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The Best Written TV Series Is…?

Top TV showsThe members of the Writers Guild of America were asked to vote online for the best written TV series in history. The organization tallied a list of 101 shows and David Chase’s HBO drama, The Sopranos, came out on top.

It’s worth noting that the list contains a few titles that most consider to be mini-series, not TV shows — like Roots and I, Claudius.

For better or worse, here’s the WGA’s complete list. Please share your thoughts below!

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Jane Henson dies

The Muppets: Kermit’s ‘Mom’ Jane Henson Dies at 78

April 2, 2013
Jane Henson, the former wife of Muppets creator Jim Henson, has died. She passed away at her home in Connecticut following a battle with cancer. Read more . . .
Muppeteer Jerry Nelson dies

Fraggle Rock: Muppet Performer Jerry Nelson Dies

August 25, 2012
One of the original Muppet performers, Jerry Nelson has passed away at the age of 78. He reportedly died on Thursday of complications from the Read more . . .
Dick Van Dyke Show

Who Would You Choose for the TCA Heritage Award?

June 14, 2011
Each year, members of the Television Critics Association (TCA) gather for two big press events, one in the summer and one in the winter. It’s Read more . . .
Classic TV Characters Return for Super Bowl XLV Commerical for NFL

Classic TV Characters Return for Super Bowl XLV Commerical for NFL

February 7, 2011
Last night’s Super Bowl XLV (that’s 45 for those of us who don’t use Roman numerals) surely got some big ratings but we’ll have to Read more . . .
<em>The Simpsons:</em> Watch Katy Perry and the FOX Series Homage to <em>The Muppet Show</em> and <em>Sesame Street</em>

The Simpsons: Watch Katy Perry and the FOX Series Homage to The Muppet Show and Sesame Street

December 7, 2010
On Sunday night, FOX aired another Christmas episode of the long-running Simpsons series, titled “The Fight Before Christmas.” At the end of the episode, the Read more . . .
<em>24:</em> Kim Raver Open to Being in the Movie, Recalls <em>Sesame Street</em> Start

24: Kim Raver Open to Being in the Movie, Recalls Sesame Street Start

August 23, 2010
There hasn’t been any news lately about the proposed 24 feature film but Kim Raver is open to reviving her Audrey Raines character if called. Read more . . .
<em>Tonight Starring Jack Paar:</em> When Jim Henson and the Muppets Vandalized NBC

Tonight Starring Jack Paar: When Jim Henson and the Muppets Vandalized NBC

July 28, 2010
Legend has it that, back in late 1964, Jim Henson and his Muppet troupe (performer Frank Oz, puppet builder Don Sahlin, and writer Jerry Juhl) Read more . . .
Sesame Street

Sesame Street

This children's program has both entertained and educated children for years with its use of music, animation, puppets, and live actors. The show's format features small segments of animated sequences, games, songs, and adults and children mingling with Muppets in order to teach children letters, numbers, or basic life skills such as safety, hygiene, and healthy eating habits in an entertaining fashion. Muppet characters featured on the show are an 8'2" tall yellow bird appropriately named Big Bird (Caroll Spinney); a large brown elephant-like creature named Aloysius "Snuffy" Snuffleupagus (Judy Sladky); garbage can-dwelling Oscar the Grouch (Caroll Spinney); roommates and total opposites Bert (Frank Oz, later Eric Jacobson) and Ernie (Jim Henson, later Steve Whitmire); cute furry monster Grover (Frank Oz, then Eric Jacobson); cookie-crazed Cookie Monster (Frank Oz, later David Rudman); number-loving Count von Count (Jerry Nelson); and loveable little red furry monster Elmo (Kevin Clash). Live characters residing on Sesame Street are music teacher Bob Johnson (Bob McGrath); veterinarian Dr. Gina Jefferson (Alison Bartlett O'Reilly); The Robinson's: Gordon (Roscoe Orman), Susan (Loretta Long) and Miles (Olamide Faison); and The Rodriquez's: Maria (Sonia Manzano) and Luis (Emilio Delgado) who runs the "Fix-It Shop" until it becomes the "Mail-It Shop," and their daughter Gabi (Desiree Casado). When actor Will Lee who portrayed General Store Owner Harold Hooper passed away, the show used it as an opportunity to teach children about how to deal with a loved one's passing. Mr. Hooper's faithful assistant David (Northern Calloway) takes over the store and later, Alan (Alan Muraoka) becomes the owner. The longest running children's series in history also regularly features guest stars, new characters, and changing storylines that reflect the times for its audiences, old and new.
Has Disney Recast Kermit the Frog? Is This the End of the Muppets?

Has Disney Recast Kermit the Frog? Is This the End of the Muppets?

September 6, 2009
Long time Muppet fans had a rude surprise on Wednesday night when Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy performed a duet on America’s Got Talent Read more . . .

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