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ABC 2011-12 TV Ratings Report Card

ABC season ratingsWorried about the future of some ABC TV shows? Take a look at the chart below to see their season ranking, averages to date, and their grade in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

There’s lots of information that the networks take into consideration when cancelling or renewing a TV series but the ratings are the biggest factor. (You can see if your favorites have already been renewed or cancelled by visiting our ABC 2011-12 show page.)

These charts incorporate final ratings data through Thursday, May 30, 2012. Read more…

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Work It canceled

Work It

Lee Standish (Ben Koldyke) is a quick-witted and likable family man. His best friend is Angel Ortiz (Amaury Nolasco), a hotheaded ladies' man with a mouth that has no filter. They both used to work at Pontiac -- Lee as a top salesman and Angel as head mechanic -- until the company went out of business. They've both been out of work for a year, benefits are running out, and their job prospects are slim. Lee, who's almost broke, discovers that Coreco Pharmaceuticals is looking to hire sales reps -- only they want female sales reps. Feeling like he has no other choice, Lee takes a chance and goes into the interview disguised as a woman -- and get the job. He and Angel had a deal that, if one of them got a job, he'd help the other. Lee tells Angel what he's done and Angel ends up getting hired in drag as well, after he volunteers to fix the bosses' car. To keep their new jobs, Lee and Angel put aside their macho pride and must learn to navigate their all-female workplace. They work with single mom Kristin (Kirstin Eggers), who used to be the office newbie and is both enthusiastic and naive; Kelly (Kate Reinders), the office party girl; and Grace (Rebecca Mader), the icy regional sales leader who's convinced there's something wrong with the new hires. Vanessa (Rochelle Aytes) is their tough but fair boss, and the apple of Angel's eye. Not that keeping their secret at work isn't tough enough but Lee can't share his feminine secret with his wife Connie (Beth Lacke) or their 14-year-old daughter, Kat (Hannah Sullivan). He tells them that he got a job at the drug company as himself. Connie notices that Lee begins to be more understanding and sensitive to her needs. Connie's unemployed brother, Brian (John Carapulo), can't understand why his drinking buddies won't help him get a job as well.
Work It ratings

Work It: Ratings for the 2011-12 TV Season

January 14, 2012
Here are the ratings for the new Work It TV series. This men-in-drag sitcom follows two unemployed guys (Ben Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco) who believe Read more . . .
Work It canceled

Work It: Sitcom Cancelled, Cougar Town Return Impending

January 14, 2012
It looks like the cross-dressing guys of Work It are out of work again.  ABC has cancelled the new sitcom, pulling it from the schedule Read more . . .
Work It canceled

Work It: New ABC Sitcom; Cancel or Keep It?

January 10, 2012
Last week, ABC unveiled their first new sitcom of 2012, Work It. The TV series was pummeled by negative reviews from critics and viewers Read more . . .
Work It ratings

Work It: Premiere Ratings

January 4, 2012
Even before it premiered, Work It was getting plenty of negative reviews. Some believe there’s no such thing as bad publicity though and that attention Read more . . .

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