The Amazing Race and Survivor: CBS Reality Series Renewed for 2010-11 Season

Survivor and Amazing RaceDon’t bother unpacking your suitcases Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan, Survivor and The Amazing Race have been renewed for next season.

Though viewership has fallen over the years, Survivor is still quite popular. Last fall’s Samoa edition won its timeslot with a 4.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The show’s upcoming 20th edition begins February 11th and will reunite memorable players from the show’s 10 year history.

To no surprise, CBS has given the go-ahead for two more rounds of the Mark Burnett show. As per usual, one will run in the fall and the other will begin airing mid-season.

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The Amazing Race recently completed its 15th cycle and posted year-over-year gains in total viewers and the key demographic. Round number 16 is scheduled to begin February 14th.

For now, the network has renewed Amazing Race for a single cycle for the 2010-11 season. CBS often airs two rounds per season so another may still be ordered.

What do you think? Are you glad that Race and Survivor are coming back? Which one do you prefer?

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  1. Ruth Curtis says

    Have watched Survivor since the first one. LOVE IT . Amazing Race comes in 2 nd. Hope they never stop as don’t watch any other shows like these.
    Keep it going :):):)

  2. Pat says

    Love both Amazing Race and Survivor equally. I tape both shows each showing just in case I might have to miss them for any reason. They both give great insight to human behavior especially when money is involved and stress applied. I wouldn’t miss them. Thanks

  3. says

    0I have watched both shows since inception and enjoy them so much. I believe that the new twist to Survivor this year will bring some past time viewers back. Both shows are related to realality not made up of cops, phantoms, super heros and bad news. People want to watch people with positive rewards. That is what has made the life of these shows have a longer viewer base.

  4. Anonymous says

    I love the Amazing Race and only that one because I don’t like when my chances of winning are in somebody else’s hands. In the Amazing Race, its’ all up to you and your partner, no voting no nonsense, the best and luckiest will win on their own. Can’t wait for the new season.

  5. Michel and Betty Curry says

    We love survivor, I DVR the show ever week so me and my husband can watch it together. Out of all the shows we watch that is the first one we choose to watch. We missed the very first season but have watched every one since then. We love Jeff Probst and think he is the best host of all. We hope survivor will be around for many more yrs. Thanks CBS and all who have created Survivor. We love your show.

  6. bob mclaughlin says

    My wife and I have been watching both Survivor and Amazing Race since their inception and have not missed an episode ever. Both are very enjoyable and refreshing , in contrast to many of the new programs now crowding networks.
    I am 79, my wife is 68, both retired and living the good life on the coast of california.

  7. margaret says

    We are long –time fans of both amazing race and survivor and would like to see them
    continue to run for a good while yet.

  8. Paul says

    I love the amazing race , only started watching it when the cow boy brothers were on last year but now I am a follower lol. I pvr it cause sundays are busy but when I get home I stay up late to watch it, Here is a suggestion for the producers. Why not get all or some of those who came in second place to square off against each other. Could make for a very intersesting show, the cowboys against the vegas tv infomercial girls yeehaa.
    As for survivor I watch and again on my pvr, but knowing that they are bringing russel and rob back again is dissapointing, they hard there day in the sun. Put them to rest and let new blood move in like maybe an international survivor,two or three people from ten diferent countries hmm could get the ratings going up really really high and get international viewership. Regardless I love the show…… Pauly

  9. Mary Lou says

    I absolutely love Survivor and the Amazing Race. They are by far, the best shows I’ve ever followed. I look forward to them every week. My family and friends know I won’t be available for anything, other than emergencies, when those shows are on. Please don’t take them off the air.

  10. Vel says

    I love both of these shows. There are very few tv shows that I enjoy anymore, or will even give my time to, but Survivor and Amazing Race, I get excited about. It’s a show I can’t wait to talk about each week with my family and co-workers. Keep it on, please!

    • Karen says

      You took the words right out of my mouth….these are the only two shows that I am committed to. I could not pick which host was the best, because I think Jeff and Phil are hosting the shows they were ment to…it wouldn’t be the same show with another host. I must state, that I am getting tired of seeing all the past players coming back, season after season. Can they not find characters just as exciting as these are???

  11. Phyllis says

    These two shows are my favorites. I don’t even like American Idol anymore, but these two, I wouldn’t miss an episode. We have an Amazing Race and Survivor night with friends. Keep both of them on the air a long long time.

    • Lynn says

      I’m 57 years old and have only missed the first 2 seasons of Survivor (shoot!) and have never missed a season of the Amazing Race. Even when I was in the hospital, I was able to watch my two favorite shows. My finace is 58 and although he says he’s not going to watch, heads for the bedroom and asks “what channel is that?”. These shows are more addictive than nicotine and a lot less hazardous to your health. Please keep them coming.

      I realize this post is almost a year old and the new seasons begin in February, but I want my voice heard. I’m not into talent shows and watch only four reality shows (Top Chef and Project Runway round out my four). These shows are a reprieve from crime, sex and inane comedies. There’s my 2 cents.

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