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The Game

The Game

Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry) is a young an intelligent first-year medical student who is the girlfriend of professional football rookie named Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall). Melanie passes up the opportunity to attend Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to be with Derwin after he is chosen to play for the San Diego Sabers.
Mulaney TV show on FOX


This multi-camera comedy revolves around a rising stand-up comic who's trying to take his career to the next level -- and the friends and mentors who lift him up, hold him back, and push him around. John Mulaney (Mulaney) is a 29-year-old comedian ...
Jennifer Falls TV show on TV Land

Jennifer Falls

This comedy series revolves around Jennifer Doyle (Jaime Pressly), a former high-powered executive who has fallen from grace and hit every bump on the way down to rock bottom. With her teenage daughter Gretchen (Dylan Gelula) in tow, Jennifer moves back in with her meddling therapist mother Maggie (Jessica Walter) and takes a job in the bar owned by her good-natured (but often submissive) brother Wayne (Ethan Suplee) and his passive aggressive wife, Stephanie (Nora Kirkpatrick). At the bar, Jennifer reunites with her former best friend Dina Simac (Missi Pyle) who turns out to be holding a grudge against her. In the end, Jennifer realizes that she must reassess her life and decide how she wants to rebuild it.
TNT version of Dallas TV series

Dallas (2012)

The original Dallas TV series ran for 357 episodes on CBS and ended in 1991 but there's still plenty of drama left at SouthFork. In 2012 we find that JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing have returned with new secrets, schemes and betrayals. They're joined by the next generation of Ewings, who take ambition and deception to a wicked new level.
A to Z TV show on NBC

A to Z

Narrated by Katey Sagal, this romantic comedy follows the full story of the relationship of Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti) -- from "A to Z." They'll date for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour. They're also a couple that almost wasn't. Andrew Lofland is a guy's guy who's ...
Bad Judge TV show on NBC

Bad Judge

This comedy series revolves around Judge Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh) of the Los Angeles County Circuit Court. She's tough-as-nails and one of LA's most respected criminal court judges...
Gracepoint TV show on FOX


Based on the Broadchurch TV show from the UK, this mystery series begins when a young boy is found dead on an idyllic beach. A major police investigation gets underway in the small northern California seaside town of Gracepoint where the tragedy occurred. It's soon deemed a homicide and the case turns ...
Stalker TV show on CBS


This psychological thriller follows detectives of the LAPD's Threat Assessment Unit who investigate incidents of stalking -- voyeurism, cyber harassment and romantic fixation. Detective Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) is ...
Manhattan Love Story TV show on ABC

Manhattan Love Story

This romantic comedy is based on a simple premise: The only way to maintain relationships (with lovers, spouses, family, co-workers, or friends) is to keep most of our thoughts to ourselves. Dana (Analeigh Tipton) and Peter (Jake McDorman) are ...
Happyland TV show on MTV


A teen dramedy, this TV show explores the behind-the-scenes world of the country's most popular theme park -- Happyland. While it's a magical place for visitors but the park workers have a very different experience. Lucy Velez (Bianca Santos) is the cynical teenage daughter of an...

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