cancelled?

Blood TiesDespite being on Lifetime for less than a year, supernatural drama Blood Ties has developed an intensely devout following. Still, the last two episodes of the season were aired online only. Has the series been cancelled or will the vampire return for more adventures?

Blood Ties is a Canadian series that’s based on the books of fantasy author Tanya Huff. Set in Toronto, the series follows private investigator Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) who left the police force when she began to lose her eyesight. She ends up partnering with mysterious Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid) who turns out to be a 480-year-old vampire and the illegitimate son of Henry the VIII. The two slowly become attracted to one another, a situation complicated by Vicki’s relationship with her former partner, Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal).

The show premiered on March 11, 2007 on Lifetime Television in the U.S. and began airing several months later in Canada. While the first season of 13 episodes was still airing, Lifetime ordered a second season of nine more (the 22 episodes were actually originally produced as a single season). Lifetime had other programming scheduled for the summer months so the “second season” didn’t begin airing until October 12, 2007.

The show aired as part of Lifetime’s “Psy-Fridays” line-up, alongside Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and America’s Psychic Challenge. According to TV Guide, because the other two shows ran out of episodes, Lifetime opted to rework the night’s schedule and relegated the two remaining Blood Ties episodes to an online release.

Lifetime hasn’t officially cancelled the show but the “online exclusive” treatment is usually reserved for a series that’s finished. So, if Lifetime cancels the series, is that the end? Maybe, or maybe not.

There is already interest in continuing the series among Canadian broadcasters but a U.S. partner is likely needed to help with the financing. Without that backing, we could have a rerun of what happened to the Falcon Beach teen drama last year. When ABC Family decided against a third season, it wasn’t financially possible for Canada’s Global TV to pay for Beach on its own and the show was cancelled.

If a new U.S. channel is found, Blood Ties executive producer Randy Zalken says the series will certainly be back. He told Eonline, “The sets are still available — they’ve not been destroyed — our talent is very eager to come back, and our show runner, Peter Mohan, is standing by.”

Zalken doesn’t believe the ongoing writers strike would be standing in the way if Blood Ties were to get a season three greenlight. He said, “I don’t think the strike is going to hurt us, because Canadian writers are not hindered by the U.S. guild rules. So, we can be delivering new shows for the fall — I guess that’s more than a lot of [U.S.] producers are saying now.”

Nice as that sounds, Zalken may be underestimating the WGA support of Canadian writers. Blood Ties author Tanya Huff had been writing episode commentary for the Lifetime website but stopped in support of the writers strike. Blood Ties screenwriter Denis McGrath is a solid supporter of the WGA strike as well.

For now, we may have to wait until Lifetime makes a final choice to either cancel or to renew the series. Part of their decision may hinge on how well the Blood Ties reruns perform next month. The entire series will be rerun on weekend nights beginning Saturday, February 9th. Will the vampire series rise again? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Ama flores says

    GRRR..!i’ve been looikng for a while for the 3 season and i could find it!! just by looking at this site tell me that there won’t be a 3 season!! im so fustrated! i want it to be one! it like my favourite show..the second season final was a chok!im curious what would happen next!! PLEASE do a 3 season!! a lot of people are expecting that !! PLEASE!

  2. max says

    im watching it realy mutch and its cool but, now it came to an and :(

    you need to end it ..
    otherwise its just like new moon serie who’s canceled
    that’s so stupid OMG

  3. Danielle says

    Please air a season 3… The romance between Vicky, Henry & Mike needs to have an ending where Vicky chooses who she wants to be with. She needs closure and so do the audience. Blood Times is my favorite series on lifetime and it would help the audience to know that Vicky, Henry & Mike all live happy lives. Even though one of them would not end up with Vicky.

  4. Mariah says

    I love this show . why does it have to stop. I REALLY want to know what happens next, sooooooooooooooooooo pretty please bring back the show. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

  5. says

    I found Blood Ties on blinkbox i thought the show was absolutely brillient. This show needs to continue as vampire shows are the thing now a days. I agree with everyone else that has left comments the show was just left hanging.

  6. Jule says

    please bring blood ties back! I love it. I’m really into it and I need to know how it goes on between Henry and Vicki 😉 so please!!! Watching the first season right now 😀 so plase don’t cancel this amazing show!

  7. says

    in the last episode, Henry is going, and Vicki does not know what to do! It will not stay like that, no answer, no? A season 3! I love this series and have seen every episode 10 times! please

  8. says

    I love this series and would love to keep seeing it…..please keep it running . I dont understand why a series that has so many viewers would concider going off the air anyway.. Keep it going….love it. I just bought the last 2 series the other day. Cant keep from watching them all the time.

  9. karly says

    ok …have watched season 1 and getting ready to watch season 2….. it needs to come back on what a great show…for anyone that needs more and hasnt read the books i recomend reading them, they are great

  10. ann says

    Please..Bring back Blood ties.. I need it .. !
    Blood ties is such an amazing series.. :) I totally love it and I miss it ;(

  11. Amy says

    Please bring back Blood Ties, the show is really good and we were left hanging. I like Mike but Henry & Vickie belong together. Please bring it back for a third season. The actors are really good.

  12. Tammt says

    Just finished watching season 2. I didn’t even know this series existed! I purchased the season 1 DVD from walmart and was hooked!
    What a great story line and cast. Why do they always cancel series that are actually great?
    Anyone know what the verdict on season 3 is?

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