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Philanthropist on NBC canceledNetwork: NBC
Episodes: Eight (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: June 24, 2009 — August 12, 2009.
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: James Purefoy, Jesse L. Martin, Neve Campbell, Michael Kenneth William, Lindy Booth, Krista Allen, and James Albrecht.

the philanthropist past TV show

TV show description:
Teddy Rist (James Purefoy) is a billionaire playboy who loves everything about money — earning, having, and spending it. He’s a successful tycoon but his life is forever changed while visiting a Nigerian town. While there, he rescues a young boy during a wild hurricane. Spontaneous and impulsive, Rist quickly decides to channel his passion, power, and money into helping those in need.

But Rist’s actions aren’t just about helping other people. He’s also trying to exorcise his personal inner demons. They’ve been festering inside him ever since his young son died. Since that tragic event, adding danger and risk to his life is the only way Rist can feel truly alive.

He wants everyone on the planet to have a good education, a solid meal and a healthy life — and he’ll go to any extreme to make it happen. From blackmailing a prime minister for women’s rights to dodging bullets while delivering a life-saving vaccine, Rist keeps his adrenaline pumping by putting his business head and money-making skills to good use.

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