George Lopez: ABC Sitcom Star Feels Dumped

George Lopez canceledABC officially cancelled the George Lopez sitcom today after six seasons. Rumors had been flying for some time — either that the series would be certainly cancelled or definitely renewed. How does series star Lopez feel about the cancellation?

He reportedly received a call over the weekend from ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson who told him the news — that another season of George Lopez wouldn’t work out financially because the network would lose money.

Admittedly, the series has been down in the ratings but this has been due, at least in part, to ABC’s actions. The network has switched the series’ timeslot several times over the years and has put it opposite ratings powerhouse American Idol many times this season. Though many viewers have complained that the series had run its course, George Lopez has proven to be a reliable quick fix when the network had a schedule hole to fill. The sitcom consistently out-performed other sitcoms in similar timeslots — including Notes from the Underbelly, which incidentally has been renewed for next year.

Lopez believes the cancellation is due in part to the fact that Warner Bros. Television produces his series rather than ABC Television Studios. Some of ABC’s new series, like the one based on the Geiko cavemen commercials, are produced in-house.

With colorful language, Lopez told the LA Times of his frustration, “I get kicked out for a…caveman and shows that I out-performed because I’m not owned by [ABC Television Studios]…So a…Chicano can’t be on TV but a…caveman can? And a Chicano with an audience already? You know when you get in this [TV series business] that shows do not last forever, but this was an important show and to go unceremoniously like this hurts. One hundred seventy people lost their jobs.”

It’s also unfortunate that, because the season-ending episode (now series finale) was taped and aired before the news, neither the cast and crew nor the audience will have a chance to say goodbye. It’s a personal thing to Lopez who said, “They dealt with us from the bottom of the deck, which is hard to take after what was a good run.” TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tommy says

    There is nothing like coming home from a hard days work and turning on the George Lopez Show. The show made me laugh and just for get about my hard days work. Its terriable to see the sho go go when it can make you feel good at the end of the day.

  2. Julie Avitia says

    “Our” lifestyle?!

    Let’s see, my Mother was Mexicana, not Cuban, I knew who my dad was, AND my Mother was not a loose woman like the one in the show.

    Please, it was a comedy and in no way reflected the chicano, mexicana, latino….or whatever the new word is for Mexicans…lifestyle. “Not Special Like US?”

    George did nothing to show “Our” lifestyle.

  3. Shantally Diaz says

    I dont know why they would do that. And Let me say “Julie Avitia” needs to shut up. Yea i kno kids are in the streets. But if u ever seen the show. George Lopez tells about a mexican life. but in a funny way. Now im half mexican my self. and some mexicans have a very hard life to put food on the table for their family. You wont understand because you are to busy being rude. George Lopez made me understand a Mexicans life in a very different way and to respect them. as they are one of us. Now imma very,very miss George lopez. Im his biggest fan. And George, dont ever let anybody bring u down. ABC lost the best show ever. And they should be ashmed of themselves. Keep your head up high. Oh by the way. Love your comedy. its very funny:D

  4. christina says

    George lopez you are the best!!!! dont listen to all the haters their just jealous bcuz their white and their life isn’t special like ours… lost a great show…they suck!!! just keep doing what your doing and dont let anyone bring you down!!!!! i love you george

  5. Poopy says

    Shut The F**k Up lady u dont no s**t…How about u stop complaning and leave George Lopez alone cuz u dont no s**t…George Lopez is the s**t and his show will be missed

  6. Julie Avitia says

    It’s a television show. “I am devastated”, “I am so sad,” “I am heartbroken”, “please put it back on for my mother.”

    How sad, our country is at war, kids are dying on the streets every second of every day, babies are being thrown away and all you care about is a television show?

    How sad, why don’t you stop worrying about being chicano, hispanic, mexican, black, white….try concentrating on being a human being.

    “My television show has been cancelled….boo hoo….”

  7. Chris B. says

    I can’t believe that ABC would just cancel George Lopez, What were they thinking? The best comedian on tv today! This show was certainly better than Cavemen and Car poolers. The grade ABC deserves is a big fat F!!No more ABC for me or my family!…George hang tough!

  8. Anthony B says

    Thats what happens when shows are produced in white american channels like abc, or CBS if they where in a channel that is more up todate like fox then these shows would not be cancelled.

  9. Armando A. Garc says

    I only watched the first season of the show. While it was funny, I stopped watching it because to me, it wasn’t hilarious enough and representative of my Mexican culture and community. A middle-class family living in a gran suburban home with all the luxuries of live? I’m sorry, but I grew up in the ghetto or “barrio,” living in apartments, having my single mother work multiple jobs to feed her two children. As a child, I recall watching the black sitcom series “Good Times.” It was great…the family was working-class, living in an urban apartment setting. May Esther Role rest in peace. While I do believe ABC maliciously canned the show, I’m glad the way things turned out for Mr. López. I recently saw his HBO comedy special, “America’s Mexican” and was completely disgusted. He spent the entire half of the show berating gays by literally calling them “putos” or faggots. As a homosexual, this is unacceptable. My immediate reaction was to change channels but opted to continue to see how far this jerk would go. Also calling whites “putos” for using their Bluetooth mobile devices, walking their dogs, etc. I don’t need to be white to be offended by this. Why doesn’t he attempt to make a black joke? Because he’s not brave enough to. Things happen for a reason, I thank God his show was cancelled. The best of luck to the other 169 folks. I came upon this site looking for ABC’s address to send Mr. López a complaint letter informing him of his incompetence, bigotry, and how he had lost me as a fan. Unfortunately, I can’t do that now but I’m glad to hear this news…it’s rewarding.

  10. Castillo says

    I felt proud to be a Chicano. It was such a good show and it was stupid for ABC to cancel it, and for what, a show about a caveman? ABC only had a load of crap before George Lopez. They didn’t even let him make a finale. They just used the last one he made.

  11. Joe Oborny says

    My wife and I where already for “The George Lopez Show” this fall then I had noticed that it was not scheduled I went online and was shocked to what I had found. Canceled and my wife and I had just been talking about how funny the last season was. And yes it does suck that cavemen are coming to the air that is so not right. George and Cast my family and I will forever miss the show and yes at lease ABC could have had a good-bye season. As did CBS for “The King of Queens” they had gone out in style and respect. ABC is low and unfair to their sitcoms at lease let them go out in style and pride. Espeacilly the long running shows. Shame on ABC!!!

  12. Nat says

    I loved watching George Lopez on
    TV to bad they are canceling it.
    I’m half white and half asian but I can still relate to pretty much everything that happens in this show. The made a huge mistake replacing this show with Cavemen. This show is also pretty educating. They really need to restart making it. If they do I’ll watch it and alot of other people will watch it to.

    Please tell me if they start making it again.

    Thanks for reading this:-)

    Good luck, Nat

  13. Mandy says

    George Lopez brought a lot back to the Latino’s and he makes us proud. I agree with him a cave man taking over his show is pretty sad. A lot he had done for this show I can relate to it. What can we do to help this show go on even though its a little late of it being cancell now.

    Thank you George!

    Your biggest fan


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