The Assets: ABC Pulls Mini-Series After Two Episodes

The Assets canceledTo no surprise, ABC has pulled its very low-rated mini-series The Assets from the Thursday lineup.

For the next three weeks, the 10pm timeslot will be filled by Shark Tank reruns. It’s unclear what will fill the timeslot after that. Scandal is expected to return on February 27th.

It’s unclear what will become of the remaining six episodes of The Assets.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the series? Would you like to see the leftover episodes released online, on DVD as part of a full series set, or aired on Saturday nights?

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  1. Dave Smith says

    Yes, of course it makes sense to cancel an entertaining show like The Assets to make room for more “reality” dreck like The Taste and Bachelor. “Unscripted” television is always so much more interesting than drama based on real events and real people.


  2. Aurora Fernandez says

    Just 2 episodes and gone, replaced by Shark Tank? HOW STUPID CAN THEY GET. Did not even give viewers a chance to find the show and get into it. Who made that DUHcision!!! Show all 8 episodes. Won’t be watching stupid Shark Tank!!!!

  3. G. A. says

    A show that might contain an amount of GOOD writing and acting, and ABC pulls it. Yeah,I do hope that the network will move it to Saturday.or even Sunday. I watched it and thought good show for the DVR and a weekend of watching. I did the same thing with Hostages, Zero Hour, Do no Harm and Mondays Mornings, because I was not sure if I would like the shows. Boy, was I wrong. Maybe one of the “sub” networks will pick this show up and give it a chance. Some of the best TV is on AMC, TNT, TBS and some others.Reality shows have ruined modern day TV. The networks do not have to bust butt to make these shows last, and we know why. I will admit that I have watched a reality show (American Idol 2 thru 10), but no longer do. I know that not every household has a DVR, and before I did I used my VHS, and still do from time to time.

  4. Andrea K. says

    I just started watching this series & really liked it! I had just set my DVR to record all future episodes, when I read online it is cancelled! I don’t understand how this is even possible so soon. I certainly didn’t see any advertisement for the mini series leading up to the 1st airing. It seems this series wasn’t given a fair shake!

  5. says

    A stupid decision indeed. Here was a story about the unraveling of the No. 1 traitor in US history, who was responsible for killing I don’t know how many of our agents in Russia, for a woman and money. I imagine the writing didn’t help, because there was no introduction at the beginning to explain the story line. Something simple, such as NBC uses on its Law and Order series. “In America, one CIA traitor was responsible for the greatest acts of treachery in our history. Here is the story of those agents who uncovered him. ”

  6. Mike says

    I can see why the show was cancelled. No matter the fact that it was a miniseries, the ratings were horrible. I think the main reason for its cancellation was publicity. ABC never really had hope for the show in the first place and therefore didn’t really advertise it that much. It was just supposed to be a fill-up to place during the hiatus of its #1 drama Scandal.

  7. Donna says

    I knew this was going to happen and good thing I saw this because I have the second episode on my DVR. Going to delete it and never again will I watch any new tv shows on ABC. They constantly do this and never give a chance for the show to succeed. I wish Shark Tank would be cancelled and I hate that show. Those rich ******** treats some of those people trying to get ahead like dirt.

  8. Chris Morocco says

    I am surprised it was pulled since it was only going to be on for 8 episodes. I hope they air the remaining 6 episodes at some later date just as ABC did when they cancelled Zero Hour last season.

  9. Georgia says

    This is VERY upsetting news! We loved this show. And it was an excellent sereis! I told so many people to watch. And they were glad they did…and now ABC chose not to air the entire series…just nuts! This program was all about an event that happened — interesting part of our history…the cold war. Well, we won’t be watching the reuns of Shark Tank that’s for sure. Can’t understand the reasoning of TV executives these days.

  10. Duane says

    How asinine! Saturdays next? How can you pull a show after 2 epys and put a rerun in it’s place-dumb. It just started to get intiguing.

