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Bill Cosby Returning to NBC with New Comedy

cosbyshow19NBC is hoping that lightning will strike twice. Three decades after The Cosby Show helped revive NBC and the sitcom, Bill Cosby has made a deal to do a new family comedy for the peacock network.

Deadline reports that Cosby and producer Tom Werner are meeting with writers about the project. No further details are available yet but, considering the current state of NBC’s sitcoms, they no doubt want to get it on the air this fall.

What do you think? Do you think you’ll want to watch a new Cosby show?

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Following up on his successful run on I Spy, Bill Cosby stars as Chet Kincaid, a physical education teacher who works at a lower-middle-class high school in Los Angeles. Chet's a bachelor and a teacher who's interested in the lives of those around him. His family includes his mother Rose (Lillian Randolph, then Beah Richards), his brother Brian (Lee Weaver), and sister-in-law Verna (Olga James). The comedy of the series comes from various situations that Chet finds himself in, both at home and at school with teachers and his students. He's also often asked to fill in for various other teachers' subjects -- like algebra, English and driver's education -- usually with humorous results. He works with principal Mr. Langford (Sid McCoy) and guidance counselor Marsha Peterson (Joyce Bulifant). While situations are sometimes exaggerated, the show focuses on character studies, real-life situations, and inevitably a life-lesson of some kind.
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