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Frustrating cliffhangersAs we close out the first ten years of this millennium, it’s amazing how many great TV shows have been cancelled. Big as that list is, there are some that stand out more than others — mostly because they left us hanging. Here’s a list of 10 that deserved at least one more episode to wrap things up.

The 4400 — This show and The Dead Zone ran successfully for many years on USA. The ongoing mysteries of both shows kept viewers coming back for more each week. Unfortunately, the cable channel decided to be done with them in 2007. The shows and their viewers were left with unresolved cliffhangers. Of the the shows, 4400 seems a bit more tragic as it wasn’t on for as many seasons and Dead Zone fans have a freaky Christopher Walken movie.

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Where Are They Now: Some Green Room Chatter for June 11, 2008

Where Are They Now: Some Green Room Chatter for June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008
Check out where you can find some of the stars of cancelled shows like Big Day, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Carpoolers, Charmed, Conviction, Crossing Jordan, Fashion House, Help Me Help You, Jack & Bobby, Jake in Progress, Journeyman, Sex and the City, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The Black Donnellys, Veronica Mars, and What About Brian.
Where Are They Now? Green Room Chatter for November 16, 2007

Where Are They Now? Green Room Chatter for November 16, 2007

November 16, 2007
As the writers strike heads into its second week, production is slowing down but casting is going pretty strong. What are the stars of past Read more . . .
One Season Wonders — Beloved Series Cancelled Before Their Time!

One Season Wonders — Beloved Series Cancelled Before Their Time!

Some of the most beloved series in television history were cancelled after their first season. Perhaps they were ahead of their time, put in a Read more . . .
The Black Donnellys

The Black Donnellys

This gritty drama follows the story of the four young Donnelly brothers -- troublemaker Jimmy (Tom Guiry), leader Tommy (Jonathan Tucker), gambler Kevin (Billy Lush), and womanizer Sean (Michael Stahl-David). The four are involved in organized crime in New York's infamous Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. The story is told by unreliable narrator and Donnelly childhood friend Joey "Ice Cream" (Keith Nobbs) who is being incarcerated.
<em>The Black Donnellys:</em> The Brothers Come to DVD

The Black Donnellys: The Brothers Come to DVD

June 27, 2007
The Black Donnellys followed the story of four young brothers — Catholic Irish-American siblings in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. The story was told by unreliable narrator Read more . . .
<em>The Black Donnellys:</em> HDNet to Air Cancelled Drama

The Black Donnellys: HDNet to Air Cancelled Drama

June 7, 2007
HDNet, the high-definition TV channel owned by Internet entrepreneur and reality star Mark Cuban, has purchased the rights to air The Black Donnellys. The drama Read more . . .
<em>The Real Wedding Crashers: Black Donnellys</em> Fans’ Worst Nightmare

The Real Wedding Crashers: Black Donnellys Fans’ Worst Nightmare

May 21, 2007
Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds of Black Donnellys fans… NBC pulled The Black Donnellys after six weeks. Though they’ve posted the unaired episodes Read more . . .
Law and Order CI

The Biggest Week in TV Cancellations: TV Series Finale Podcast #31

May 19, 2007
It’s the busiest time of the whole year for television show cancellations. The network upfronts were this week and NBC, ABC, CBS, CW and FOX Read more . . .

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