Deadwood: The HBO Series Will Return, Sort Of

HBO's Deadwood series will returnCan fans save a show? Well, if they act quickly, try hard enough, and use financial pressure, the answer seems to be “Yes!” When it was announced that HBO would we cutting the wild-west Deadwood series short after three seasons, fans of the HBO series got, well, downright ornery! They signed petitions, took out an ad in Variety (a Hollywood trade paper), sent letters and made calls indicating that they would cancel their HBO subscriptions at the end of Deadwood’s third season (which recently started airing).

As a result, HBO and Deadwood creator David Milch have now come to an agreement. Deadwood will return following the third season… sort-of. Rather than a full-blown 12-episode season to complete the series (which would have been quite costly and now, very difficult to coordinate), HBO and Milch will instead produce a pair of two-hour movies.

But wait, hadn’t HBO previously offered to pay for a six-episode fourth season? How is this better? Milch has said that he wasn’t in favor of doing a six-episode season because each episode of Deadwood has typically represented one day in the lives of the characters and South Dakota area. Shifting to two-hour movies will allow him to break that format and to be able to complete the storytelling he had for the final season. Milch has said that he’s thrilled that they worked out a way to continue Deadwood past the third season.

But what about the series actors that were released from their contracts over a month ago. Can HBO get them back? Though Deadwood cast members have not been signed for the movie projects as yet, it seems clear that HBO intends to do all it can to work out this aspect as well. One source has reported that HBO intends to “make it worth their while.” No doubt. Wouldn’t want to upset these fans . . . TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. mark says

    ok lets get real hbo if you were smart and just listen to the viewers you would understand that real people want to see real tv shows not that crap that makes your mind an empty void at the end of the night . deadwood gave us a since of realism.dont cancel them or we will cancel you from port st. lucie, fl.

  2. Carol P Marshall says

    I finished the 3rd Season, 12th Episode last night. I was going through the last Season slower and slower…like you did with your Hershey Bar when you were little…only eating a little at a time so it would last. It was soooooo hard to finish that 12th episode. I cannot even tell you how hard. I was truly hooked. I have made up several endings of course just like many of you have. But I hate that because I don’t like it to end. What is so marvelous about it is getting to know the characters. You feel like you are a player, someone in the bar, listening in, and that you are a friend to all of these people. You think Al is so horrible untill he shows that bit of humanity, and you see he does have a heart. You feel so bad for Richarson being treated so badly by EB, then you realize he may not be smart enough to even know he’s being treated badly, so you then feel for the people in the world who are like him. You want to help Trixie calm her nerves so she can be more accurate in her aim. You want to ask Alma “Why are you still here?”
    You want to get Al a new suit. Even EB has a second change of clothing as ugly as it was.
    You wonder is William R. Hearst’s father really this horrible? He must be as this story is truthfull. Also, how many of you have wondered what character would you be if David Milch assigned you to be one of the actors. Where would you fit in? Whose personality are you closest to?
    Do I think the person who cancelled Deadwood should be fired? I don’t know enough of the circumstances to answer. I just know I wish it would go on. I will look forward to the Movies. I will look for the dates they are coming on, and set my DVR. I really miss these characters. I know David Milch does too, and the writers too. I thank them for 3 Seasons of incredible shows. Carol Marshall

  3. says

    Tie up the loose ends, My wife and I watched the last episod ea nd we were completely blown away about the wayhow it ended, Hearst rides out of town! give me a break, Why did Wu bring allthose celestial s to town?What about joanie and cy, or Utter, and that sleazeball farnum? how about REDEMPTION FOR Richardson AND AL? Of course if I could I would run away with Trixie anytime, this is just the writers cop out of trying to come up with a suitable conclusion, I don’t have HBO and have no intention o doing so, bring it back, including Mcalls end, Hell bring the Earp Brothers back or resurrect Hickok to help Bullock trash HEARST,Jarry,all the chumps.

  4. ricky parsons says

    i know that i will not order HBO BLOW’S!!!!! when my sup. is up with direct in another month forget . i get tired of paying an not receiving what i paid for. it is like buying junk from china. lets stop paying for any of the junk. i just would like some respect of having a brain because i can actually think for myself. Good Bye HBO BLows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Carol P Marshall says

    My nephew has givien me the Deadwood series, Seasons I&ll, and I have thouroughly enjoyed them and so has my husband. I am halfway through the 2nd Season and decided to look it up, see how many more I had the pleasure of look ing forward to watching. There is only ONE MORE Season. I thought there would be many more. With all of the horrible reality shows putting idiots on tv that cannot act, they want to take Deadwood OFF? This is a piece of History…a REAL Town with great actors. These reality shows are laughable at best. They are a joke. To have slow witted, egotistical people who just want to see their MUGS on TV….doing what??? Jumping through a hoop, or some such idiotic thing. What are the Producers smoking that they want to take Deadwood off? And to continue with Big Brother, Amazing Race, Fear Factor, or some other show that promotes and teaches back stabbing, lieing , and treachery to your friend or brother … the real world I mean. Come on now. Come on HBO…get yourself together. We love this series. Get these actors back. And pay them….You have your viewers…we are here. Just get it done.

  6. Jack says

    Watch intire 3 seasons What a great series I personally cancelled my HBO, Please bring deadwood back with original Actors, Creator s, writers and everybody involved with DEADWOOD BRAVO,

  7. morten says

    Hbo are a bunch of church cocksuckers, removing the best series ever before the end is ******* waste, COCKSUCKERS!

  8. Donna Voss Meier says

    I can,t BELEIVE It.Yyou stupid CoCkSucKerrs !!! We haven,t missed a show.. Have all three seasons.. HBO YOU SUCK!!!!! We are canceling the prime time channel.. MAYBE we should dump you into WU,s pig pen..

  9. Polly White says

    Deadwood at least has history. I cannot believe that this show is not returning. I cannot believe that reality shows still exsists but Deadwood does not. I guess when something is as big as hbo, they have the power and money to do as they wish. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Steve says

    I have rented the entire 3 seasons and watched them. The series was awesome with the exception of one thing. It could have done just as well without so much use of the “F” word and especially the Rooster-Sucking word. Why is it so necessary to include those words and the Lord’s name in vain? I was completely drawn into the show and am very disappointed that you didn’t finish it out with season 4. I might have considered subscribing to HBO if I knew you were bringing Deadwood back for at least the 4th season or the two two-hour movies. Well, this posting was over three years ago, so I assume it is not going to happen. I am really disappointed about that.

    • steve says

      i see your point but i was thinking maybee thats the way they spoke back in those days because i dont think people would have generally been very happy back in those days , there wasnt much to keep them happy ..

  11. tyffany says

    i agree. we actually cancelled our hbo after the deadwood cancellation. the way that they ended the sopranos and then deadwood?! we couldn’t take anymore of it. they didn’t think it through and now they are talking about deadwood movies? yeah right we were supposed to have a sporanos movie to answer the un answered questions and that has not happened yet. the hbo execs lie!!

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