Flash Gordon: Sci Fi Quietly Cancels Adventure Series

Flash GordonThe latest TV series to be based on the classic comic strip Flash Gordon has gone where many sci-fi series have gone before — the cancellation galaxy. It turns out that Flash’s greatest nemesis this time around wasn’t Ming the Merciless but a lack of viewers.

The series debuted on August 10, 2007 on Sci Fi. It was the latest series based on the intergalactic hero’s exploits and stars Eric Johnson (Smallville) and Gina Holden (Blood Ties). Though many science fiction fans were looking forward to the series, most reviews were pretty negative. The producers took the criticisms to heart and worked on improving storylines and adding more Mongo action.

The premiere attracted approximately 2.1 million viewers (one of Sci Fi’s best-rated series premieres of the year) but fell as the season progressed. Flash Gordon’s first season finished airing on February 8, 2008 with the episode entitled “Revolution, part two.”

Sci Fi has been quiet on the subject of the show’s fate though, based on the show’s ratings, a second season hasn’t realistically been expected. As time’s gone on, it’s become apparent that Flash won’t be back to save the world next fall.

At Sci Fi’s recent upfront presentation, Sci Fi president David Howe briefly talked about Flash Gordon. He spoke about it in the past-tense and coupled it with previously cancelled series like The Dresden Files and Painkiller Jane. He feels that the series wasn’t developed enough and said that Sci Fi may try again in a few years — with a fresh take and a bigger budget.


Gina Holden, the actress who plays Flash’s girlfriend Dale Arden, was recently interviewed on The Doctor and Mrs Who show. Though the series does have its fans, the actress doesn’t hold out much hope for a resurrection campaign being effective. She said, “I think every effort that people make is great but really, unfortunately, it comes down to studio. And I think once they make their mind up, that’s it. That doesn’t mean that I’m not believing but, it’s a tough call. I would just say, enjoy the moment, enjoy what we did do.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mr. Bob says

    I did enjoy what they did do. It sucks that it’s canceled. I was just waiting for so long until I just now searched and found this page stating that was canceled. Bummer.

  2. Mari says

    The Sci Fi channel has a problem sticking with its shows, they cancel EVERYTHING. It makes me reluctant to get involved with anything they put out, because you know they will cancel it very soon. I think it would be in their interest to bring back old shows. I know networks don’t do that, but they need to build back trust with their viewers before they have no viewers. They do very little to advertise, they don’t keep to a regular schedule, and sometimes they push a show on viewers that people don’t like. I remember seeing Painkiller jane on every time I turned them on, and I simply don’t like that show. On the other hand, Dresden Files, and Flash were great shows and needed more direct advertising, and more then a week of playtime. You just don’t treat customers like that. Flash didn’t need a different concept or more budget. It was good.

  3. says

    In my opinion the studios that decide to cancel all these excellent shows like Dresden Files, Flash Gordon, Painkiller Jane, and others must be on CRACK, METH, LSD, COCAINE or something. Either that or they are just plain MORONS!!!

  4. Kristin says

    Flash Gordon was the ONLY show I watched on sci-fi, now I won’t tune in. It disappointed me to see it cancel. I loved that show. If it weren’t for Flash Gordon, I would’ve never tried new shows. I usually hate sci-fi. But because of Flash Gordon, it was a reason to open my mind to new shows like that one. If it came back I would be happy. It should have never been cancelled. Eric Johnson played an awesome Flash Gordon. They should at least close up the finale or it will leave us hanging. Turn it into a movie or something, but close it up. Come on, we need more Flash Gordon!

  5. Chuck says

    I love Flash Gordon and it is good. I am upset that they have been canceling so many good shows too. Shows like Mutant X Team Knight Rider and others. Team Knight RIder would of made it if they did another Season. At the end of the first season Michael Knight was coming in at the End. If they would of done one more season or even episode they would of gotten it going. Another good one was canceled back in like 95 or 96 or later not sure. Mortal Kombat Conquest. It was good and the ending was stupid. They canceled it with a good ending meaning how it ended but terrible meaning the time. If they would of done a few more episodes or another season it would of made it but they had to cancel it. If they are going to cancel something then cancel it after you explain the ending if it is not understandable. Otherwise don’t put the show on in ther first place. I am sick and tired of shows being canceled at the wrong time. I know this if they cancel Knight Rider the new series I will be angry and send them a nice letter a complaint letter. they cancelded to many good shows as is. If I were Rich I would of made my own sci fi show and shows these shows they cancel a few times.

