Losing It with Jillian: NBC Reality Series; Cancel or Keep It?

Losing It with JillianHaving found great success with The Biggest Loser, NBC has been running another weight-loss show, Losing It with Jillian. Will this new show stick around as long as the old?

Losing It with Jillian is a reality show that stars Jillian Michaels, a personal trainer who’s appeared on The Biggest Loser. Each week, Michaels visits a new family and attempts to get them on the road to healthy eating and fitness.

The NBC series debuted on June 1st to a 2.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.44 million viewers. While not great, those are decent numbers for a reality show debuting near the start of summer.

Unfortunately, many of those viewers didn’t return week after week. For episode two, the ratings dropped to a 2.1 in the demo and 5.7 million. By episode four, viewership dropped to a 1.2 rating and 3.72 million viewers. Last week’s was about the same and there are only two installments left.

Though reality shows are cheaper to produce than scripted fare, NBC has no reason to bring Losing It with Jillian back for a second season. The ratings aren’t good and they run the risk of weakening their Biggest Loser show by overexposing Michaels.

But, what do you think? Is Losing It with Jillian worth watching or should it be cancelled already? Is it better than Biggest Loser?

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  1. mrs. grantham says

    BRING HER BACK!!!!!!!! I also can’t imagine why ratings were low. I was completely addicted!! I couldn’t believe after a few episodes, it was gone….. BRING HER BACK!!!!

  2. Manique says

    Oh please do keep it. She gives so much hope and encouragement to all those who think they can’t do anything about their weight. I absolutely love her and I like that she grills people into getting fit. That is what a lot of us need – a shove up our behinds to do what’s right instead of being a lazy couch-potato.

  3. helen says

    I was waiting to hear about a second season, i cant believe its cancelled!!
    I love the show, even more than BL, please please bring it back!!

  4. kristen says

    KEEP LOSING IT! This show was great, I like it WAY better than Biggest Loser. Jillian is so inspiring, and to see her making a difference with an entire family, in a real community, in their hometown makes the show seem real and the families’ accomplishments possible! Jillian is changing the world, and with a little more exposure I’m sure the rating would go up – especially since Biggest Loser is having its last season! Should NBC keep Losing It? It shouldn’t even be a question – OF COURSE Losing It should run a second season!

  5. Shanti says

    I loved watching Losing It! I am training to be a personal trainer and seeing Jillian inspires me and confirms this is the field I want to be in. My 7 year old son loved watching the show too! I hope you are able to continue this show and inspiring America to get into shape and enjoy life! Thank you, Shanti

  6. says

    I was all stoked to start Losing it with Jillian this January. Please bring it back. I love her without all of the games. Please bring her back. I watch online but I still see all of the commercials and buy stuff.

  7. Tammy says

    I watched the show mainly on NBC.com because I was at work when it came on tv. I absolutely loved the show and when I finally got my husband to watch it with me he saw the 3rd and 4th episode and he even began to like it and get motivated to workout again. I’ve been searching to see when it was going to come back on and I found this. I can’t believe it was cancelled!! I think you should bring it back, I think the ratings would go up especially with Christmas coming up. Soon everyone will be in the weight loss mood again!!!!

  8. Shira says

    I also watched the show on hulu or nbc.com. I don’t watch it on TV. I think the show is very motivating. I’m on a weight loss journey myself, and I find it very inspiring to have more shows like this.

  9. Evie says

    I loved the show! I was very disappointed it quit. Every show she changed lives!! I think it’s worth it even if no one watches it.

  10. Philip Jamieson says

    I can,t believe you would not bring her back,she is amazing,I just love her,and I think the reason the ratings are down is there s not many people willing to submit themselves to this kind of lifestyle,but for those who s lives it is changing is worth keeping it on the air and I believe that in time the ratings will go up,obesity is such a big problem in this world today with all the fast food establishments and unhealthy eating,we should encourage anything that comes against that,and Jillian is just the solution,she truly cares and it brings me so much joy to see the awsome changes she brings to these peoples lives,be wise and keep Jillian on the air,I look so forward to seeing it from week to week.

  11. juddwoman says

    PLEASE KEEP IT!!!!!!! Not sure how the ratings are figured but I watch it on Hulu not on tv when its aired. THIS IS THE MOST MOTIVATING SHOW EVERRRRR! I had just got 4 other families hooked on the show around episode 4 and then it went off the air!!! We were ALL sooooo upset!!! I have learned so much and have lost 30lbs since the beginning of that show and I am starting to gain back cuz I don’t have Jillian every week to keep me motivated!!!! She better be back for another season and a LONGER one this time!!!

    • Philip Jamieson says

      I just can t believe the ratings are not higher than that,I am a 47 year old male who works out on a regular basis and I just love Jillian,she is so dedicated to what she does and she really cares for the people she is helping.I just love seeing the life changing results she brings to these famillies and there are so many people that need this kind of motivation and I truly believe that if you gave it a chance the ratings would get better.Obessity is an ongoing problem and they need Jillian,I m begging you keep LOSING IT WITH JILLIAN MICHAELS on the air,pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

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