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House of Lies: Season Two Ratings

April 9, 2013
Showtime’s House of Lies wasn’t a ratings hit in its first season but was renewed anyway. Will the ratings improve in season two? Will it Read more . . .
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Shameless, Californication, House of Lies: Showtime TV Shows Renewed

January 29, 2013
Showtime has renewed three of their current shows. House of Lies will return for season three, Shameless will be back for a fourth season, and Read more . . .
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Shameless, House of Lies, Californication: TV Series Return January 13th

September 17, 2012
Showtime has set the returns of three of their TV series — Shameless, House of Lies, and Californication. Shameless is returning for its third Read more . . .
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House of Lies: Renewed for Season Two by Showtime

February 1, 2012
Well, like their characters on House of Lies, it seems that Don Cheadle and company know how to get things done. The Showtime series Read more . . .
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House of Lies

This comedy TV series revolves around a charming fast-talker and his crack team of MBA-toting management consultants who play America's one percent for everything they've got. Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle) is an extraordinary but unscrupulous management consultant. He has a gift for identifying and exploiting the weaknesses of clients -- all to get them to sign on the dotted line. Marty is a master at shilling undecipherable biz-school jargon and flattering corporate honchos. He is offensive, egotistical, narcissistic, womanizing, crafty, ruthless and very, very good at his job. Despite Marty's brash and ruthless demeanor, he's also a dedicated father. He was formerly married to Monica Talbot (Dawn Olivieri). She's a hotshot consultant with a rival firm, and her ex-husband's constant professional nemesis. That doesn't stop Monica from regularly sleeping with Marty however, despite his best of intentions. She's also a completely neglectful parent and happily leaves the raising of their young son, Roscoe, to Marty and his father. Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.) is as bold and brash as his father. Instead of consulting however, he likes cross dressing. Roscoe is very sure of who he is, can work a blinged out tee and designer handbag better than anybody, and couldn't care less what his classmates and teachers think about it. Marty's father is Jeremiah (Glynn Turman), an esteemed and opinionated retired psychoanalyst. He lives with Marty as Roscoe's primary caregiver. He's not afraid to share his professional and personal opinions about Roscoe or anything else with Marty. As for Marty's professional team, he only works with the best. A rising member of the group, Jeannie Van Der Hooven (Kristen Bell) is crafty, flirtatious, and a little mysterious. She does everything she can to keep her personal life private and avoids all advances from her teammates. She aspires to the high-end corporate life but she's not above doing shots off a stripper's ass and getting down and dirty with a different guy in any city she visits. Clyde Oberholt (Ben Schwartz) is the youngest member and a total suck-up. A voracious womanizer, he pulls his weight at work but is completely preoccupied with bagging as many women as he can. He uses every weapon in his arsenal to attract them. He's also the court jester of the team, always playing practical jokes and trying to get dirt on his co-workers. Doug Guggenheim (Josh Lawson) is brilliant and Harvard-educated. He's a quintessential math geek with a big ego but is hopelessly inept at dating. Ultimately sweet and romantic, Doug is so shy that he is rarely able to close a deal.
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House of Lies: Is the Showtime Comedy Worth Watching?

January 8, 2012
This evening, Showtime launches their new comedy called House of Lies. Starring Don Cheadle, the series revolves around a crack team of Los Angeles-based Read more . . .

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