The Greg Behrendt Show: Syndicated Self-Help Cancelled

Greg Behrendt of The Greg Behrendt ShowThird time’s a charm — though not for Greg Behrendt. In the third syndication cancellation in as many weeks, the Tribune group has cancelled freshman The Greg Behrendt Show.

The “self-help” talk show debuted in syndication on September 12, 2006 and was hosted by stand-up comedian and best-selling author Greg Behrendt. Each episode featured Behrendt attempting to change their lives in some way — from cheating boyfriends to lifestyle makeovers. (You can hear one guest’s experience via The Hollywood Podcast.)

The Sony Pictures Television-produced show was cancelled, like most, due to low viewership. In its four months, the “self-help” talk show attracted an average of only 880,000 households (0.8 rating) in daytime. It was tied with the similarly challenged The Megan Mullally Show that will go off the air at the end of this month.

The Behrendt cancellation may also be due to soft sales at the recent syndication show in Vegas as well as Tribune’s desire to sign up for the new The Steve Wilkos Show from NBC Universal. The Wilkos show will offer a different brand of “help” — more along the lines of the Jerry Springer variety. Wilkos was actually a security guard and sometimes replacement for Springer on The Jerry Springer Show for ten years.

The staff of The Greg Behrendt Show was reportedly told of the decision yesterday and production is expected to continue for the immediate future. A mix of original and rerun episodes will likely air until at least May. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jean Lucas says

    I am so very dissapointed of not being able to see Greg Behrendt I would watch him everyday. I would like to be notified if he returns or if he will be on another channel, Thank you. Jean Lucas

  2. Lavanda says

    i turned my tv on to watch Greg Behrendt Show,,and to my very much dismay, there was another court TV show.


    had to go on internet to learn of the cancelation.

    Greg i am so sorry.
    Hope to see you back soon.

  3. Sue says

    Loved the show. I had just found it about 2 months ago and loved how dorky Greg is. I did not know that it was cancelled until I could not find it .

    SAD, SAD, Sad!!!!!
    SONY>>>> BRING BACK Greg!!!!!

  4. Fran Martineau says

    I am very disappointed that the Greg Behrendt Show has been cancelled. I thoroughly enjoyed his show. More often than not, I found Greg to be right on the money with his advice which was most always presented in a heartwarming yet humorous fashion. I looked forward to my 1PM hour with Greg and his guests for some pretty good relationship advice and a lot of laughs. Why are the good ones cancelled?????
    His book “He’s just not that into you” was also right on target. Maybe more needed to be done to promote his show.

  5. Danielle says

    I too am bummed that Greg’s show was cancelled – I am totally shocked! He was real, not annoying at all, and funny – something the other talk show hosts are NOT. He will be missed :(

  6. says

    I just started watching the Greg Behrendt Show on the CW channel several months ago & have really enjoyed his show. He gives good, honest common sense advice and his panel of experts have been excellent. I am really angry about the cancellation of his show. Just this morning I watched the replacement Steve Wilkos Show and DO NOT like it. This one really should not last. Bring Greg back!!!!

  7. Melissa says

    It is a shame Greg is off the air. I loved his show. It was real and simple. And by the look of Greg on the final show, you can tell he really care about helping people take care of their lives. It is only rumor, but I heard he is working on doing a He’s not that into you movie. Can’t wait!

  8. L. Bellamy says

    I’m sorry the show was cancelled. Greg seems like a very down-to-earth person who tells the truth. We need more shows like this. I knew something had happened when i viewed the show at 3pm one morning.

    I wish Greg much success in his future endeavors. I just loved the show!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. L. Bellamy says

    I’m sorry the show was cancelled. Greg seems like a very down-to-earth person who tells the truth. We need more shows like this. I knew something had happened when i viewed the show at 3pm one morning.

    I wish Greg much success in his future endeavors. I just loved the show!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. eve says

    Wrong decision; another great show cancelled, before given a real chance. – How many viewers do they expect to watch at a time were most people are at work? – From the comments here it looks like most viewers did enjoy watching this show, and did see it as helpful and inspiring; ( – opposite/ the replacement a let’s-take-all-morals-left-America/Springer-type-idiotic-show).
    There aren’t many guys like Greg that actually can connect with women in a way that they finally feel understood; it’s rare and it makes us women feel better. An hour of soothing our emotions – now gone = guess man-made, man cancelled – go figures, = they didn’t understand the actual value and what it brought to the viewers that did get something out of it.
    It would be great, if it is possible to reconsider and bring the show back! Maybe in a different time slot, if it is about the ratings!

  11. says

    Please bring back the Greg Behrendt show!
    It was my and my friends favorite show on TV!!!
    His show had humor and class, which is missing the other shows that are still on.

  12. bay point, ca says

    i can’t believe they cancelled greg b. and left the obnoxious maury show on. i’m so sick of sylvia browne on montel too. gheese, there absolutely nothing on TV any more but repeats and infomercials. I can’t watch Jerry Springer; it is just too annoying and so maury with the loser people that are on it. i felt like greg b was honest and hard working and is a positive for people trying to recover or work on themselves.

  13. says

    I would hope the affiliates who cancelled Greg Behrendts’ show would read these comments and reconsider bringing Greg’s show back on air. He was very refreshing, honest and not only helped his guests BUT the home viewers as well! It’s a real shame he is off the air..I miss him! Unlike boring “Martha”, Greg would captivate an audience rather than bore them with a monotone monologue !!! PLEASE bring Greg’s show back !???

  14. kelley says

    What am I going to let the kids watch after school??

    I suppose we will have to turn off the tv and do our homework

    see you on the road Greg!!

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