Whodunnit?: Cancel or Keep the ABC Mystery Series?

WHODUNNIT? cancel or keep?Since June, ABC has been airing a murder mystery reality series called Whodunnit?. Has the show been making a killing in the ratings? Should the network cancel or renew it for a second season?

Whodunnit? follows a group of 13 contestants who have been invited to stay in a Beverly Hills mansion. Guided by host/butler Giles (Gildart Jackson), they try to solve the “murders” of other contestants, uncover the killer’s identity, and survive long enough to ultimately win a $250,000 prize.

The show debuted on June 23rd to a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 4.05 million total viewers. It wasn’t a very impressive start and the second episode’s ratings dropped more than 20%, to a 1.0 rating and 3.19 million viewers. The numbers have stayed at roughly those levels ever since.

The ratings are pretty lousy but the small audience has remained consistent and loyal. While ABC could justifiably cancel Whodunnit?, something tells me they may give it a second chance anyway.

The network sometimes decides to give struggling shows a bit more time. For example, they could have cancelled Shark Tank after one season but decided to stick with it instead. Their patience was rewarded and it’s grown into a hit show on Friday nights. Whodunnit? might be lucky as well.

But, what do you think? Should ABC renew Whodunnit? for a second season or should they cancel it instead? Have you been watching each week?

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  1. beth says

    Please dont cancel it was awesome we recorded every episode and wouldnr delete them so we could re watch and figure out the killer kinda like a livd clue it wad awesone please dont cancel.

  2. Jazz says

    Give us another season, I love this show so much its like my favorite TV show it really is and I have been going crazy without I can’t have be canceled

  3. BJ says

    This was such a wonderful surprising series! The people, the murders, the setting and Giles was amazing! Everything about this show is fabulous and it deserves a second run. Please don’t change it or add celebs or anything, just give us another season! For continuity sake, you could have the old ‘killer’ hire a new ‘killer’ to slip in amongst the crowd and re hire Giles and whatever. Just don’t change it and don’t cancel it! I looked forward to the show ever since I heard the teaser commercials and I lovingly watched it every week! And I watch the reruns on Youtube all the time. More please!

  4. agustin fuentes says

    This show was my favorite show of all time, i am striving to be a crime lab analyst and this show is just so cool and i love how they integrate a mystery aspect to it. hands down this needs a second season!!!

  5. Holly Shue says

    I would love to see it renewed! I watched it on youtube after it was already finished. Hopefully, ABC is smart enough to listen to the fan’s reaction to the show and not to the ratings. Sure, there are some things that they could improve on with show, but, overall, I thought the show was great! One major thing that they could do in the second season: put a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode that lets people know that everything is made up and that no actual person was murdered. Sure, I like how they had a little interview with the “victim”, but it would still be a good idea to put the disclaimer before each episode. Also, don’t make the contestants act like it’s a real murder, that kind of got on my nerves. Plus, it wasn’t really good for the contestants either. Dana said that the lines of reality and the show got blurred and that it gave her nightmares. They even had all of the contestants go to therapy before the series started filming and after it was finished. And they weren’t allowed to have any contact with their family the whole month that they were filming. If they would be allowed to have some contact with the world outside of the show, it would be better for the contestants and maybe it would help the show be more believable.

    • Rick says

      I have commented before, encouraging those of you who are involved in the renewing of your shows to renew this one ( WhoDunnit? ). To me, it’s a no-brainer. It has all the qualities of an intelligent and fun, family entertainment show. From the comments of other WhoDunnit fans it seems that it is a very popular show and would be sadly missed if it were to be cancelled. I have a feeling that many fans are a part of the silent majority group ( those who love the show but are not counted in any survey ). Do we have to gather up our pitch forks and flaming torches to get our point across>? Do we have to write our pleas in ( fake ) blood to get your attention? We LOVE this show! We want it renewed, again and again. I personally have patiently waited all this time since the last episode hoping to hear something encouraging. Not only was that show wonderful but it has the potential, with many possible twists and turns, to be even better: like creating diverse settings besides the Mansion ( the Survivor show does this well ). Like adding any of numerous mysteries to be solved; like adding some mini-quests; like putting a pot of gold as a goal; like having couples as contestants; like temporarily banning a contestant to an undisclosed place ( as in “Survivor’ ); or just using your capable writers to dream up enticing plots as they did before ( remarkably well I must admit). Thus, I have said my piece and hope that someone or someones are listening. Thank you.

    • Rick says

      I totally agree! This was one of the best shows that I was fortunate to watch every week and I will be amazed, dazed and very disappointed in your improving network if it isn’t renewed. Don’t we have enough of the same ‘ol thing? The concept, the writing, the sets, the direction, the contestants, and everyone’s favorite, and very talented butler all made me smile even after the show was done. Even me Norwegian Forest cat seemed to enjoy the show! There aren’t many things to smile about these days; so it was a pleasure to be able to do so without thinking about it. Just because there aren’t big-name actors and actresses and big money coming in doesn’t mean that it isn’t a wonderful show. The only drawback was that I had to hurry to the kitchen for a drink and/or snack during the short ( intermission ) so as not to miss any part of the show. Once it gets more publicity I’m sure that the advertisers will jump to be first in line. I am now looking for the [ first season ] CD so that I can relive those moments all over again. For the sake of those who appreciate good television without the graphic violence and stupid themes please renew! For the sake of those who want and need some intelligent entertainment that the whole family can watch together and which is like a televised board game, please renew! For my own sanity and selfish pleasure, please renew! For the love of god and nature and all that is right ( or should be right ) in the world, please, PLEASE renew!!! Thank you kindly. Rick

  6. Rick says

    I am still waiting to find out if Whodunnit is going to be renewed for this upcoming season. I definitely enjoyed the show; it was well conceived and made me not want to leave until a commercial break. It is very interesting, intelligent, intriguing, suspenseful, humorous, engaging and refreshing in an old-school way. As it is I am thinking of getting the CD of the series. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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