Jericho: Cancelled TV Show Rises from the Ashes Once Again

JerichoIt’s just possible that cancellation was a good thing for Jericho. When they heard that CBS was dumping the series after one season, thousands of dedicated fans banded together to convince the network to bring it back. Though the second season wasn’t a big success ratings-wise, the show’s fanbase had united and remained committed to the show. The CW’s decision to start airing repeats of Jericho on Sunday nights was likely inspired by fans’ ongoing support. Now, the Jericho story is set to continue in comic form and possibly a movie.

Jericho centers around a small Kansas town that struggles to come together after nuclear attacks leave the United States in a state of disaster and civil war. Skeet Ulrich stars as Jake Green, the mayor’s son, who helps to lead the community after the attacks. The rest of the ensemble cast includes Lennie James, Ashley Scott, Kenneth Mitchell, Brad Beyer, April Parker-Jones, Alicia Coppola, Pamela Reed, Bob Stephenson, Gerald McRaney, Richard Speight Jr., and Clare Carey.

When Jericho was cancelled for the second time, it seemed like that was the end of the story. Still, the producers and fans have refused to let the series die. A deal has now been struck with Devil’s Due Publishing (DDP) to create a new comic book series based on the TV show. Dan Shotz, one of Jericho’s executive producers, gives credit for this revival to the fans, saying that they’ve “driven us to find new and fresh ways to tell the Jericho story.”

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The plans are for the comic book series to pick up where the second season of Jericho left off. DDP President Josh Blaylock said, “We plan to give fans the story they’ve been craving. This is going to be epic stuff.”

Shotz added, “Josh Blaylock and the DDP team are great partners and have shown a true love for our show. We are so thrilled about this comic book series and the endless possibilities for the future of Jericho.” Joining Shotz in developing the comic series will be most of the original creative team, including Jon Turteltaub, Carol Barbee, Karim Zreik, and Jon Steinberg.

Fans may also get more Jericho as a movie is in the works as well. Turteltaub says it’s still in the development stages, but the plans are for it to be a much bigger production than the TV series. The story will likely standalone, so that new audience members wouldn’t have to be familiar with the background of series to the enjoy the movie. The intention is that the cast would return for the movie, but in this early stage, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. James says

    This is Angel all over again. Seriously, the diehards were claiming that it’d be no good to see it continue in art form, but look where it is now – a top charter for the company publishing it. That’s a testament to how a series that’ll never get life breathed into it again through a screen can still hold the attention of its fans.

    On the contrary, look at Dead Like Me. The diehards were hoping a movie could cement its true popularity. Well, they got a movie out and it was quite a dud.

    The diehards whining and mincing about Jericho not being able to carry over to a graphic novel format are amusing. I don’t presume to say it won’t work, because there’s a possibility that it can. Automatically detracting from it because you might hate the words “comic book” isn’t giving your beloved series a fair shake. You’d complain about CBS doing the same thing, so why take that same road yourselves? Also, since when is all art immediately “cartoon” anyway? Get a grip and at least become aware of what you’re insulting.

    Honestly, it seems more like the fans who know the show will never appear onscreen again are just trolling in denial.

  2. georgian101 says

    I think for those that read comic books and magazines they will like this story and I think that this is not a bad idea. But for myself this is not my choice. But I do hope this will spread the word On this truly awesome show!!!! I know that I will continue to write and let the Powers to be that I am out here and willing to pay for it on a pay preview situation and wanting the rest of the story. I just it does not end up like FireFly which was another truly great show cut too short!!!!

  3. JerichoFan says

    Well Steve, maybe I have higher standards on what a true fan is. A true fan remembers what made this show great, and remembers that it was first and foremost a SHOW with great writing and great actors – not a comic book. If you’re satisfied with this monumental step backwards than more power to you. You can remained glued to your couch with your eyes fixed on your kiddie cartoon magazines while the rest of us out there get enriched with smart quality programming.

  4. Steve says

    No individual posting under an alias of Jericho Fan is a true fan of the show, or an appreciator of art for that matter. They should remain glued to their couches with their eyes fixed on a screen while the rest of us out there get enrichment toward something we enjoy.

