How I Met Your Mother: What Happened in the Last Episode?

how i met your mother last episodeThis evening, the curtain came down on How I Met Your Mother. The show was a moderate success in its early years but managed to escape cancellation and the audience grew and grew so that it actually became a hit for CBS. It’s surely much harder for the network to say goodbye tonight than it would have been eight years ago.

The last two episodes are called “Last Forever,” parts one and two. As you might expect, the episodes take us over the course of several years, via flashforwards, so that we can see what becomes of the friends and lovers.

After three years of marriage, Robin and Barney get divorced in Argentina. She’s constantly traveling the world on assignment for her job and, though they both still care for one another, it just isn’t working. They assure their friends that they will all still be together for the big life events but Robin ends up finding it too hard to bear — her ex is still hitting on younger women in front of her and Ted, the man she feels like she probably should have married, has found another love of his life. She sees her friends only occasionally for many years.

The divorce hasn’t changed Barney much. He’s still a very active ladies man. He tries to outdo his previous record by bedding a different woman each night for a month. He succeeds but the 31st woman becomes pregnant and has his child. He remains as cavalier as ever through the entire experience — until he holds his baby girl, Ellie, for the first time. He has found the love of his life and becomes a changed man.

Marshall and Lily are happily married and have (at least) three children. While Lily is pregnant with number three, they decide they have to move out of the apartment at last. Marshall returns to corporate law and hates it but hangs in there. He eventually becomes a judge in Queens and then decides to run for New York State Supreme Court.

Ted met his wife-to-be on the rainy train platform after Barney and Robin’s wedding. The two discovered some of the ways that their paths almost crossed. They discover they have the same initials (Tracy McConnell ) while standing underneath the yellow umbrella they’ve both owned at various times. It turns out that she was in one of the classes that Ted humorously accidentally started teaching at university. Ted doesn’t go to Chicago because of the new woman in his life and Lily can tell that this time, things will be different for him.

Tracy and Ted date for awhile and are very much in love. They eventually start planning an epic wedding but those plans get messed up when Tracy becomes pregnant with their first child. They have another child but don’t get married and remain incredibly happy “living in sin” together.

Sometime after Barney becomes a dad, Ted proposes to Tracy again, telling her that he wants to marry her on Thursday. She happily accepts again. Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Ted meet at MacLaren’s. Marshall announces his candidacy and Barney is dead tired because that’s what happens when you’re a new father. Robin shows up, even though she’d indicated that she wouldn’t. It turns out that Tracy convinced her to come anyway. The gang is together again and she takes a picture of the friends sitting together, echoing the one from the opening credits.

As the episode winds down, we see Ted finishing recounting the story of how he met his kids’ mother. We learn that Tracy had become sick and passed away six years ago.

Ted’s now-adult children realize that the story wasn’t really about how their dad met their mom — she was hardly in it after all. It was really his way of asking permission to date their “Aunt Robin.” They’ve seen how their dad lights up when she’s around and they enthusiastically encourage him to go for it.

Cut to Robin coming into her apartment after walking her many dogs. The apartment bell rings and the frontdoor camera doesn’t work so she looks out the window. She sees Ted standing below, looking up at her while holding the blue french horn (actually a mellophone) — just as he had in the pilot episode. It seems Ted and Robin were destined to be together after all — it just took a little while to get there. End of series.

What do you think? Did you like the ending? Were you satisfied how everything wrapped up?

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  1. zach says

    I thought that the endingof the show was kind of strange. Also I didn’t like it when Tracy died either I thought that was quite sad. The ending was a disappointment except for barney holding his girl ellie and when Marshall became a successful judge.

  2. Gail says

    I hated it. One of the worst finales ever. I hate that I wasted so many years watching this series. Only decent part was Barney seeing his baby girl. Robin and Ted wouldn’t make it together for the same reason Barney and robin didn’t. I didn’t even realize the mother was dead until the children started talking at the end!

