Trauma: Painful Ratings; Cancel It or Keep It?

TraumaMonday night, NBC premiered its second new medical drama of the season. So how did Trauma do? Will it survive the ratings war or, like so many other shows, is it dead on arrival?

Trauma follows the complicated lives of a group of brave paramedics from San Francisco. The action drama stars Derek Luke, Cliff Curtis, Anastasia Griffith, Kevin Rankin, Aimee Garcia, Billy Lush, Jamey Sheridan, and Taylor Kinney.

The show debuted on Monday night in Heroes’ 9pm timeslot. At one point, Heroes could hold its own at 9pm on Mondays but those days are long gone. The peacock network is hoping that Trauma can take over. The numbers don’t seem to be panning out that way unfortunately.

Should Trauma be cancelled?

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Trauma had a poor start and ended up in a poor fourth place for the timeslot, in both total viewers and the coveted demographic. An average of 6.92 million people watched with only a 2.3/5 rating/share. There wasn’t a huge drop-off between the first and second half hour but, considering the typical second episode decline, next week isn’t likely to be pretty.

NBC tried to put a positive spin on the numbers, saying that the Trauma premiere generated the network’s biggest audience in the timeslot since April 13th. While they’re trying to make the debut numbers sound positive, it actually shows how troubled the network is.

TV show supportConsidering all of the tough competition on television these days, Trauma’s story isn’t likely to continue for very long. Based on economics, NBC will probably air all 13 episodes. But, unless Trauma gets an infusion of new blood (read: viewers) very soon, that’ll be the end of it.

What do you think? Is Trauma worth watching or should NBC pull the plug and cancel it now?

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  1. Kathy says

    Keep TRauma!!!!! This is ridiculous they are cancelling this show. It is entertaining and we enjoy it very much – how in the world can they keep Jay 5 nights a week and cancel such a great show with great actors – Keep Trauma please!!!!!

  2. says

    I don’t understand NBC -everytime they get a good show they cancel it for foolishness. That is why I am a CBS fan but came backto NBC for Trauma. Poor judgement. Good shows that make people see the good in people is cancelled for stupid shows. Whoes making the decisions at the top tells you they have no judgement or sense.

  3. says

    I think its a shame that they would cancel “Trauma” especially with actor Derek Luke. What were his directors and producers thinking about allowing Trauma to be put in the Monday night, slot with so many competition. It’s really hard to get new viewers when they’re already addicted to another show. I’m assuming that most of the viewers from the others shows haven’t even looked at “TRAUMA” once. Move it to another time or day. I don’t want to see it cancel. Another problem is allowing someone in the series to portray being gay which really causes a the show to be cursed. The “TRAUMA” tv series should be kept clean and positive.

  4. matt says

    keeo trauma cancel jay and mercy Nbc dont know good shows anymore Like southland,life and my own worst enemy was good shows But to NBC jay is the best thing ever But he sucks

  5. says

    I look foward to watching this show every Monday night. There is so little that is good to watch now that a well acted program is a gem…..please keep this on and get into the characters more. People be patient.

  6. Missy says

    PLEASE keep it! I love the characters and we’re just getting to really know them. I think this show has great potential!

  7. says

    I think tha trauma, will improve. Once they get into the attributes of the character’s strengths it can be dynamic. The writers will eventually get the pulse of the city and the flavor of the bay area. The San Francisco Bay area is a gold mine. Its time to invest in it and watch the show grow into a strong representation of the city’s flavor. Give it a chance it not just about $$$. Its about making a product work. I remember ER, Ben Casey, Trapper John, Streets of San Francisco. Writers get into the characters! The aforementioned took a while to catch on… Be patient… Watch and See!

  8. says

    Beyond the natural tendency to play voyeur to my own neighborhood (“Hey, there’s my apartment!”), there is no stickiness to this plot. I think about how much television has changed since ER first aired in 1994 (95?), and I wonder if this type of show will ever have the same sort of legs it once did, especially without heavyweights like Spielberg and Crichton behind it.

    As much as I love seeing San Francisco in HighDef (how are more shows NOT filmed in this town – the city is gorgeous from every angle!), the exterior shoots detract from the development of compelling, heavyweight story lines – not to mention that the idea of airlifted rescue transport from downtown San Francisco is absolutely preposterous.

    Admittedly, this show is getting better each week, but the depth at which the pilot set the original bar means these modest gains have yet to get the show above a threshold of “watchability” that would suggest it’s going to get picked up after the Christmas break. Journeyman was a more compelling show, speaking of things shot in San Francisco, and look at what happened to that NBC drama.

    Sigh… still waiting for somebody to do something watchable and set in San Francisco .

  9. Alexia Ramirez says

    i lovee thiss show! you shouldnt cancel it! it is very interesting ! please dont cancel it….me and my whole family sit together and watch it as a family….only thing we even do together!

  10. jlatina says

    I say keep it, it could get better in time and this will give the sf bay actors and crew a little job security =)

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