The Deep End: Is Tonight’s the Last Episode of the ABC TV Show?

Matt Long in The Deep EndTonight marks the “season finale” for ABC’s The Deep End. Will the TV show be back next season or will it be cancelled?

The Deep End revolves around five first-year associates who work at a top Los Angeles law firm. It features the talents of Matt Long, Ben Lawson, Tina Majorino, Norbert Leo Butz, Leah Pipes, Billy Zane, Sherri Saum, Clancy Brown, Mehcad Brooks, and Rachelle Lefevre.

The ABC series debuted on January 21st and got off to a very poor start. The first episode attracted just 7.07 million viewers and a terrible 1.8/5 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. For the timeslot, it was in third place in total viewers and fourth place in the demo.

Subsequent episodes have performed even worse. The five episodes that have aired so far have average 5.65 million viewers and a 1.6 rating. Last week’s installment hit a series low and attracted just 4.26 million viewers and a horrible 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demo.

TV show supportThough seven episodes of this series have been created, ABC only scheduled six of them. Based on the ratings, it’s highly unlikely that the network will ever get around to showing the last episode. It’s also not likely that ABC will consider renewing The Deep End for a second season. Hopefully tonight’s episode won’t leave viewers with any cliffhangers or too many unresolved storylines.

What do you think? Why aren’t more people watching The Deep End? Is there just too much competition on Thursday nights or is it just not a very good show?

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  1. Stan says

    What more needs to be said. Everyone has stated the obvious. The show is original if not different from all the other legal shows out there. I love it. It’s funny yes with a serious mix. …………Typical netowrks , start a new show in horrible time slot and expect it to do well. They are probably makin room for another (NOT WHAT WE NEED) reality show. Way to go ABC……………….

  2. donna says

    I enjoyed the deep end hope it returns, it may just need a different time slot. Hey try Saturday night nothing worthwhile there since the District went off the air

  3. Anonymous says

    I agree. Bring this show back. Change the time and day. Give it a chance. I too am a law student and I know that the majority of my law school makes time for this one show through out the week. Beats anything else on TV right now.

  4. law student says

    I love this show! I know it’s probably not very realistic but I like how it mixes comedy with a little bit of drama. I’m a law student and the show provides my weekly mindless hour while still keeping my head on the legal practice.

  5. lana says


  6. lexi says

    abc is the worst. they always cancel the good shows and keep the crappy ones. THE DEEP END was a very good show. so bring it back….

  7. Victoria says

    My husband and I love this show. It’s one of the first shows that we can watch together and both love! It became our weekly show. I’m not sure why it’s not doing well but we are 28 and 30 and young professionals who absolutely love this show! ABC needs to give it a chance–how can you judge with so few episodes? Get the word out more–maybe it’s ABC’s fault for people not knowing about it!

  8. Shiffie says

    OMGGGGGG!!!!! ABC will be absolutely stupid if they cancel this show. There are a lot of variances that may NOT be taken into effect, like the fact that more people may watch their favorite shows online (like me), or DVR them, tape them and so forth. And more so called 18-49ers are taking online classes or classes at night so they aren’t home on a Thursday to watch a great show at 8pm. What about Tues? Or Weds? I mean geez. If ABC canned Private Practice after the first season, they would’ve lost a LOT of my co-workers as well as myself as viewers for any other program because its premature. And where are the ratings coming from? I NEVER watched an episode of Lost, but it did great! My point is, networks aren’t doing well with reaching out to multiple genres and it’s a waste of advertisers money because the ones who would PROBABLY make the big purchases being advertised don’ have a reason to watch due to non-interest. I’m just saying give The Deep End another season. It may take a full season to catch on to the masses. Spring or Summer would be a great debut because other, established shows are showing re-runs. Just my two cents.

  9. Peggie Hall says

    Please don’t cancel this great series. Finally find a show that has some substance instead of these crezy realty shows and just plain junk with violence, and it looks like you won’t give it a chance. Forget the ratings and give it a chance. When I mention to friends to watch it, they don’t realize it’s there. How about some good publicity and bring it back.

  10. Joey says

    I get so sick of Networks not giving shows a chance. Fox is notorious for prematurely cancelling shows and its looking like ABC is about to follow in their footsteps. The show is funny, fresh, unique, and a great change from the boring, mundane courtroom dramas flooding primetime. I have seen little promotion of the show, and I personally believe debuting a new series on a different schedule (later start date) than the rest of your shows is killing the series before it even begins. Bottomline, with more promotion and after the Olympics are over, i think The Deep End could have pulled through.

  11. Kelena says

    My word, Their is something deep on this show??? my word in the first half hour we have the newbies already jumping in the Sack…Might as well be a soap!!! This is no LA law or anything of any caliber to reflect the true legal profession… This is a pure fantasy of the legal beagle life… JOKE !!! But a shame because I like Billy Zane and the show seems to have a caliber cast…To bad it has these trite infantile, T&A plot lines are being used…The writing is thin to say the least, and the characters seem like cardboard cutouts , Stiff and non-bending, Not predictable??? Are you serious??? This is the decorum you want from Jr. associates, free willy sexual antics at the office on the first day?? Come on why don’t they get to know each other’s names first…This is still targeted to the 18-49??? I fall in this category but don’t think this show is much better than the reality cheap shows or cheap teen prime time soaps. Better writing, harder edge is what I hoped for instead Caricatures of real Lawyers. after two episodes, couldn’t take any more pain.
    Can’t network do any good shows or creative shows is it all about remakes, and played out themes…what happened to creative Hollywood…???? Instead of Corporate Hollywood that only cares about profit…so let’s put out this Cheap to make game shows and reality TV…what an insult to what’s left of true creative TV in America…

  12. Marcus says

    This show is incredible. Instead of focusing on the successful lawyer and their drawn out issues, this show sheds light on the young, driven employee that is fighting to be successful. NBC is very fortunate to have such incredible shows on thursdays, which serves as incredible competition, but the cast and story for The Deep End is definitely high quality. It would probably help if they put a couple high profiled cameos in an episode or two, but other than that, the show is definitely a hit with me and anyone else who watches it.

  13. Cindy says

    It would really be a shame if this series gets cancelled – finally a fresh new legal series without the boring, overdone story lines and unrelatable, irritating characters. There are too many teen shows, too many reality shows, too many shows that a lot of us in the 18-49 demographics are just not in the market for or so tired of seeing. Someone finally gets it right, and now it’s on the chopping block? The time slot was horrendous for a new show – or most shows for that fact – and it hasn’t even been given a fighting chance. I really would like to know where the statistics come from because they never seem to represent sensible, intelligent Americans who are looking for something with some real substance and heart, and I really believe The Deep End has both.

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