  11. AD says

    WOW, that was fast! It was only going to be 8 episodes. Maybe should have tried it over the summer. People love Scandal in that time slot; anything else is just killing time.

  12. Pissed off Fan says

    Just tried to write a long comment that degraded professional critics which helped shut down this show and others, but somehow the page just magically refreshed when I was about to submit which wiped out over 600 words. In a nutshell regardless of the viewer amount which actually likes/loves these shows where critics (professionally paid I might add) can ruin a show with an individual comment and mostly one telling another to dislike/hate for unjust reasons even if the show/movie was liked. this is another case where the viewers ABSOLUTELY WANT MORE and somehow the 2nd episode just airs and they are cancelling the MINISERIES even though it has a total of 8 episodes. Well at least according to the statement of 7 more weeks of the show after the conclusion of the first episode, according to the statement made after it ended. Just seriously another example of manipulation of a simple negative remark for no reason but dislike having nothing to do with the show itself, but due to having a problem with either someone on the cast or production/show crew but having some kind of pull or some type of leverage to blackmail the powers that are able to SHUT DOWN A FREAKING MINISERIES. That is F’ing pathetic as it gets. You would think the consumers of Cable TV, the VIEWERS would actually be the ones who would be the “deciders” or blackmailers who the show is at the mercy of. The age of professional critics is critically DEAD. With the invention of the interwebs and social media which started with message boards evolving into blogs, then social media sites like **Drum Roll** BOOM BAM — MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, ETFingC, there is NO need for crybaby nitpicking so-called critics. The average TV/Movie watching individual is more than capable of giving a critical review of what they have just watched and guess what? Their OPINION is displayed via SOCIAL MEDIA along with the millions of others who happen to give theirs on the multiple critical sites/blogs/feeds, etc. one standing out more than any of the others which is provided by the creator of the content itself which always welcomes criticism (following applies to TV) in which they use in order to shape/modify new episodes for the viewers’ satisfiaction, NOT critics who watch not excited about the show/movie but to give their professionally taught opinion of each category they were taught to evaluate to form their assessment. Not to actually watch the show/movie going in with a first impression of what they are watching looks good/promising. Going into a show/movie going down the evaluation list scoring each actor on their acting (passion/emotion of the character from script to screen), the director coaching his actors in each scene which the critic base on his/her idea of how they think each act/scene is supposed to go (again their F’ing opinion). And this goes ON and ON until the “never-end.” It always boils down to opinion unless the entire thing is a train-wreck in which the most incompetent of viewer can see. No need for critics to manipulate the weak minds of show/movie execs. More an more have critics relied on by the execs causing the cancellation or pre-air termination happen only to get picked up and aired by another network with the show having great success (remember Southland now cancelled but possible movie/Futurama). Critics opinions make or break good shows and most of the time they break them because of an element they dislike which has NOTHING to do with the actual show itself, but with a member of the cast or the management crew. It is always due to an axe wanting to be ground.

    Good Day sir, and screw those lamers who call themselves experts on all thing TV/Cinema. Earning a degree in a field doesn’t make you the authority on it. Receiving a passing grade in your field doesn’t make you an expert. Even scoring perfect can just mean you have a great memory, not great insight. being profound and actually understanding something you are passionate about far outweighs another wanting to be the best at something they don’t have genuine feeling for. Just because you have learned everything about something doesn’t mean you truly understand, let alone grasp what you think you you were taught. What if that professor who is revered for their knowledge on the subject you have so-called mastered sees it in their eyes which isn’t necessarily incorrect, but seen in their vision whereas a simple person who wasn’t afforded the extensive study and teaching from your genius teacher bonds to it without lecures that lead you to the beliefs of another which is usually their opinions and cannot be stated as real truth. Ponder that…

  13. John Steppling says

    It was the best show Ive seen in a while, so of course its cancelled. It required people know a bit of history, for one thing. But it wasnt marketed so why make it? And where can one see the other six episodes???

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