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2012-13 Cancelled ending TV series Latest additions: Oh Sit! (The CW), Capture (The CW), The American Baking Competition (CBS), Perfect Score (The CW), Secret Millionaire (ABC), Whodunnit? (ABC), Does Someone Have to Go? (FOX), Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls (NBC), The Million Second Quiz (NBC), Siberia (NBC), The Winner Is (NBC), Underemployed (MTV), Stevie TV (VH1), Family Tree (HBO) Tia & Tamera (E!), Necessary Roughness (USA), The Jeselnik Offensive (Comedy Central), The Client List (Lifetime), Figure It Out (Nickelodeon), The Cleveland Show (FOX), Hoarders (A&E), Army Wives (Lifetime), King & Maxwell (TNT), and Copper (BBC America).

The networks will keep cancelling TV shows just as surely as they’ll keep introducing new ones. Below is the list of TV series that will or have ended during the 2012-13 season. In short, they won’t be back for 2013-14.

This list will be updated as the season progresses so feel free to bookmark and check back.

If you believe a show has been cancelled and don’t see it here, you can check the 2011-12 and 2010-11 lists.

Update: You can now check out the 2013-14 list!

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Cancelled or Renewed? TBS, TNT, TV Land, USA, and VH1 TV Shows Status [5/3/13]

May 3, 2013
How many episodes of Major Crimes and Perception are there this season? Has Dallas been cancelled or renewed for season three? When is The Exes Read more . . .
Common Law TV series on USA

Common Law

This TV series revolves around two incredible -- and incredibly different -- police detectives. When things come to a head during their "seven-year itch" as partners, their captain forces them into couples therapy to save their "work marriage." Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) has a laidback demeanor and can seem nonchalant but is fiercely intelligent, has natural instincts and a maverick style that works. A product of street living and the foster system, Travis has the uncanny ability to read people. He's also a ladies man who's always got a date but has a hard time admitting his mistakes. His partner, Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole), is intelligent, observant, obsessively methodical, and a man who keeps emotions bottled up inside. His perfectionist behavior sometimes rubs others on the LAPD the wrong way. Formerly an ace lawyer, Wes left that world after a client committed suicide. Now, he tries to keep his free-spirited partner in line and uses his legal acumen and affinity for facts to track down the bad guys. It's good for the department but his marriage to his wife Alex didn't survive because of his job. Captain Sutton (Jack McGee) used to be the fire-breathing dragon of the LAPD homicide division, but years of therapy have made him a more understanding, open leader -– much to the chagrin of anyone who's around when he feels like sharing. Travis and Wes have a seven-year track record as the Los Angeles Police Department's best detectives in the Robbery-Homicide Division. Because their constant bickering is interfering with their work and lands them on probation, Captain Sutton sends them to couples therapy with his own counselor. A tough-as-nails therapist, Dr. Emma Ryan (Sonya Walger) tries to help Travis and Wes understand and resolve their conflicts and confront their demons in order to enhance their ability to work together solving crimes.
Common Law  canceled

Common Law: Cancelled, No Season Two

October 31, 2012
As expected, USA Network has cancelled Common Law after one season and 12 episodes. There won’t be a second season. Common Law revolves around a Read more . . .
Common Law TV series ratings

Common Law: Season One Ratings

October 22, 2012
LAPD detectives Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) and Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole) can’t stand one another but USA Netork is hoping that the audience loves them Read more . . .
Common Law not coming back for season 2?

Common Law: Already Cancelled? No Season Two?

September 12, 2012
It looks like Common Law won’t be back for a second season. While the TV show hasn’t been officially cancelled by USA, the signs are Read more . . .
canceled or season two for Common Law TV show on USA

Common Law: Should It Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

August 10, 2012
Tonight’s installment is the last episode of USA Network’s Common Law series — either for the season or for the series. It remains to be Read more . . .
Common Law TV series

Common Law: USA Series Premieres May 11th

March 2, 2012
USA Network plans to launch its new buddy cop series, Common Law, on Friday, May 11th at 10pm. It’ll follow Fairly Legal, the Read more . . .
Friends couch for sale

TV Espresso: Common Law, Castle, Friends, OLTL, & Tennessee Tuxedo

December 9, 2011
ABC is hoping to get a bit more mileage out of the One Life to Live finale, Castle gets extended, you can own a piece Read more . . .
Common Law TV show

White Collar, Royal Pains Return; Common Law Debuts in January

November 30, 2011
USA network announced today that their newest legal drama, Common Law, will debut on Thursday, January 26th at 10pm. Starring Michael Ealy and Warren Read more . . .

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