The Assets: Unaired Episodes to Run Sunday Afternoons

The Assets TV show on ABC canceledIf a show has been cancelled, the networks often resort to burning off the remaining episodes on Saturday nights. That’s what ABC did with The Assets? But, what happens if a show’s ratings are even too low for Saturday nights? Well, apparently you run it on Sunday afternoons.

The Futon Critic reports that ABC has decided to air the remaining four episodes of their cancelled series The Assets on Sunday afternoons — but you’ll have to wait awhile to see them.

Episodes five (“Check Mate”) and six (“Small Useless Truth”) will run on July 27th at 4pm and 5pm. Episodes seven (“The Straw Poll”) and eight (“Avenger”) will then air on August 3rd at 4pm and 5pm.

Hopefully, the network won’t change their plans before these actually air.

What do you think? Do you think the episodes will finally air or will ABC pull them again?

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  1. BurnWash says

    In all my years of watching TV, dramas, suspense, spy stories, and mini -series etc, this mini-series of the show call “The Assets” is by far and away the best show I have ever seen on a TV screen. I was hooked after the first episode and mad as hell when the 3rd episode was nowhere to be found. I Googled the show and found out it had been cancelled. HOW COULD THEY I wondered? These first 2 episodes were fantastic and I couldn’t wait for more of this. First of all it was a true story and full account of all the facts surrounding it. That acting, direction, and filming was superb. I am so grateful that ABC was finally smart enough to air the remaining episodes. What a great show that was. I certainly hope somebody does something like this again. And if somebody does DON’T CANCELLE IT! Pleas stop catering to the brain dead morons that watch these “so called” reality shows. I never watch that crap. However, I certainly love a real good story and especially if it’s a true one. One in which I can relate to. The Assets was a totally fantastic program. Now make another one, Please!

  2. Ray says

    Time for an Emmy nomination! We just finished watching the mini-series. As you all know this has been a marathon, not a sprint. After getting hooked by the first two (of eight) episodes in January, 2014, ABC finally aired the final two episodes (#7 & #8) this past Sunday, August 3rd. Even with all of this discontinuity, we couldn’t wait to see more. Just image how great this would have been to see a properly marketed version of the show aired weekly over an eight week period. Then it would have been like getting hooked on “Roots” back in the 1970’s. Fortunately, there’s still time to check out all eight episodes on the ABC iPad app. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to binge watch a great spy story. But, you better hurry. The same people who probably forced the canceling after the first two episodes (i.e., the CIA) may not want many more people to see how they bungled the discovery of the mole (Aldrich Ames) in their midst back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Fortunately, a few good women CIA agents persisted in their personal mission and passion to find the traitor within the midst of the Agency. These same woman have a book describing their investigation, Circle of Treason. You had better hurry over to Amazon quickly, those may quicky be “sold out” too so fewer people can learn about this. Will we ever get to see the Edward Snowden movie/mini-series…?

  3. Hello says

    I enjoyed the show but think it should have been labeled a mini-series from the beginning and not try to drag it out over many seasons.

    • says

      It basically was labeled a mini series. It was an 8 episode series documenting the true account of the first CIA mole hunt in American history. There was never supposed to be a 2nd season, at least not to this story. But maybe your right, had it been called a mini-series during the advertising of the show, it may have sparked more interest. With that being said though, most young people today only care about stupid reality shows and grown up cartoons. They wouldn’t know good TV if it jumped up and hit them i the face.

  4. Paul says

    I stumbled upon the traitor ames episode on Sunday afternoon and was completely riveted! This is the best programming I’ve seen in ages. I’m baffled as to why this series has already been cancelled. This was real stuff! The actors were great too!

    • Alan says

      Although there were major delays in broadcasting all but two episodes of “The Assets” because those who watched it were too few to support advertisers on a free broadcast network, ABC did finally broadcast the final four episodes on the last two Sunday afternoons. But this was a mini-series, not a regular “series” or a “show” that was “cancelled” instead of being “renewed” for a second “season.” Instead, it was intended to portray the true story of the search for the CIA mole who was eventually found to be Aldrich Ames. It was based on the book Circle of Treason by CIA staff members Sandy Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille, both of whom were main characters in the mini-series. Maybe some people think it was just a “show” because the events depicted occurred between 1985 and 1994, spanning the last days of the former Soviet Union and the first days of the successor Russian regime. Perhaps there are viewers who have enjoyed watching “The Assets” who weren’t even born or who were too young or uninformed to have been paying attention in 1994, when these events were reported. Such viewers may want to inform themselves now by reading Circle of Treason. The story has ended. Ames received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. There are no other events waiting to be depicted in a “cancelled” second season.

  5. etag says

    Look this is a disappointingly average show in a genre I really Luke. Not too surprised it’s been pulled. Having said that ….. it’s better than a great deal of the other utter rubbish on TV.

  6. Not anonymous go ahead and track me says

    I love spy movies! Especially ones with real situations showing it was no prefect business but one of extreme danger and to be successful a bit of luck. This is very well done. Reminds me of classics like Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. There are plenty of people who will enjoy this and it could run for many seasons given good and evolving plotlines. It’s like Jack Bauer without the special effects and unrealistic stunts. In the Assets you do not run through a hail of AK47 fire and live without being hit, you die a painful and miserable death so keep your head up. This one is realistic and really intriguing. The old school way it is filmed gives suspense because you cannot tell if the spy is going to totally screw up and get exposed or his boss is going to fire him or if he is going to follow some hunch and pull off some great detective work and make some international move that saves the day…. for now.

  7. Dave says

    It appears that any show that contains substance rather than “fluff”, takes attention and thought rather than just a blank stare, appeals to anyone who is not a millennial gamer, is doomed. ASSETS reflects a serious subject in a period which is giving the appearance of returning with the recent actions of Putin. “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”!! ABC is losing me at a rapid pace. They are so liberal it scares me.

  8. Alan says

    Did anyone notice that viewing Episodes 5 and 6 in the afternoon was somewhat difficult? I blocked outdoor sunlight in the TV room, but the episodes still lacked brightness. Normal brightness and contrast were only evident in the commercials. I may watch them a second time online after dark. I’m sure I missed something because it’s hard to make the room dark enough in the afternoon. Reminded me of how a movie looks if the management is late dimming the lights.

  9. carol a delagrange says

    I love the show Am disappointed that I cannot get the last four episodes on demand I think ABC is missing out on a good series by cancelling give it a chance people need to try it then they will love it !!!!

    • Alan says

      My guess is that you will be able to get the episodes on demand after they air tomorrow afternoon and the following Sunday afternoon. If you can’t watch or record episodes 5 and 6 tomorrow afternoon, check ABC’s website on Monday or Tuesday. Most “on demand” episodes on the major broadcast networks such as ABC are not available until after their broadcast.

  10. Lynne says

    Taking bets in whether ABC can manage to keep their word this time and actually air the four remaining episodes…

  11. Mandy says

    I guess ABC doesn’t like “real” reality programing. This is history – not some made for TV scripted reality show. It is beyond me how the networks think anymore. They paid to have the show made I assume – so why junk it.!! stretching it out like they have is ruining the continuity. And NO I wouldn’t bet a nickel that they will keep their word on when to show it again.

    • Sue says

      Too intelligent for this younger generation. Well acted. Well written. My husband and I look forward to it. No reality shows or talent shows for us. This WAS reality, and all the talent belongs to those who put this great show on!

    • Anonymous says

      For those of us who appreciate good acting/story line, this would have been better received on PBS. The British know how to write period pieces and do it well. Afraid it wasn’t a hit because the actors are not recognized by US audience. Too bad because they missed out.

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