FlashForward: Some Fans Black-Out for Cancelled Series

FlashForwardYesterday, fans of ABC’s cancelled FlashForward TV show took part in demonstrations across the world.

Mimicking the TV show’s 137 second black-out, dedicated viewers staged black-outs of their own in front of ABC offices and affiliate stations in the US. Fans in other countries staged their own events. Their hope is that ABC will order a second season of the low-rated series.

Unfortunately, based on the videos posted, it doesn’t look like many people turned out for the FlashForward demonstrations. Actor David H Lawrence XVII, from cancelled Heroes, stopped by to lend support and commiserate with fans in Burbank.

What do you think? If so many people want the show to continue, why didn’t more turn out for the events to show their support? Are most people more comfortable supporting a program in a private way?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cheri says

    Regardless on the numbers of people who were able to participate in the actual rallies, I think the protests accomplished their main goal: to get news and attention for their displeasure of FlashForward being canceled. You can tell from various sites across the internet that thousands and thousands of people support the efforts to give FF another shot. Just because there wasn’t that many people able to attend the actual blackouts, doesn’t mean the efforts were in vain.
    The push for the return of FF continues. We can wait until Fall 2011 or 2012 in order to get the actors and actresses back. As you may have noticed, FF fans are devoted.

  2. Jaime says

    Save Flashforward, This was a great show differant and fresh. STOP getting rid of all they good shows. The people at ABC have to come up with a differant rating system, maybe than they will realize how many people really watch these great shows that keep getting cancelled. KEEP FLASHFORWARD

  3. SC says

    Agree with the Nielsen comment. With the internet today it’s a no-brainer to put some sort of a vote for the show thing on the internet. Different code for different market, etc. Make sure the code entered matches an IP address in the market which will eliminate some of the cheating that might go on.

    Re “reality shows”. Yes, continue dumbing down America. We watched all the sci-fi shows that disappeared from the networks. These days X-Files would have been canceled in less than 3 episodes. Certainly a bunch of prior long running shows too. It’s instant gratification or nothing for the network execs just like the spoiled children that dominate the country.

  4. TC says

    What a joke. Great show and you cancel to put some other innane crap on like “How much fatter can I get?” Too many reality shows. Way to go ABC ( or should I say ABS – Absolute BullSh..). New programming is sucking these days with maybe 1 in 5 shows being half way decent. If you really want to get fans back then bring back The X-Files or Threshold.

    Otherwise don’t waste my time…

  5. TheDenverFan says

    We would have loved to participate in a Save FlashForward Blackout but there were none scheduled in the Denver area. However, I have been watching other blackout event videos with delight, especially this compilation video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG7RumnZitQ&feature=player_embedded

    My family LOVED the show and were crushed when it was cancelled. Seems there are so many shows we get really interested in that get cancelled – it begins to make you a bit wary about investing your emotions in ANY show. However, this was absolutely our favorite. We DVR almost everything we watch, but this one we generally watched live because we were so anxious to find out what happened!

  6. jon says

    I was an avid viewer of this show and I gotta tell ya’ll tht I was very disappointed by the way it ended its season/series finale. For me it was very anti-climatic, and I was left feeling ripped off that I had invested my time following this show. Much the same way I felt about the LOST series finale!

  7. rebelrenegade1 says

    We were working on getting things into place, but it took a while to try to get support and by the time we did get alot of support the last episode had aired already. It wasn’t a waste of time and energy. There was only so much time from the dates that the blackouts were originally planned until the date that it happened. Alot of people either already had plans that they couldn’t back out on or the ones that wanted to be there couldn’t travel to the location to participate. There were alot of factors that were involved. It didn’t get the publics attention, but it got ABC’s attention because ABC employees came out to see what it was all about and even ABC eyewitness news in Burbank was there to film some of it. So it got attention. Not too mention the 20000 friendship bracelets that were sent to Steve Mcpherson of ABC in bulk that were purchased by the fans. We aren’t done yet. As long as we can continue to get support and more people participate we can at least get ABC to rethink the decision. Not saying that it will change their minds, but it will get them to think about it and possibly come up with an alternative to cancelling the series. Like selling the rights to another network or Satellite network.

  8. Chas says

    This kind of crap doesn’t make any difference, especially not after the show has been canceled for months.

    I liked the show, and everybody I talked to about it liked the show (that’s 10 people in my family). Problem is, none of us are Nielsen households, and none of us own a TiVo (we’re 80% with Dish Network, 20% OTA into PC PVRs). So, like most people, we don’t count. When is the TV industry going to realize that it’s up to them to replace Nielsen’s archaic “this one family equals 10,000 viewers” system with something that actually works? Even if it’s just built on the honor system (“I swear that by pushing the ABC button at 8:00pm, that we’re watching that show live”), it would be tons better than what they’ve got. Hell, you don’t even need a voting device to start with, just a webpage with accounts that are meted out one per physical address. If there are multiple TVs in the household, there could be multiple accounts. I think they’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to log their viewing habits…because most people are pissed off every year because they feel like their viewership means nothing.

    And maybe they could use the same system to push updates back to the viewers, like “Hey, remember FlashForward? It was that great show that you were watching religiously before we pulled it from the schedule for a few months. Well, we’ve finally pulled our collective heads out of our asses, and we’re putting it back on the air this week. So, don’t forget to watch!”

    • Marty says

      It makes a difference to the people participating. Why does it have to do more? If everyone were as motivated to action as these “few” fans are for a television show, imagine what we could accomplish and prevent?

  9. Herb Finn says

    What a waste of time and energy, or lack thereof.

    Again, the fans should have done something BEFORE it was cancled – not after!

    • Isabel Monteith says

      The fans had their facebook pages up and running long before the show was cancelled, urging people to watch the show.

  10. Diane says

    I know that in Chicago, it was done at 12:30pm during a workday. Unless you work downtwon, it’s kinda hard to participate. I know I wanted to!

  11. Concerned Fan says

    It is too bad these TV networks don’t these good shows a real chance. This is a great show and I am very disappointed it is canceled. There are many people who don’t watch shows on TV when it is scheduled for varies reasons. Many people PVR or download because of scheduling problems. My point is Science fiction type of shows will not get the ratings of non-Sci-fi because the fans of Sci-fi shows are the downloaders. It is too bad.

  12. Thomas Langenbach says

    Didn’t show up because the protest took place in the middle of a work day. However, judging by a lot of what’s being said on the various fan sites, just by reading up on how people watched, I’m more inclined to say this was a Nielson Rating issue than an actual low viewer count.

  13. Ryan says

    I don’t know. I gave up on the show personally. Eventually I will go back and watch the 6 0r 7 episodes I missed.

    I think this is kind of stupid really. The show is dead and gone. Contracts are dissolved, and the time slots are spoken for. It isn’t coming back.

    • Isabel Monteith says

      This is not a show that you can miss 6 or 7 episodes of. It is for intelligent people who follow it faithfully every episode. Of course you don’t understand its appeal when you miss crucial episodes. Watch the ones you skipped and maybe you will change your mind.

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