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Batman TV show on DVDPOW! The classic caped crusader (Adam West) and the boy wonder (Burt Ward) are finally coming to DVD. After years of hold-ups, it looks like the live-action Batman TV show will finally be available this year.

Earlier today, Conan O’Brien tweeted a photo and the news, “Very excited @WBHomeEnt is releasing the Batman ‘66 Complete TV Series in 2014! The seat smells like Adam West:”

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Adam West Batman interview

Batman, Family Guy: Exclusive Adam West Interview Supports Hollywood Star

January 30, 2012
On Saturday evening at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and Podcast Theatre on Universal CityWalk, Batman’s Adam West was interviewed by super fan and collector Read more . . .
Batman Jerry Robinson

TV Espresso: News Items for Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011
Additional actors are joining the Lone Ranger movie, a comics legend has died, Ryan Seacrest could join The Today Show, The Smurfs are on top, Read more . . .
Batman at Comic Con

TV Reunions & Cancelled TV Series Featured at Comic-Con

July 18, 2011
Each year, San Diego’s Comic-Con is a feast for those who want to find out about the latest and greatest comics, movies and television. There’s Read more . . .
<em>Batman:</em> Win the <em>Legends of the SuperHeroes</em> Specials on DVD!

Batman: Win the Legends of the SuperHeroes Specials on DVD!

December 8, 2010
The classic Batman series still isn’t available on DVD so fans have had to be satisfied with the 1966 feature film. Now, it’s possible to Read more . . .
<em>Batman:</em> Adam West Likes the <em>Price Is Right</em> iPhone App

Batman: Adam West Likes the Price Is Right iPhone App

March 26, 2010
On Sunday, February 28th, Batman’s Adam West posted a message on his Facebook page that said, “Sitting in the dressing room at CBS. Woke up Read more . . .
<em>Batman:</em> Pop Icon Adam West is Getting Naked for the Fans

Batman: Pop Icon Adam West is Getting Naked for the Fans

July 31, 2009
You have to hand it to Adam West. He was severely typecast when his popular TV show was cancelled and found it difficult to find Read more . . .
<em>Batman:</em> Adam West Holds a Batcave Yard Sale

Batman: Adam West Holds a Batcave Yard Sale

May 2, 2009
The recession has hit our nation hard and apparently no one is immune, not even millionaire playboys with superhero alter-egos. A new video from Will Read more . . .
<em>Batman:</em> The Brief Return of Classic 1960s Villains on <em>Brave and the Bold</em>

Batman: The Brief Return of Classic 1960s Villains on Brave and the Bold

January 17, 2009
In 1966, Batman was an overnight sensation. Starring Adam West and Burt Ward, the series ran for 120 episodes. Kids liked the action while parents enjoyed the campy satire. While villains like Riddler (Frank Gorshin, John Astin), Joker (Cesar Romero), Catwoman (Julie Newmar, Earth Kitt), Penguin (Burgess Meredith), Egghead (Vincent Price), Mr. Freeze (George Sanders, Otto Preminger, Eli Wallach) and King Tut (Victor Buono) made multiple appearances, many only appeared once or twice. Lesser-seen villains include Zelda the Great (Anne Baxter), Mad Hatter (David Wayne), Bookworm (Roddy McDowall), Ma Parker (Shelley Winters), Black Widow (Tallulah Bankhead), Shame (Cliff Robertson), Siren (Joan Collins), Louie the Lilac (Milton Berle), False Face (Malachi Throne), The Clock King (Walter Slezak), The Archer (Art Carney), and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds (Carolyn Jones). Most of these characters were created specifically for the show and haven't been seen since -- until the new Batman The Brave and the Bold series. After the series folded, West and Ward reprised their roles as Batman and Robin a few times, mostly for some animation work and a pair of live-action specials. The only actor to reprise his role as a villain was Gorshin in one of the previously mentioned 1970s specials.
<em>Batman:</em> The Unusual Story of Yvonne Craig’s Final Appearance as Batgirl

Batman: The Unusual Story of Yvonne Craig’s Final Appearance as Batgirl

December 19, 2008
If you were a kid growing up in the 1970s, you probably remember that the commercials were often as entertaining as the TV series. Remember Read more . . .

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