  5. Briarpatch says

    I haven’t bought a comic book since I was a kid, but I will buy this one. I want more story. If this is what is available, I’ll buy it. If a novel were the medium, I would buy that too. The story is what is important to me. Nobody said the movie hinges on us buying the comic book. That’s conjecture. I have read a lot since being involved in the Jericho fan movement about comic books, aka graphic novels. I have seen a few samples of the modern version of comic books and they are quite good representations of the story, just with pictures accompanying the words. That isn’t a bad thing. I know from ComiCon and WonderCon that this media is now big business. The world moves on. Jericho will to.

  6. Serious Jericho Fan says

    Hard to believe one fan would claim to speak for 90% of all of us. There are loads of Jericho fans who are profoundly disappointed in the prospect of a comic book. Those of us who loved the show for its depth and nuance know these features will be lost in a comic book. Those of us who treasured the actors for their wide range of subtle expressions, delicate changes of tone, or hard to capture in words sense of humor are disgusted with the idea of a comic book. This project does a serious disservice to Jericho and the poor sales will be living proof.

  7. Dbalcer says

    While I really want season 3 and will settle for a movie, I am excited about the comic books because it will introduce the show to a whole new audience. I am glad to get new storyline while they work on getting financing for the movie which I know will take time in our economy. I am also encouraged that the creators are so involved in the new comic books because that means the new story will be their story. It is wonderful to belong to this fandom because the creators care so much about the show too.

  8. JerichoFan says

    Norsu is the last person who speaks for “90% of fandom.”

    I’m not even going to waste my time on a comic book. To go from having this great show with these great actors to seeing a cartoon version of the story is a huge downgrade. Either make the movie or don’t but quit trying to pacify us with this crap.

  9. D1gger5 says

    TV needs to rise to the 21st century. THere are so many mediums, models and show ideas that fail.
    Jericho has had a loyal US fanbase with many watching it on-line, DVR, etc. In the UK here it was initially Satellite only, followed by a stint on an obscure Digital TV channel. Advertising/promoting the show was next to non existent and it was by chance I found some season 1 episodes.

    The fact that so many viewers have rallied to get a season 2 and now some future Graphic Novel/Movie is rumbling around means there is some gravitas towards the well written, shot, produced and acted show. The fact that this “Comic” story is worldwide news is an eye opener to the TV networks on the possibilities of new methods of viewer habits.

    When the Graphic Novel/Comic is released then I will give it a read but it has to be the professional novel rather than the old school comic books.

    I hope that the talks/politics are fruitful and not hot air when the main broadcasters search for the next cash cow (big brother with children, Celebrity pensioners climbing everest, etc.) with the gullible contact methods to vote someone off the show.


  10. kricka says

    YAY!! Considering the enormous footprint Comic-con has left all over Hollywood, I see a comic book as nothing but good news. Anything that will bring in new people to the Jericho story is fine with me.

    Looking forward to the Fall and the first issue!

  11. Jeanine says

    I’m looking forward to the comic series. While it’s not as good as a television series or movie I think it can be a great springboard to bigger and better things. And it’s a great way to build more of a fan base while giving all of us further insight into this wonderful story.

  12. masscas says

    I share NorthernND’s felling completely ! ! !

    First there were no conditions put on getting a movie produced. Now, it’s buy the comic book so we can make the movie. Is the movie being held hostage by a comic book ? Is the ransom for the movie the comic sales ?
    It does sound like blackmail, doesn’t it ? I am not giving TPTB one(1) more cent of my money or one (1) more minute of my time. I don’t trust them any more either.
    P.S. And I don’t do stockholm syndrome.

  13. says

    This is a great thing! The current fans get more storyline of our favorite town Jericho! Plus just think of all the potential new fans it will bring in. This can only be a win-win for old and new fans alike as we wait for the movie. Kudos to the writers, looking forward to it!

  14. Norsu says

    I thank the producers and creators of Jericho for pursuing more Jericho for us the fan’s… A movie and comic book medium are cool to me and 90% of fandom. ND’s comment’s are by far not the fans consensus – lets roll!

  15. NorthernND says

    The powers behind Jericho are dangling this venture like a carrot, claiming that this will be the stepping stone to getting a movie and possibly reviving the series. Disgusted that after all the fans’ time, money and efforts, we are being blackmailed into a stupid comic book.

    I’ll reserve full opinion until it comes out, but I am definitely NOT HAPPY about this!

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