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Jared Padelecki as Young MacGyverIt seems that the MacGyver movie is finally gaining some traction and that it has a good chance of being made. What some fans may not know is that this wasn’t the first time a new version of the classic show has been attempted.

Back in October 2002, it was announced that Paramount had made a deal with the fledgeling WB network to produce a pilot for a new MacGyver series. But, rather than focusing on Richard Dean Anderson’s character, the new series would revolve around his twentysomething nephew, Clay. Young MacGyver follows the young hero as he leaves school and, on a lark, winds up joining the Phoenix Foundation — the good-guy organization his uncle belonged to. Once there, he discovers that he’s adept at stepping into his Uncle MacGyver’s shoes.

Carolyn Bernstein, WB’s senior VP of drama development, said of the project, “Our MacGyver will be a little more irreverent than the original. It will have a lot in terms of the same elements of the original series, but with a brand-new cast of characters and updated for present day.”

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<em>MacGyver:</em> Another TV Show Heads to the Big Screen

MacGyver: Another TV Show Heads to the Big Screen

March 16, 2009
There are plans afoot to make yet another big-screen movie based on a popular cancelled TV show. This time around, it's MacGyver. Will this one fare any better than the rest? MacGyver revolves around Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), a intelligent action hero who prefers to utilize everyday items to get out of tough situations. He works for the Phoenix Foundation under the command of operative Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar). Recurring characters are played by Bruce McGill, Michael Des Barres, Elyssa Davalos, Robin Mossley, Susan Chapple, John Anderson, Teri Hatcher, Robert Donner, Dale Wilson, Bruce Harwood, Claire Brown, and Jackson Davies. MacGyver has endured the test of time so the character's been revived several times. In 1994, he returned in "Lost Treasure of Atlantis" and "Trail to Doomsday". Back in 2003, the WB network developed a pilot for a Young MacGyver series that starred Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) as MacGyver's nephew and protege, Clay. The network ultimately passed on the project and decided to greenlight the ill-fated Tarzan series instead.
TV News Briefs: <em>Cheers, MacGyver, the Muppets,</em> and <em>Veronica Mars</em>

TV News Briefs: Cheers, MacGyver, the Muppets, and Veronica Mars

May 7, 2008
The Cheers sitcom's popularity may be waning but the Boston bars are still doing well. The creator of MacGyver is planning a movie, Jason Segal has a great Muppet movie cameo in the works, and there's a special trip being planned for Veronica Mars fans.


Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is a secret agent, first for the U.S. government and then, for the top-secret Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver is a unique action hero in that he prefers to use his ingenuity to solve problems rather than resorting to violence. Whenever he's caught in a life-or-death situation, he'll use ordinary household items to escape and save the day.
<em>MacGyver:</em> He’s Still America’s Hero!

MacGyver: He’s Still America’s Hero!

September 14, 2007
Television heroes may be cancelled but they’re certainly not forgotten. Over 15 years after his show went off the air, action hero MacGyver is America’s Read more . . .

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