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NYC 22: ratings information

NYC 22: 2011-12 TV Season Ratings

ratings for NYC 22 tv showHere are the updated ratings for the NYC 22 TV show. This cop series follows six NYPD rookies as they protect the streets of Manhattan. The first season of NYC 22 typically airs on Sunday nights on the CBS network. There are 13 episodes.

Here are the TV show’s ratings for the 2011-12 season, the best way to tell if NYC 22 is going to be cancelled or renewed for season two. Check out our CBS ratings report card to see how this show’s numbers compare with the others on the network.

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CBS TV series NYC 22

NYC 22

This cop show follows a half dozen diverse rookies of the New York Police Department as they learn and patrol the gritty streets of upper Manhattan. Jennifer "White House" Perry (Leelee Sobieski) is a former college volleyball star and Marine MP in Iraq who has a take-charge attitude. Ray "Lazarus" Harper (Adam Goldberg) is the oldest rookie of the group. As a former police news reporter, Lazarus has better inside sources than most seasoned cops Tonya Sanchez (Judy Marte) comes from a family with a criminal history. Ahmad Kahn (Tom Reed) is an Afghani native who fought his way to freedom. A fourth-generation police officer, Kenny McClaren (Stark Sands) has great instincts but had qualms about joining the police force. And finally, Jayson "Jackpot" Toney (Harold House Moore) is a young basketball legend who squandered his opportunity in the NBA. The rookies' demanding Field Training Officer is Daniel "Yoda" Dean (Terry Kinney) -- a case-hardened, unsentimental veteran of the force who emphasizes basics and holds each cop accountable for their actions. And finally, Sergeant Terry Howard (Felix Solis) rounds out the team. He's a no-nonsense plainclothes officer from the Gang Intel Unit, who trains the rookies on how to keep the gangbangers at bay. With their unique backgrounds, personalities, and various reasons for being part of the NYPD, the new cops make their share of rookie mistakes as they figure out how to relate to their boss, each other, and the people they have sworn to protect.
NYC 22 on CBS canceled

NYC 22: Cancelled CBS Series Returning

July 4, 2012
To no surprise, CBS cancelled their low-rated NYC 22 series a couple months ago. Airing on Sunday nights, the new cop show averaged just a Read more . . .
NYC 22 canceled soon?

NYC 22: How Long Before It’s Cancelled?

April 30, 2012
CBS recently unveiled their latest cop drama, NYC 22, in the CSI: Miami timeslot. Sadly, it’s not performing very well and has been dropping Read more . . .
Cancel or keep NYC 22?

NYC 22: New CBS Cop Show; Cancel or Keep It?

April 25, 2012
CBS aired the season (possibly series) finale of CSI: Miami a couple weeks ago and are now filling the timeslot with a new cop show, Read more . . .

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