Charmed: CBS Considering a Halliwell Sister Reboot

Charmed reboot?Vulture reports that CBS is considering remaking Charmed. The original TV show was produced by Aaron Spelling and ran for eight seasons and 178 episodes on The WB.

Apparently Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser and partner Syndey Sidner are co-writing the project. Those in the know consider it a “re-imagining” of the original Charmed series.

CBS TV Studios holds the rights to the Spelling library and is producing the project with the Tannenbaum Company. Thus far, the network has only asked for a pilot script so the project may or may not move beyond that point.

Revolving around a trio of sisters who discover that they’re witches, Charmed debuted in 1998 with Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano as the leads. Doherty left after three seasons and her character was killed off. Rose McGowan joined the cast as a previously unknown sibling.

The reruns are still airing on TNT and WE. Last year, a Netflix report noted that Charmed is the service’s second most-binged program.

What do you think? Would you like to see a reboot or some sort of continuation of the original series? Do you think a new Charmed could work?

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  1. teja harper says

    I feel as though this is a great idea. So many people loved Charmed. There is all ready a season 9 in comics. Honestly i think that if it were to come back with a new generation it would be fanomanal. Hopefully they will go through with it. I think that it would be a sucess. It has so much going for it.

    • CharmedFan1432 says

      that is totally true!! Charmed is an amazing show and I would love to see if they came up with the next generation!!

  2. Alexandra Younglove says

    I would love another one…………….it would be amazing tellu but one day I want to talk to one of the charmed ones……..I would give u my number but in ways that would be unsafe so talk to me back and then ill give u my number to talk k the power of five will set us free

  3. Rosie says

    I have always thought that they should do a show focusing on the next generation of Halliwells. They could have the sisters on once in awhile to give them guidance.

    • Anonymous says

      I completely agree. The Halliwell children should now take over. The sisters should show up every now and then, just like mom and grams.

  4. Melleeboo says

    YES bring it back, everyone, Piper, Prue, Paige, and Phoebe!! I absolutely will not watch it unless they bring back the sisters. Maybe Prue could shock them by coming back as a whitelighter!

  5. Sandra says

    Yes!!!!!!! I loved the show!!!!!!!!and I agree with the rest of the group. Start the show with Wyatt and Chris. The girls can do cameo’s.

  6. rose says

    I will love to see the new generation if charmed, whith the caracter that ended the original..chris and whiat… the girls can make aperences on some episode but do it.. I loved Charmed and still see the reruns on sky mexico… (tj)… :)

  7. Tracy Hutson says

    I would love a new series but as a continuation of the next generation. It would ruin the show if the original cast of sisters was recast and started over. Give us the next generation!

  8. CharmedFan says

    I think the *only* way this could work would be a reimaging of the show focusing on the Charmed Ones’ kids in the future (as adults). Phoebe had three girls. Piper has Wyatt & Chris plus a little girl, Melinda. Paige has the twin girls and a son. Isn’t Army Wives over? That means Drew Fuller (Chris) is free to do it, and Wes Ramsey (Wyatt) would probably jump at the opportunity for a bigger series (as he should). If you try to do it with new Charmed Ones or even get the girls to re-commit (really not likely to happen), it will SUCK and ruin a lot of us fans’ memories of a GREAT show.

  9. John Hilla says

    My wife said it best, it needs to continue where the first one left off. Open ended with the children or somehow tie it in.

  10. says

    Yes, as long as they return the regular cast and find a way to include Shannen Doherty. She could come back as a ghost or a White-lighter, what ever works. As for the problems between her and Alyssa Milano they are actresses, so why don’t they just do that and leave the personal stuff at home. Also a good idea would be to forget the final season and work off of the ending from season 7. To me season 8 was a mistake. Not putting down the actresses that played Billy or Kristy, but for me they didn’t work. Too much centered around them and they should not have been the focal point of the show. Plus their powers were out of control and at times they seemed more in charge then the sisters which made the Halliwell’s appear very uncharmed.

    • anony says

      i agree but if you carry the story on by reading the comics you find this is justified because they were uncharmed. Prue was still alive so because of that they were weakened because of the fact that the prophecy of the charmed ones was written of 3 withes not 4

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