    But, Don’t mind me. I am a die hard Sci Fi fan and all my favorite shows are being canceled.

    I don’t mean to be the bearer of complaints. I just am sick of this.

    and yes Dresden Files was a good series. so were so many others and they are all being canceled.

    So bad that as much as I like the new Knight Rider I am not going to get to thrilled about a second season until they do one.

  6. Al says

    You know, I think these Networks go on the basis of how many viewers that actually sit and watch these shows on their home TV’s.I know I don’t have the time to watch my favorite shows when they are on TV. I Tibo or download them to my PSP and watch them when I can..Too many good shows are being cancled for this reason.I knew of a lot of people that watched this show, however; No one watched it at the time it was on. Everyone either Tiboed it or watched it on a portable device and the networks don’t take this into account for their ratings..

  7. Anne-Marie says

    I cannot believe they have cancelled yet another series after just one season. This series was pretty good and I was really getting into it and looking forward to the next season. Obviously I am going to have to get used to being let down by ‘Those Who Think They Know Best!!’ All the programmes I seem to get into have been canned….Dresden Files, Blood Ties, Moonlight etc.
    They should ask the fans before making decisions

    Yours Disappointed…..again!!

  8. Paul says

    The problem is that we have corporate powers-that-be trying to dictate what is entertaining and what is not. Of course their method of determining that is how much profit can they get by spending the least amount of cash. The so-called “Reality-TV” craze is so big because they can get people who are not professional actors, pay them some ridiculously small amount of money and makes scads of money off it.

    SciFi killed shows like BSG & Farscape not because of ratings but because they couldn’t get total control of it. Corporate greed win out over entertainment quality, sad to say that’s the world we live in.

  9. Errol Horne says

    Listen up everyone I am a die hard SCI FI and flexible in new series coming out. This version of Flash Gordon was great and I liked that it was different. It’s Characters acted their parts well I loved every episode and the story line flowed brilliantly. The Producers of many SCI FI shows need to wake and stop cancelling shows like this if they have. Give it a chance and at least finish this story ya drongoes. To the cast good on ya mates hope to see you back in a second season.

    Cheers Errol

  10. Buffy says

    The show sucked from start to end…. bad vibes, bad acting, bad plots, etc.
    The show was not ‘futuristic’… it was like Flash Gorden goes to the Middle Ages.
    Low budget drivel.

  11. Adam says

    I hated the show at first, i watched some of the early re-runs on ION and I still think the early episodes were bad. If they would have called it something else besides Flash Gordon and placed it in a different Universe with different names it might have fared a little better. That said I really liked the second half of the season.

  12. nanyamka says

    The show fail for one reason and one reason only sci-fi channel kept changing the time. How a fan suppose to watch a show they can’t find????????????

  13. Resolute says

    The reason this show failed as miserably as it did was it did not meet the basic premise of the concept of Flash Gordon. – Trapped on a distant planet, trying to find a way home and survive. –

    They were wishy washy with it. “Let’s let them travel back and forth at will.” “Let’s not make Ming bald. Let’s water him down and make him just another boring white guy.” “We’ll make Flash incredibly incompetent and have him saved by others most of the time.”

    Yeah, they didn’t let him be the hero. That and all those other things were just bland. The artistic vision wasn’t there. The ideas that make a great show were totally overlooked.

    Don’t get me wrong – some of the episodes were entertaining, but they lacked for the most part a respectable “ooomph”, that the writers of other shows like “Chuck” “Lost” and (dare I mention the shows SciFi cancelled to put Flash on the air) “Stargate SG-1″ had. Battlestar Galactica is another example of a show that doesn’t hold back.

    And ultimately, that’s what doomed “Flash Gordon” to the cancellation station. It held back.

  14. Tom says

    Ok, I guess I won’t be watching the SCI-FI channel anymore. I watched all three shows that were mentioned in this article. Some of us people like to watch shows that aren’t on normal stations and are different than everything else that is out there now. Why don’t all of the stations just start putting reality shows on 24/7 and not worry about scripted shows that some of us actually watch!

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