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Cancelled Casting News for December 17, 2011

canceled casting newsWe’re not even halfway into the 2011-12 season and there are already a lot of shows that we know won’t be back next season. Thankfully, many of the stars continue to work in television. It’s what we like to call “cancelled casting.” Here’s where a few TV vets will be popping up next:

Colin Egglesfeld (CW’s Melrose Place) has found a new home over on Lifetime. He’s booked a series regular role on Lifetime’s new drama series, The Client List. It’s based on the TV movie of the same name that starred Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer). She plays a Texas housewife who’s deserted by her husband, inadvertently takes a job at a massage parlor, and ends up helping to run it. Egglesfield will play a new character, Hewitt’s brother-in-law.

And speaking of The CW, United States of Tara’s Matthew Del Negro is coming to Ringer. He’s landed the recurring role of a cocky and slick agent named Grady Torrance. He’s the nemesis of Agent Machado (Cane’s Nestor Carbonell) at the bureau. Del Negro will first appear in early March.

John O’Hurley (Seinfeld’s Mr. Peterman) has been cast in a sitcom pilot for ABC Family called Village People. The show revolves around a woman who plans to adopt a child and ends up taking in the birth mom. O’Hurley will be playing the father of Jennie Garth (What I Like About You). She’s executive producing the project with Meg DeLoatch. Sebastian Sozzi (My Generation) and Rachel Cannon (Ghost Whisperer) will co-star in the show.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution may have been cancelled by ABC but he isn’t done with this country. A six-part series, Jamie’s American Road Trip, is coming to BBC America on January 3rd. In this series, Jamie Oliver will be traveling across the country to explore American places, ingredients, food culture and traditions.

Alicia Silverstone is reuniting with her former Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto on ABC’s Suburgatory. She’ll be around for multiple episodes and will be a potential love interest for Sisto’s George. No word on exactly when the episodes will appear.

Also on ABC, Nana Visitor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is coming to visit Castle. She’ll be playing a canine therapist who’s called in when one of her “clients” witnesses a murder.

Will Sasso is coming back to a CBS sitcom but it’s not $#*! My Dad Says. The comic actor is reprising his role of Doug, the bartender who ended up punching Ted in MacLaren’s back alley in season four of How I Met Your Mother. The episode airs on January 2nd and recap’s the gang’s New Year’s Eve adventures.

There’s no word if Knots Landing stars will ever visit the new Dallas but William Devane is coming to ABC’s Revenge. He’ll appear in two episodes, playing the patriarch of the Grayson family. He comes to the Hamptons after being called by his daughter in-law, Victoria. Devane’s episodes will air in February.

Wings’ Steven Webber is flying in for a guest shot on Hot in Cleveland. He’ll play a man that Joy (Frasier’s Jane Leeves) left standing at the the altar.

Ed Asner will also be stopping by the TV Land sitcom. There’s no word on what role he’ll play but you can bet that the producers will include a nod to the relationship that grumpy Lou Grant and Betty White’s man-hungry Sue Ann Nivens had on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The episode will shoot in February and air next summer.

Numb3rs vet Diane Farr guest-starred on CSI: Miami in October and is now coming to visit The Mentalist. She’ll play the no-nonsense owner of a small winery in Northern California. The installment will air in February.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos) will guest on Last Man Standing as Gabriella, the daughter of Ed (Cane’s Hector Elizondo). She’s a businesswoman who has lots of ideas on how to improve the sporting goods store, much to the chagrin of Mike (Home Improvement’s Tim Allen).

What do you think? Are there any of these appearances that you’re really looking forward to seeing?

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