  3. Jhonka says

    Worst ending ever. After all the crap that Robin put Ted through just to see him pining over her again was pathetic. To anyone saying Robin was too good for Barney: Ted is too good for Robin. Barney is a womanizer < Robin is an indecisive workaholic < Ted is a hopeless romantic. The only good thing to come out of the ending was Barney holding his daughter for the first time.

  4. Chris says

    My three children, now aged 19, 21, and 25, have seen all the previous episodes and loved the series.

    I can’t find the words I need to adequately describe how disappointed and downright angry the four of us were with the way they ended the show. It was the worst episode of the entire run, and an epic failure as far as a series finale. It’s now left a bad taste in my mouth for the series as a whole. Worst Episode Ever!

  5. Antonis says

    i think Tracy should have lived and the show should and like “And this is how i met your mother”

  6. Lazy town says

    Although it seems obvious now that kids would want to know about a mom no longer available to tell them her side of the story; still, the laziness exhibited by the writers of the show is nothing less than shocking. We could’ve had four or five good episodes showing Tracy’s development as a mom, the tragedy of her death, Ted’s dealing with her loss and instead we had an long set of drinking gags and missed opportunities for decent acting. The only decent scene in the entire last episode was Barney holding his baby; which was also the only time NPH wasn’t phoning in his performance. The rest of the cast also didn’t even seem as interested as you might’ve thought. In just five minutes to go from one extreme to the other and back to the first season, rendering any and all of Ted’s emotional growth of the last nine seasons a moot point. Shame on you all.

  7. Rick says

    After one of the worst tv Ending in history (especially when they had a whole year to plane it) I have such a bad taste in my mouth I have no desire to ever watch the show again. I am selling all my DVDS on ebay and I think they have just destroyed the value if their show in syndication.

  8. dancinhomer says

    Robin and Ted is a terribly toxic relationship. Ted gives too much of himself in a relationship, while Robin is very selfish (“I can’t marry a man who doesn’t find my locket that I buried in a park ten years ago!”). Ted is going to spend the rest of his life trying to make Robin happy and Robin will hold Ted responsible for her own happiness. This will end in disaster. Tracy was a much better choice for Ted, and I felt that killing her off so that Ted could be with Robin was terrible writing. It’s a shame that the only character who we saw grow at all in the future (in his own way) was Barney.

    All in all, the finale was disa…. wait for it… pointing.

  9. Skwow says

    I had to sleep on this one before I could fully articulate my feelings about the series finale of HIMYM. This was a sitcom that I’ve been following closely for it’s entire run. The whole attraction for me was the promise of the title, yet year after year we had to settle for the vaguest of clues. Was the mother going to be Stella? Victoria? Blah Blah? (No way!)

    After so many false hopes, I, for one, lost a lot of patience. The throwaway episodes were really beginning to piss me off too. But when we finally caught our first glimps of her at the end of season 8, It was like falling in love with the series all over again. Tracy was everything we had hoped for Ted. Smart, sweet, cute, a romantic and with the same quirks that made Theodore Evelyn Mosby feel like a part of all of us. When he was insistent on boarding that train, you just wanted to *****-slap him and say, Wake up man!!”

    Clearly, having the mother die was the plan all along, but I can’t help but feel screwed by this. So much time and so much hope for so many years. To finally have it all realized and then taken away was a cruel joke. Perhaps unintended in it’s cruelty, but it can be argued that this exhibited a realistic scenario. So isn’t the whole idea of a sitcom to escape the pain of real life? And what’s wrong with wanting to live happily ever after? Initially Ted got his well deserved fairy tale ending, but taken one step further, he lost his soul mate and fell back into his addiction with Robin. This was the tragedy of How I Met Your Mother.

  10. shug says

    Yes I liked the ending. Robin was always too good for Barney, such a womanizer.
    I’m glad Robin finally got with Ted, the rest is history.

  11. Rachel says

    You have a bit of a typo in there, it’s actually a blue french horn, not blue tuba. I’m torn about the ending, but it totally makes sense.

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