The Borgias: Cancelled Show’s Finale Script Released

The Borgias TV showShowtime cancelled The Borgias after three seasons, There was some talk of wrapping up the series with a two-hour movie but the cable channel opted not to do it.

Though the finale won’t be filmed, fans of the show will soon be able to read how the infamous family’s story ends.

Neil Jordan has written an ebook called The Borgia Apocalypse which is based on his finale script. It will be available at major outlets (presumably Amazon, iTunes, etc.) later this week. A price hasn’t been announced.

UPDATE: The Borgia Apocalypse: The Screenplay has been released for $9.99.

What do you think? Will you purchase The Borgia Apocalypse? Would you rather read a physical copy?

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  1. Marti says

    Is there anything on Showtime anymore??? I don’t know because I never watch it any more. They cancelled the best thing going for it (The Borgia’s) and the only reason I got it in the first place. If they’re so concerned about the bottom line financially, they’ve lost my viewership and my money. Boo on you Showtime executives!

  2. John says

    There are too many historical documents and books that already exists, why read fiction. The Showtime Borgias was an entertaing view of the corruption within the Church , both past and present. Showtime wants to bring out another sreies about the Church without finishing what it started. I for one am cancelling my Showtime subscription, that’s what everyone who enjoyed the program should do. What series will Showtime leave in the middle with no conviction to its viewers/subscribers. Bye, bye Showtime.

  3. Victor A. Gonzalez says

    There so much to tell about the Borgia’s saga in particularly the rise of Cesare Il Valentino, the marriage of Lucrezia to the Estes family, the death of Pope Alexander and and finally the redemption of the familia with Francesco Borgia..

  4. Tara says

    I did read the screenplay and found it lacking. So many important historical points were passed over. Mr. Jordan did an exceptional job writing for the first 3 seasons and in order to do justice to his writing and to the history of the Borgias, a fourth season is sorely required. Such rich history needs to unfold. Subtleties need to be addressed. The political dances need to be appreciated. This was Renaissance Italy. That’s what the Borgia fans fell in love with. Thats what we are hoping to enjoy for one more season…

    • says

      I agree. Let it go for one more season and let it be the finale. You just can’t let it end with the 3 episodes. I don’t want to read it! I want to see and hear it please! Thank you.

  5. says

    I do not think this is going to satisfy the thousands of Borgias fans out here fighting for a conclusion to Neil Jordan’s story. An ebook? That’s how you want to give us our conclusion? NO! I WILL NOT BUY! Do not want to READ THE CONCLUSION, I WANT TO SEE IT… with Francois Arnaud, Jeremy Irons, Holliday Grainger, and Sean Harris and the rest of this amazing cast!!!!

    If SHO thinks this is going to make the Save The Borgias fans go away … WRONG!! WRONG! WRONG! Thank you but no thank you, we will CONTINUE OUR FIGHT!

    Please visit us at and vote for The Borgias on!!

  6. Kina Mar says

    After reading the introduction of the ebook, Neil sent us a message in his own way. That was the most important part for us; Being that Neil still wants to make it so we will push forward and continue to for a 4th season. We are right on track, don’t give up Borgias Family! Please help us get more votes on: SMGO.TV please!!! We will have real options presented from Showtime hopefully really soon! This is just the beginning family! An ebook isn’t what we asked for for!! They want to give us table scraps instead of a season or an mini-series. This is such an insult. Don’t take this lying down! Vote Now for a mini-series or a movie now at: SMGO

  7. says

    Fans are not placated by the release of this script. Feedback clearly is showing that many fans feel that the script was rushed in response to David Nevins’ thoughtless canceling of a series that was so obviously supposed to last for at least another season. The introduction, written by Mr. Jordan, says so much when he says that he was creating a “40-hour film”. If Showtime and Mr. Nevins think that the release of this “ebook” will quell the series’ fans, the network and he are sadly mistaken. This has only served to embolden fans and renew their dedication to work towards seeing a full season of The Borgias. SMGO.TV has joined forces with the Save The Borgias Fan Campaign™ and other fan groups to help fans reach their objective. Fans are being called to join and support the effort. More information can be found on the at Save The Borgias Fan Campaign™ website:

  8. Gilly Hynes says

    Yes, I’ll be purchasing this. It will keep we fans going until we have a properly filmed conclusion !

  9. says

    I believe that the most important part of the released script, The Borgia Apocalypse, is Neil Jordan’s introduction. It is clear from what he writes in the introduction that he had always planned a fourth season…or, as he so aptly describes it, “a 40-hour film”. The script was always only a compromise. So, fans of Mr. Jordan’s beautiful series, The Borgias, will continue to work towards the fulfillment of that original plan.

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