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Go On: Matthew Perry Sitcom Cancelled

Go On TV show ratingsFriends ran for years but Matthew Perry can’t seem to get to a second season. NBC has cancelled Go On after one season. Perry’s other recent efforts — Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Mr. Sunshine — were also cancelled after one year.

Go On revolves around Ryan (Perry), a sportscaster who returns to work after the death of his wife. His boss (John Cho) doesn’t want him back on the air until he undergoes counseling. Ryan reluctantly joins a support group with one goal in mind: to get in and get out. He discovers that he might be able to help the other members of the group and they might be able to help him as well.

The sitcom also features the talents of Allison Miller, Julie White, Laura Benanti, Suzy Nakamura, and Tyler James Williams.

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Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine

Ben Donovan (Matthew Perry) is the Manager of Operations at the Sunshine Center sports arena in San Diego. There's always something new happening there -- today it's the circus, tomorrow it's a hockey game. Every night Ben finds himself navigating through a seemingly never-ending series of bizarre requests, curious mishaps, and employee screw ups to put on a show for 18,000 screaming people. Working alongside Ben is his boss and arena owner Crystal Cohen (Allison Janney). She's attractive, powerful and highly erratic. Crystal particularly hates when the circus invades her arena as she's deathly afraid of clowns. Alice (Andrea Anders) is the arena's cute, tomboyish marketing director. She and Ben date each other casually. When they're not having sex, they're free to date other people.
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