The Sopranos: HBO Series Wraps, Is It the End?

Sopranos final seasonIf the hype is to be believed this time, The Sopranos series is finally wrapping up — and at least three of the regulars make it to the end. The series returns on April 8th and it looks like the finale will air on June 10th. The specifics of the final episode is still under wraps but here’s what we do know…

Shooting is scheduled to be completed this week but the finale scene was shot last week. The last scene takes place, not in a go-go bar like Bada Bing’s, but in a simple ice cream shop by the name of Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The filming was done on location behind a storefront window that was masked by a large black tarp. According to onlookers, James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Tony Sirico (Tony, Carmelo and Paulie Walnuts) took part. Though this is believed to be the final scene of the series, a spokeswoman for HBO noted, “Until Mr. Chase goes into the edit room, it would be impossible to say what the final scene will be.”

Its fitting that the eight seasons of the HBO series came to a close in New Jersey. Most of the series is filmed in a Long Island soundstage but the exterior filming is done in the Garden State, at the insistence of series creator David Chase. He’s a native and believes that the authenticity of New Jersey locations are a vital part of the show’s character.

Not everyone agrees and some in the community have tried to block the Jersey filmings. They believe that the HBO drama perpetuates negative Italian-American stereotypes. Bloomfield’s mayor and council even tried to stop The Sopranos crew from filming at Holsten’s but the producers had already secured the permit. There was some drama back and forth but the shoot did go through.

Those that gathered to watch the filming obviously didn’t have a problem with the show and will miss it. Fans of the series were aware well in advance of the location and some set up their lawn chairs as early as In true American fashion, one man was even selling $20 t-shirts that read “The Final Episode.”

Will we ever see Tony and his business associates and family again? Both Cross and HBO briefly considered a spin-off (a sitcom featuring Janice and Bobby Bacala) or a prequel series featuring a young Tony. Both are highly unlikely to happen.

Prior to the order for nine final episodes, there had been discussions of a Sopranos movie. Though many believe that the final episodes replace those film plans, Chase has not totally ruled out the possibility. He recently told New York Magazine, “A movie still exists as a possibility, I suppose. But it becomes less and less of a possibility because of technical challenges. I mean, where would you come in on the story? Let’s suppose, at the end of this, there are characters who don’t make it. How would you do the movie without them?”

I dunno… does it sound like we’ll have to make David Chase “an offer that he can’t refuse?” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Bernie in Hawaii says

    I was disappointed at first too. Then I realized what David Chase wanted us to do: for the last few minutes, I was on edge. Every time someone walked in the restaurant, I would think “So – is THIS the guy that’s gonna kill Tony?” Admit it, you did too. Bottom line, this is how Tony lives his life every moment, and we just got a small taste of it. We’re on the edge because it was the finale. Tony has to deal with this every day of his life. David Chase left us with the parting gift of a glimpse into the mind of Tony Soprano. Love it or hate it, now you know how he feels.

  2. says




  3. bex says

    I think it’s plain that Tony got whacked. Since the series has been his story it only makes sense when he dies everything goes black and silent. The End.

  4. Anonymous says

    I agree the ending was awful. Buthow is it HBO’s fault? It’s not like they have creative input over these shows. If there’s anyone to blame it’s got to be David Chase. He should have kept his writing credits limited to the pilot episode.

  5. JUNE says

    What a horrible way to end the series! Did Chase go off the deep-end or what? Please sombody help me recover from this!

  6. Ron says

    Chase is definetely setting The Sopranos up for a movie. The ending was too vague, and we’ve never even seen the family in that restaurant before. There’s so many suspicious characters that could start shooting them up. According to some viewers, they see Meadow walk thru the door behind the 2 black guys. The camera is Tony’s perspective. Then it goes blank. The last thing I saw/heard was the bell above the door, tony looking towards the door and “Don’t Stop” from Journey’s Don’t stop believing.

    Hopefully we start seeing trailers for the movie this year. If we don’t, buh-bye Sopranos.

  7. Anonymous says

    I cannot believe this ending. Dunno if it was a hint towards the “you don’t even hear it” dialogue with Bobby, that was rerun as Tony’s flashback in the second to last episode. I think after 7 years no one could agree on the visual of the last seconds, so lets go blank. Found it quite disappointing.

  8. Chris from Jersey says

    I waited for the final episode with baited breath, what a waste!! I have a four hour surgery tomorrow and am now looking forward to that more than watching one more episode of the Soprano’s. Shame on you HBO, what did you run out of imagination?
    Bada Bing! Go Whack yourself!

  9. Anonymous says

    Yeah mine went blank too, I thought my DVR cut it off until the credits came on. I was hoping for a desperado type ending shoot out at the ok corral or something…WTF!?

  10. mary says

    The absolute worst series finale EVER. The producers should be whacked! They sold out. Maybe the ending will come in the form of a big screen movie we can pay to go see. As a fan, I feel used. Guess I’ll cancel HBO now, before I get too into Big Love.

  11. Brock Edwards says

    how do you spell *****? s-o-p-r-a-n-o.. great f***ing finale.. not like i expected anything more after investing years into this stupid f***ing show god damn it.. especially with how amazing last week ended like holy sh*t!

  12. says

    Seriously, horrible series finale. Among the worst I’ve seen. Does HBO think they did a good job with that ending? I’d like a explanation from HBO on why they couldn’t have come up with something better, maybe even more entertaining. Boo HBO, Boo.

  13. Mike says

    Time for ME to whack myself. That ending left me with the worst case of blue balls I have ever had. That makes me not want to buy the dvd set. But I probably will. Bad idea from the editors. Thanks for nothing.

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