Smith: CBS Ray Liotta Series Cancelled

Ray Liotta as Smith is canceledAfter being called the “worst new show of the season” by USA Today, the Ray Liotta series Smith has come up in first place. Unfortunately, not in the way the show cast, creators and fans would like. Smith is the first new show of the season to be cancelled, after just three episodes.

Smith starred film actor Ray Liotta as Bobby Stevens, a man leading a double life. During the day, Stevens plays a typical suburban family man while at night he’s an expert criminal who pulls off elaborate crimes with a crack team of thieves. Other series stars included Virginia Madsen, Simon Baker, Amy Smart, Johnny Lee Miller, Franky G and Chris Bauer. The series was the brainchild of ER creator Frank Wells.

Though CBS hasn’t “officially” cancelled Smith, the show has been pulled from the Tuesday night line-up and it’s not likely to return (especially as we enter the November sweeps period). The third episode garnered a low 8.4 million viewers, a significant loss from the number of viewers that watched the episode of The Unit that aired before it. Smith garnered a decent 11 million viewers at its debut on September 19, 2006 (nearly tying Boston Legal) but, has been losing viewers each week since. Networks know that when that “slide” starts, it’s unlikely to reverse itself.

For the immediate future, CBS will air a rerun of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in Smith’s place on Tuesday, October 10, 2006. Repeats of Criminal Minds will take the slots on October 17th and 24th. No word if CBS will “burn off” the four unaired episodes of Smith but at this point, it looks unlikely. All mentions of Smith have been deleted from the CBS homepage (though you can still reach the Smith pages here.).

CBS will debut the new 3 lbs. series in Smith’s old space starting on November 14, 2006. The Stanley Tucci show was supposed to debut as a mid-season replacement series but has been moved up. The House-like show centers on the relationship between a rising-star brain surgeon (played by Mark Feuerstein) and a brilliant but unpredictable surgeon (Tucci). The network is reportedly pleased with how 3 lbs. is looking and has just ordered four additional scripts. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Another Smith Fan says

    Please add us to the list of disappointed viewers who were looking forward to the next episode of Smith, only to not be able to find it :(. Smith reminds me of the Shark show with James Woods. Where do you get the statistics for what people are supposedly watching? Used to like Everwood, Northern Exposure, etc., If Smith was cancelled due to the Government’s comments, again down to a person or panel or ?, there should be alot of other shows cancelled. TV for the most part, does not portray real life, with the exception of a few shows, so why not let viewers enjoy the Smith Show? Ray Liotta is a good actor..he has that look …

  2. Oso says

    I think that Smith was an original serie, here in Mexico, i did like it so much. It’s so sad put it away, but they think to know what they does. The actors are the best like in Sopranos, Friends, Smallville, The OC, and Third Watch.

  3. SC says

    Welcome to the new network mentality. Whether you liked it or not “Happy Hour” on FOX got the same treatment. 3 shows and out. That show was up against Gray’s Anatomy and this one against Boston Legal. Do they honestly think a new show is going to get any kind of ratings against these other power rating shows after 3 episodes. You’ve got to run these against the repeats or move the time slots against the competitors new shows, not their centerpieces.

  4. Anonymous says

    Im from the UK so we didnt even get to see the pilot. Ive only just caught on to Smith boy what a great show would of did really well in the UK.

    CBS must be crazy its like fox dumping 24 which they almost did at season 1 but unlike CBS they let the season run and what do you know the viewers came ONCE PEOPLE CLOCK ON THAT THE SHOW EVEN EXISTS come on 3 episodes ><….

  5. carey says

    My wife and I are still unhappy with the lame decision to cancel this great program. Loved the show, and I usually do not watch noncable tv. Back to cable I go.

  6. Olivia Caines says

    I am with all of you when I say what the Hell???
    That WAS a good show! And just into it after 3 episodes was just a tease! I think the show was great! Action packed!
    We soooooo loved watching it!

  7. colette petke says

    I am heartbroken that Smith has been cancelled. I got hooked with the online episodes, and am jones-ing for a Ray Liotta fix.

    CBS – please reconsider! 3 episodes aired during the world series are not enough to judge the merits of this fantastic show.

  8. Cheryl Duebelbeis says

    I just found out tonite that the show had been cancelled. I only saw 2 episodes and then I couldnt remember which night it was on or the actual name of it. When I couldnt find it browsing on the DVR I freaked out and pulled up this site!!!! I thought the show was fantastic and I love Ray Liotta in just about anything. I agree CBS is stupid in pulling the show after 3 lousy episodes. The same thing probably happened to tons of people…somebody! Bring it back! Give it more hype this time!!!!

  9. Brad Vanderboegh says

    I only saw one episode. Wow! So intelligent and gritty. I’ve been looking in the t.v. guide and just now got on the internet to see what happened. I’ll be e-mailing CBS. I hope the actors hang around long enough for CBS to realize what it’s done. Smith is outstanding.

  10. Kendall says

    Please put smith back on the air…I can’t believe that you removed it. Ray Liota is the absolute best actor on TV/Movies. If you don’t want him, send him to cable….I’d watch that before I watch anything else.

  11. Harriet says

    Please put “Smith” back on. It was definately better than any of the other shows that came out this season. Pure excitement for an hour!

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