CBS Dumps Encores of Ghost Whisperer, Accidentally on Purpose, and The New Adventures of Old Christine

The New Adventures of Old ChristineLast week, CBS surprised many when they cancelled some of their long-running shows like The New Adventures of Old Christine and Ghost Whisperer. The network also axed freshman sitcom Accidentally on Purpose.

Though these TV shows won’t be returning next season with new episodes, some viewers were likely planning to enjoy their reruns over the summer. Not anymore.

CBS has now purged the three cancelled series from their schedule. On Wednesdays, repeats of How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement will fill the 8-9pm timeslot until Big Brother takes over on July 14th.

After tonight, the network plans to move Medium into the 8pm timeslot on Friday nights and run crime dramas at 9pm. Medium will hold the earlier timeslot in the fall. The final encore of Ghost Whisperer on CBS will air this evening as previously scheduled.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Frances says

    BUMMER. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Here character is hilarious and it’s too bad that it won’t be back. What’s wrong with a sitcom that has nothing to do with cops/lawyers or doctors?

  2. says

    i hate abc …. im not going to see this channel anymore and my friends their not going to see this channel … always they do the same thing with the beautifull shows abc is sucks

  3. Joy Snodgrass says

    There are quite enough cop shows and reality tv still out there. If CBS keeps running away from the great shows, there will no longer remain a reason to watch them. I don’t know where they get their ratings numbers from, as no one asked me what I was watching! Bring back Ghost Whisperer and Numbers!!

  4. Kaitlin says

    ******* CBS! they can’t just cancel the show!! i loved ghost whisperers!!!
    CBS suckks! they should at least let the show have a season finale before cancelling it! like what the ****!?

  5. JD says

    I cannot believe it. Just another way for evil to win out again. Any program with social redeeming values goes and lets put violence etc. on the air. I love how they give crime a boost, and anything decent goes bye bye. Not only that but all the copy cat kids that try to relive these crimes REALLY…..That is a bummer too bad that the world of television has come to this. Oh well just another major disappointment

  6. Steffani says

    It is awful that they cancelled Ghost Whisper. My daughter and I enjoyed watching that show every Friday. I wish they would have a season finale before CBS just cancels the show. That is a bummer.

  7. Bethan says

    OMG I can’t believe they took off Ghost Whisperer, that was the one thing I looked forward to TV wise at the end of the week, I have just found this show and now they are taking it off the air; I want to know why they have cancelled such a good show. Also does anyone know if this website is real or not because I don’t want to give money only to then find out it was a scam?

  8. Maggie says

    I cannot believe they canceled Ghost Whisperer with unanswered questions. I have been watching this show from day one and was one of my favorites. I hope another network picks up the show. CBS is letting me down every season as they keep canceling the good shows. I only what two shows on that network now but if they keep canceling shows I guess I will be watching other stations. That is what happened with NBC, they only have one show I like. Someone please bring Ghost Whisperer back!!!!!

  9. Stephanie says

    I cannot believe CBS canceling Ghost Whisper . What are you thinking? That was a great show. Now what kind of crazy stuff will take it’s place? I guess my family and I will watch NBC from now on. My suggestion would be keep Ghost Whisper or lose a lot of viewers. When you have great shows like this why mess it up?

  10. says

    Omg this is truely a frustrating time when an adult can’t keep any good shows on to watch. Only teenybopper shows seem to survive . One stinking show I look forward to seeing is plucked out. Sorry I like Medium, but not as nearly as entertaining as Ghost Whisper. Ratings will drop thats for sure. PLLEEAASSEE some other net work pick up Ghost Whisper.

  11. Amanda says

    man cbs really sucks for canceling ghost whisper and accidentally on purpose…
    it really makes me not want to watch cbs anymore cuz if i find a new show to watch they will probably just cancel that one.
    cbs needs to get some brains and stop pissing off there fans .

  12. John says

    They cancel all the good shows, numbers, ghost whisperer, cold case and then they wonder why people start watching cable stations like tnt, usa. I for one only see myself watching watching their station 2 days a week now, one show is ncis and the other is criminal minds. I no longer care for csi las vegas since grissom isn’t on there, don’t care much for the other 2 csi’s. Nbc also got rid of some good shows but I only see 1 on there that I will watch which is law and order svu. Keep up the good wokrk of canceling good shows and when your nymbers just through the toilet….don’t complain and wonder why!

  13. Kyna says

    I am not happy at all about the cancellation of Ghost Whisperer! I was wondering if there is something the viewers and fans can do to get maybe a final season to air (same cast and everything) to at least get un-answered questions… well answered. I feel that CBS was a bit strange, rude? (several other words for it, dont worry they are PG) for just plucking Ghost Whisperer out of there without a real ending. The viewers deserve a real ending to an amazing series. Does anyone know the real reason for taking it off the air? Because I am sure there were enough viewers!

    I really hope there is something we can do to at least get some of the questions answered from the series. You know shinies, shadows and destinies have to be finally fully explained! Please I would at least like a real ending! Who agrees with me?

  14. caligirl323 says

    omg !!! Ghost whisperer was the best show ever and cbs decides to cancel it..? I mean wtf were they thinkin.? It was the only best drama show that they had besides all those stupid cop shows ughh!! What a waste!!

    • MiMi says

      I agree… sucks!!!! watching ghost whisperer was apart of my friday night routine, they always cancel the good shows!!!!!!

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