Bionic Woman: Eick Says Series Cancelled, But Jaime May Return Someday

Bionic WomanWhile NBC hasn’t officially cancelled their Bionic Woman series, unofficially, everyone knows that it’s not coming back — including co-executive producer David Eick.

Though Eick had great success working with Ron Moore on the remake of Battlestar Galactica, the new Bionic Woman just wasn’t a success. At Sci Fi Channel’s upfront presentation yesterday, he said, “I just felt that the process was so frustrating, and the conditions under which we were making that show never really came to fruition in such a way that I felt like we could make the show well. The actress [Michelle Ryan] we found was wonderful. Some of the writing was good.”

Though he’s disappointed that the show didn’t come together, Eick hints that perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Jaime Sommers — in some form. He concedes, “We just didn’t ever bring it all together like we did with Battlestar. At a certain point, when it becomes that frustrating, I think you’re better off to say, ‘Let’s try again another time,’ and let it go.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. LS says

    What I suspect would have helped ratings, actually, is to have stopped attempting to remake that classic (and favored for many of us from that generation) Lindsay Wagner-based show and instead simply introduce another bionic woman…by another name. I mean, the woman who last played Wagner’s iconic, well-developed and most memorable character has so little in common with the 70’s version…to her loss. Nothing against the actress, but the character name, concept and various cheap references made to the original series situations (i.e., making out in a bathroom with a man named Steve and making “the world’s 1st bionic woman” a violent *****…really?) inspire unflattering comparisons to that earlier version at least for those who watched the original (better) series. Try something to get this point: redo “The Jeffersons” but make George white, gay, drug-addicted but a rich dry cleaner who lives in a high-rise then see what happens to that series as well.

  2. MJ says

    I’ve only just watched all the episodes of Bionic Woman … NBC are retarded for cancelling it, it had so much potential. It was fantastic … NBC are idiotsĀ¬ Enough of the reality shows and bring something decent in. RENEW BIONIC WOMAN!!

  3. tj says

    When they do make a new bionic man or woman I want that Eick person to have NOTHING to do with it. He seems to be talentless.

  4. alina says

    I have this to say to NBC enough with the reality shows bring back this show that has great promise. Why can’t you people unerstand that we are tired of watching the biggest loser and deal or no deal BRING BACK BIONIC WOMAN WE NEED SOME GOOD TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Step says

    I can’t understand why you think the show wasn’t a success. A lot of us had began to see the show develop. Come on, find new writers and come back. If you need me, I’ll be glad to write. I promise, it will be the best watched show on TV when I start writing for you. COME ON – let’s get busy people. We need some exciting TV!

  6. briandouglas says

    I just want to say that i will NOT be watching NBC anymore. I have no reason to. Where’s scrubs? Now i find out that Bionic Woman isn’t coming back? I have to SUFFER that repulsive Howie Mandel a full 7 nights, nope i can’t do that to myself. I don’t understand what’s the point when all you get is Ugly Medium with Patricia Arquette. Yuck, why in all these insufferable years, has she not got a hair cut? I like Office, and Thirty Rock, god love Tina Fey, but im just done. I’ve been completely let down, no will & grace, no scrubs, no reunions shows…not boring talk about the show, but reunion shows, my god exec’s wake up! I’d love a friends reunion show, with a story line, not the BS, of oh we loved taping this scene……who cares…so NBC, great job of shoving a bunch of crap out!! Job well done…on that you get a gold star, just a hint, the more you know about your viewers, the better you will be….so im out, later NBC. Also, Michelle Ryan…i love you and hopefully another network will pick up the show…..

  7. raymore davis says

    I would just like to say please do not end this series like this. It’s a very cleverly well thought of remake! And I am A Great Gigantic Biggie Smalls Fan of The Bionic Franchise! From Bionic Man, Steve auston Back In the day’s Own “6 million dollar Man” Michelle Ryan’s A, “Porter House Steak with A-1 Steak Suace! Look All I’m Saying Is I humble, humble, humble, humble Ask That You Guys over at “NBC” Reconsider Bring The show Sooner Than several Bullshittin’ Ass dick woad Years.
    When We Forget About “Jaime Sommers” Will y’all please Bring Back the show sizzling sooner then Soon! I need this show back on the air. Right along with “Life – And My Other Hit ****, Journey Man!
    So Write Me Back And Let Me Know What’s Up, Hey Hell Damn it you can Cast me as newer character In bionic woman what ever it takes too bring the show back on tv. and trust me when i say ratings were on they’re way! oh Yea Stop Making Movies Out Of Remakes Like “Knight Rider Remake Instead Of Making It An Actual “Tv Series”! Because I would Damn Show Love That as well . And don’t Get Me Wrong I Only Watc Nbc For These Shows Alone. “P.S” Here A Few Other Of My NBC Favorites – Meduim, All law In Order’s, Las Vegas,Oh Yes Heroes. And Work A Crossing Jordan Come Back Too. Hey Next Too CW’s Smallville & Supernatual Plus Don’t Forget “ABC’s ” Own Lost Show. Nbc Was On A Path Of Stumping A Mud Whole In The Industry. I Love These Just Please Keep Them Coming, I’m Praying Too God NBC’ Brings Back “Bionic Woman”!

  8. Lola60 says

    I for one will be looking forward to seeing Jaime again! I just love Michelle Ryan was a big fan of hers on EASTENDERS..

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