Cold Case: Sunday Experiment Significantly Boosts Ratings, Is It Enough?

Cold CaseAs solid as most of CBS’ schedule looks, the network has been having trouble with their Sunday night schedule.

Both Three Rivers and Cold Case have been under-performing and are expected to be cancelled. Three Rivers hasn’t been given a full season order and it looks like it will end after 13 episodes in January. Cold Case has a full season order of 22 episodes but it’s not likely to be renewed for an eighth season next May.

CBS decided to try an experiment this week and switched the shows’ timeslots. The result? Well, Three Rivers didn’t benefit by the experiment but Cold Case did.

Sunday night, Three Rivers brought in just a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.888 million viewers. That’s down from last week and essentially par for the course.

One hour earlier however, Cold Case drew a 2.1 rating and 9.547 million total viewers. That’s an increase of 23% in the demo from one week earlier. It’s also the second-highest rating of the season in the demo and in total viewers.

Unfortunately for Cold Case fans, the numbers are still low and unlikely to change the show’s cancellation fate. On the positive side, it’s expected that CBS will air all of this season’s episodes.

What do you think? Does the increase in Cold Case’s numbers give you some hope for an eighth season or are you okay with it being cancelled?

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  1. says

    You keep messing with Cold Case’s time slot and wonder why it loses viewers. Put Amazing Race on at 10 and see how it does. At 10 Cold Case is on 2 hours later than it originally started. Does anyone ever think about that? Then there’s football. You think you’re going to get to see it, but it gets left off altogether by being on at 10. How do you think that affects the ratings. Everyone still got to see the (ridiculous) Amazing Race. In order to accommodate both Cold Case and Three Rivers on my DVR, I had to DVR the news and the program after it. Lots of people don’t have DVR. Do you think they’re going to stay up half the night to watch their shows? Or, they can’t watch them if they aren’t shown because football went too far over. It’s not really fair to decide a show’s fate given the screwed up football Sunday schedule. Also, it seems cancellations aren’t really based on ratings. Moonlight was the best new show, had great ratings, and got cancelled anyway. How do shows like Amazing Race stay on the air?

  2. Nikki says

    I think it should have a stayed at 9 since the beginning. I’m hoping there is going to be an 8th season. Cold Case is the best show there is on TV. 9 millions not so bad. I guarantee like last year, the ratings will go up after football season plus 9 millions not bad at all. They’re trying to entertain people, and they’re entertaing a lot of people , but I guess CBS doesn’t look at it that way? The writers are doing a great job, and I hope the show can embrace more people soon.

  3. Lisa says

    Love this show and hope that it doesn’t get canceled. But if it does I really hope it gets released on DVD so I can at least still watch old episodes from time to time. Glad it got changed back to 9pm.

  4. Gary Mercatante says

    Cold Case is one of the best programs on TV! It is the one show, besides C.S.I. that I really look forward to watching. The other comments are right: the LAST thing we need is another stupid “reality” show.

  5. MARGIE says


  6. Anthony says

    they think that a show should pull in a 5 or higher in the ratings which gives them somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 million people or so watching it. Unfortunately as is the case for three rivers by having them both on Sunday night they are fighting unwinnable fights. They come on late because of the football games. they dont have a chance beating ABC and the show they play, and so on down the line.

    Cold Case is a good show, and hope it is able to last, but I do remember last year. It was down to the facts that CBS wasnt sure about bringing it back because of how much money it costs to make the show.

    Hope they keep it around cause its starting to suck that they are changing crap around. I just see them bringing another Reality show to CBS andthat would suck.

  7. Jas says

    I absolutely love Cold Case, and would be very disappointed if it was canceled. Sometimes I get frustrated because it doesn’t always come on at exactly at 10p.m. because an earlier football game ran over. Many times I have tuned in and it was like half hour behind. I hope it won’t be canceled. Also, I do think the 9pm time slot was better…many of us who have to get up early for work struggle to stay up until 10-11 to watch the whole show through, if at all. I don’t understand how NBC can think that over 9 million viewers is not good enough.

  8. Elaine says

    Well if I remember correctly, it started about one half hour late and I just hung in there. I want to help save cold case and if this is what I have to do, I will. Please consider putting it on another night so the program will not be delayed. Both my husband and I look forward to this show, each week.

  9. Mary Ann says

    I hope CBS will renew the show. Over 9 million viewers is quite respectable. The show is unique–the flashbacks and showing how the characters have aged; the music that matches the era–it rocks! I only discovered CC and started watching it a couple of years ago, but now it’s my favorite show–I’m addicted! I’m trying to catch up w/ earlier seasons on reruns. Where can you get the DVD’s? I thought there were copyright issues holding up releasing CC on DVD b/c of the music.

  10. Daiquiri says

    Over 9 million viewers are not at all bad! There are other networks airing shows way below half of that. It’s a great show! I never watched it before but i got them on dvd’s from season 1 and now im catching up with it!
    It’s way better a show then the other (different channel / same producer) show that premiered fall 09..

  11. Icy says

    I think from the beginning of this season CBS should have just left CC at 9pm from the start. This problem wouldn’t have happen, anyhow CC should be renewed for one more season, the show still has so many fans around the world. Cancelling it wouldn’t be fair to a show that a lot of people still very much enjoy.

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