Passions: DirecTV Soap Staying on

PassionsAs fans of Passions are well aware, the soap opera will be leaving NBC next Friday, September 7th. The series will resume on Monday, September 17th on DirecTV’s exclusive Channel 101. Will those without DirecTV be able to follow the exploits of their favorite Harmony residents?

After hosting Passions LIVE! last week, castmember Eric Martsolf said that the satellite TV provider was working on finding a way to make the soap available online. Last night, he was asked a similar question and responded, “Absolutely. It’s going to be on…They will be airing episodes of Passions online.” You can see it for yourself. The question comes near the end of the video.

As we said last week, this doesn’t qualify as an official announcement about online viewing but it’s certainly a good sign for those who can’t subscribe to DirecTV. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. sherry says

    well in oregon we have comcast we had satellite but 1 time a week or more we would loose signal so that would be 29.95 for them to come out and turn the dish to get the signal back thats way to much i miss passions also on nbc and comcast won’t offer us it i am really disappted at the crossword game show now showing so i turn tv off and wait for montel to come on where in the heck do they get that our shows r not liked just like the womens entertainment channel i refuse to watch bridzillas they took of mcleods daughters bring us the shows women want to watch cable is expensive for us seniors
    oh for the lady that has last stage liver cancer my prayers r with u teresa and ethan should be able to be there for u to watch god bless NBC LISTEN TO US THIS CROSSWORD THING IS STUPID U REPLACED IT WITH MERV GRIFFEN DOES NOT NEED ALL GAME SHOWS ON IN GOOD TIME SLOTS GAME CHANNELS THERE R TO MANY OF THEM

  2. Dawn says

    NBC has lost my viewing-completely. I’m sure they could care less about one little viewer, but I’m a stay at home mom, and NBC is on from noon until 3 pm-DAILY. Then I switch over to CBS :) I can’t afford to switch providers, so from now on, I’ll be flipping right past NBC, no matter what is on, and watching something on Dish-old Law and Orders, Cold Case files, etc. I’d be back if Passions came back, but until then…..

  3. amy says

    i think it is wrong to move passions i have watched it from day one and have not missed an episode. its not fair to the ones who have cable to have to go to direct tv…

  4. patricia says

    youve heard of “i want my mtv” well “I WANT MY PASSIONS BACK ON NBC” i cant afford directv i am a single mother of 3 this is so unfair i have a total of 6 channels i record passions and watch it after my kids are in bed this is my relaxing time i am also going to boycott nbc until they bring back passions

  5. marie says

    I am disappointed that there will be no more passion show for me. I watched it since it started in day one. I don’t have cable or direct tv. Only basic tv!! :( hope u reconsidering to put it back on nbc instead of direct tv. Who will watch it thru direct tv. If it not sucess, then i am hoping to check it online.
    Why did it happened?


  6. Linda Stokes says

    I am not going to subscribe to Direct T.V. I was told that Passions has been cancelled and thier is not a guarantee that it will be aired on Direct. Per a female whit Dishnetwork said the show Passions was cancelled on WSMV for low ratings. I know that is not true. I have watched Passions from day one and records the days I am not home. Why should we get all these shows like “Losers”, talk shows that do not mean a thing to us,and Dr.Phil whom people pay to hear what they want to hear. The Ellen Show and many more shows that could shut down instead of Passions. We are not rich and people like me cannot afford Direct T.V. Put Passions on the soap network and that would work.

  7. sherrye eder says

    I am very disappointed that you took passions off NBC. I think that a huge mistake. Do you realize how manu fans you will, those who can not afford it or for that matter the ones who are happy with regular cable..

    I think your TV ratings will totally drop and your gonna wish you didnt take it off there!

    Please consider putting it back on NBC!

    Really miss my show!!!

  8. jane strickland says

    I am very sad to see passion taken of NBC.I have watch passions since it air .I think every one should try to get the soap back on .not every one got direct tv. thanks jane strickland burgeo nf canada.

  9. Brenda says

    I have cried for hours knowing that the only soap i watch is leaving NBC…am going to miss you all so much…the thought that i will never see if Ethan and Terisa finally gets what the always wanted … be together …gosh i remember watching the first showing and now never to see again ,,,think am just going to go cry some more….

  10. shernell says

    i just love to watch my passions ireally hope to see it on the online because we caribbean folks donot get directv easy.anyways iwill really like to see fancy and louis get married and for gwen to fimd another man and live t and thersa and ethan alone

  11. Gloria says

    I am upset that passions is leaving NBC. I can’t afford to get direct tv. That is not an option for me. I hope it does get viewed online or I will have to say good bye to passions, and find another soap opera. I wish you would reconsider.

  12. Shirley says

    I am very upset that Passions has been taken off NBC. I look forward to this show every day as it relaxes me after a hectic day. Please. please put it back onNBC.


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