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Secret Millionaire: ratings information

Secret MillionaireNetwork: FOX, ABC
Episodes: 26 (hour)
Seasons: Three

TV show dates: December 3, 2008 — September 8, 2013
Series status: Cancelled by FOX, Cancelled by ABC

Performers include: Blair Underwood (narrator)

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TV show description:
In this reality series, a few of America’s wealthiest individuals go undercover, traveling into some of the most impoverished and dangerous areas in the country. Their job is to spend one week canvassing the community and meeting as many people as possible. The millionaire is searching to find truly remarkable individuals, those who are dedicated to helping others while overcoming their own hardships and tremendous odds.

On the final day of the week, the secret millionaires meets with the most deserving people they could find. They reveal his or her true identity and real reason for being there — to give them a large sum of money that is going to change their lives forever.

This unscripted series aims to expose viewers to important social issues, extol the virtues of volunteerism, and to change the lives of both disadvantaged people and their benefactors in unexpected ways.

Series Finale

Episode 26 — George & Kym Rapier: Oakridge, Oregon
George Rapier is the founder of WellMed, a medical management company that provides services to senior citizens. He and his wife, Kym, leave the comforts of their home and lives in Texas to travel to the town of Oakridge, Oregon.

With a population of just over 3,000 people, Oakridge was once a booming town with the lumber industry as its main source of employment, but today, the mills have shut down and the local economy is struggling.

George and Kym set out in search of people and organizations in need. During their week-long visit, the couple meet a number of people who touch and move them in amazing ways… including a mom who works tirelessly to raise money for local high school students by organizing fundraisers and volunteering her time at school sporting events, a former principal who started a snack program providing provisions to students, who in many cases would not have food to eat on days when school is not in session, the local physician’s assistant at Five Rivers Family Practice, the only medical facility in Oakridge, and the local firehouse, which has only four, full-time, paid employees and relies on 52 volunteer firemen to service the Oakridge area.

After a week of getting to know the people of Oakridge, George and Kym donate more than one million dollars of their personal fortune — providing the entire town of Oakridge the largest donation in the history of the show.
First aired: September 8, 2013.

What do you think? Do you like the Secret Millionaire TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for a fourth season?

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